We’ve rounded up sweet Halloween crafts for kids guaranteed to give your little goblins thrills, not chills

Are frightening zombies, spooky spirits, and menacing mummies a little much for your little ones?  We’ve got 18 Halloween crafts for kids that are way sweeter than they are scary (just like these Halloween jokes). You’ll find smiling jack-o’-lanterns and googly-eyed bats that’ll leave you and your crafty little pumpkins cackling with glee. Go ahead and make a night of it with easy Halloween treats, kid-friendly ghost stories, and Halloween games (including minute to win it games)!

1. Halloween Castle Craft for Kids

This one is more of a time-consuming project, but what an exciting one! This could be a fun activity for the family or a big Halloween craft for kids, but either way, it’ll be amazing.

2. Painting Pumpkins with Apples

You can’t go wrong with these little pumpkin paintings! Your kiddos will have fun using something different (halved apples!) to paint with.

3. Toilet Paper Roll Mummy

This is a classic mummy craft that your kids will enjoy making! Switch it up by adding whatever type of eyes or string you’d like.

4. Candy Corn Nature Craft

Get out into nature before it’s too chilly and find some leaves to make this fun Halloween craft for kids. They will have a blast searching for their leaves outside and cutting and gluing their candy corn pieces. Use petals for the white section if you have some around.

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5. Bunny Pumpkin

This bunny pumpkin couldn’t be scary, but it is super adorable! This project might be good for young kids, but this is also a good craft to accessorize. Add eyelashes, a hat, or anything you’d like to make your bunny unique.

6. Ghost Jar Halloween Craft for Kids

These ghost jars will make an adorable glowing decoration for Halloween! Safety Tip: Use battery-operated votive candles to keep things safe. You can also use multi-colored string lights to make things more fun!

7. Painted Leaves

These painted leaves are super cute ways to let your kid be creative and it doesn’t require many materials! The best part? This Halloween craft for kids won’t consume too much of your time.

8. Ghost Painting Halloween Craft

Your kiddo will love trying out this ghost painting! They can paint any sort of accessories like hats, bows, or anything they’d like to give their ghost some personality.

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9. Macaron Pumpkins

Macaron Pumpkins are a cute Halloween craft for kids
Craft Box Girls

Nothing spooky here! This sweet pumpkin craft from Craft Box Girls transforms an ordinary craft gourd into a macaron with a little paint, glitter, felt, and glue. And let's be honest, it's a whole lot easier than making real macarons!

10. Batty Silhouette

a batty sillhoutte art project is an easy Halloween craft for kids
Mini Monets & Mommies

Explore the idea of silhouettes with this batty Halloween craft for kids. Your kid can create a vampire bat, using plain black construction paper. Fold the paper book-style, and draw half the bat starting at the center. Keeping the paper folded, cut the bat out. Unfold the paper to reveal the whole creature. Glue the silhouette to a painted paper sunset to complete the craft. Get the tutorial at Mini Monets and Mommies.

11. Crafty Bats

bat crafts are a fun Halloween craft for kids
Buggy & Buddy

These happy nocturnal creatures are the perfect Halloween decor for your bat cave. You might even have everything you need lying around the house, too! Fly over to the tutorial at Buggy and Buddy.

12. Not-So-Spooky Spiders

Paper plate spiders are a fun Halloween craft for kids
Living In Happy Place

Creepy crawlies don't need to be super scary. This paper plate spider has more crafty cuteness than venomous fright. Think of it as treat, and not a trick! Get the Halloween crafts instructions from Living In Happy Place.

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13. Sugar Skull Skeleton Craft

Skeleton craft for Halloween
Gabby Cullen

This sweet skeleton is perfect for kids to display all the way through Dios de los Muertos! We love that there's a free printable template you can use and that kids can decorate however they see fit. Get the tutorial here

14. Handprint Spiders

Fun at Home with Kids

Let the kids lend a hand (or two) to create these adorable arachnids from Fun at Home with Kids. Make a new one every year to document growth!

15. Halloween Rock Magnets

Magnet rocks are a fun halloween craft for kids
This Heart of Mine

This rockin' craft from This Heart of Mine is perfect for hanging your little monsters' artwork on the fridge. 

16. Footprint Bunting


Put your left (and right) foot in to create this adorable party decor from Mama.Papa.Bubba. From ghosts to cats, candy corn, and more, let the kids decorate each footprint as their favorite Halloween characters. 

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17. Glittery Jack-o-Lantern Mason Jars

Mason jar halloween craft for kids
Life is a Lullaby

We love how Life is a Lullaby transformed tiny mason jars into whimsical, shimmering jack-o-lanterns that double as candy holders and decor. The kids will love crafting their own toothy grins.  

18. Popsicle Stick Witch

a witch popsicle stick magnet is a fun Halloween craft for kids
This Girl's Life Blog

This googly-eyed witch from This Girl's Life Blog is wickedly cute. Part of a collection of magnets that includes a festive scarecrow and pumpkin, it's the perfect Halloween craft for the spooky season.




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