Impress your kids and all the guests at your Halloween party with these spooky, delicious, and creative treats

If you’ve already sorted out your crew’s costumes and carved up your pumpkin, and you’ve still got time, how about crafting up a few easy Halloween treats? We’ve got all the goodies (and even Halloween-themed dinners) for kids you could ever want, from healthy(ish) picks to snacks inspired by creepy crawlers.

Cute Halloween Cat Treats

A black cat cookie with candy corn eyes
A Taste of Madness

Whole Wheat Black Cat Cookies. How cute are these kitty cookies from A Taste of Madness? You don’t need special cookie cutters to make them, and the kiddos can help top them off with adorable candy corn eyes. Using wheat flour helps make them a little more wholesome than your average dessert, too. 

Black Cat Oreo Treats.
These treats from Moments with Mandi are sure to impress your little ones—they’re (almost) too cute to eat. We love the wide eyes drawn on the chocolate candies and the chocolate chip “ears.” 

Classic Betty Crocker Black Cat.
Your kittens will go crazy for this delish cake from Betty Crocker. No fancy pans are required for this one—just round cake pans and a bit of clever cutting to make the cat shape. Topped off with licorice whiskers, it’ll be just as tasty as it looks.

Black Cat Cutout Cookies. For an easy but delicious treat, make these cutout cats from Cinnamon Girl. The recipe is pretty straightforward, and you can let your little sous chefs dot on watchful eyes once the cookies have cooled. 

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Mummy-Themed Easy Halloween Treats

Madeleine cookies are decorated to look like mummies and Minions for Halloween treats
Sugar Bowl Bakery

Mummy Madeleines. These Madeleine Mummies and Minions look like you slaved away in the kitchen, but they're fuss free. Just put some white frosting in a piping bag with a cross-hatch tip, then make lines or zigzags before popping on some candy eyes and sprinkles. We tend to love these soft and fluffy traditional or pumpkin spice Madeleines from Sugar Bowl Bakery.

Mummified Oreos. How Does She serves up a spooktacular assortment of haunted treats, including to-die-for Mummy Oreo Suckers. And think about it: If you can make Oreos into something cute, what other cookies can you transform?

Halloweeño Jalapeño Popper Mummies
. If you’re a fan of spice, this hot idea from The Hopeless Housewife is sure to startle your taste buds. Terrifyingly simple to bake, these Jalapeño Popper Mummies make a great savory appetizer for your Halloween bash.

Mummy Pretzels. This salty, sweet, and spooky treat is scarily simple to make. The most difficult step according to Simply Being Mommy is waiting for the chocolate to cool and harden before eating!

Witch-Inspired Halloween Treats

Decorated chocolate kisses sit on top of Oreos to create the Halloween treat Witch Hat Cookies
Princess Pinky Girl

Witch Hat Cookies. This super easy recipe from Princess Pinky Girl results in adorable witch hat treats in no time flat. Gather up Oreos and chocolate kisses plus a few other ingredients for this party-ready dessert.  

Witch Guacamole Dip. Bright green guacamole glows from underneath a tortilla chip hat in Spicy Southern Kitchen’s Witch Guacamole.  Mash up some avocados or grab your fave store-bought guac as the base for this healthy Halloween treat. 

Butterscotch Brooms.
Every witch needs her broom, so you’ve got to whip up some cute broomsticks inspired by From Calculus to Cupcakes. They’re super quick to throw together, and they hit the perfect balance between sweet and savory.

Deathly Chocolate Graveyard Cakes. We think this spooktastic dessert from Half Baked Harvest is genius. With gravestones made out of brownies and witch legs made out of rolled wafer cookies, decorating them is half the fun. 

Easy Halloween Treats That Aren’t Too Sugary

Low-sugar pumpkin mousse sits in a bowl
Super Healthy Kids

Mousse Made Easy. Looking for a kid-approved party dessert that won’t scare away adults? Like a light, fluffy piece of pumpkin pie without the crust, this pumpkin mousse from Super Healthy Kids uses only six simple ingredients. Prep it in advance and make the most of your time with guests. 

Awesome Apple Cupcakes. Love the taste of old-fashioned Halloween treats? Take a trip down memory lane with luscious fall flavors of apple and cinnamon. These beautiful cupcakes from Sarah Bakes Gluten Free will remind you of the sweet caramel apples of your youth without too much of the sticky stuff.

Not-So-Basic Bark. Turn after-school grumps into giggly ghouls with this super-cute candy bark from Fork and Beans. Vegan and gluten-free with no icky preservatives, you’ll love getting your (somewhat healthy) chocolate fix. It’ll take a few steps to get to the finished product, but we promise this bark will make you want to take a big bite. 


(Sort of) Nutritious Halloween Treats

Mini monster sandwiches topped with olive eyes
My Own Road

Monster Sandwiches. What's a monster mash without monster sandwiches? This idea from My Own Road is an easy way to ensure that there's hearty food on your Halloween menu—you know, before the giant sugar rush. Plus, it's a cinch to customize these mini monster sandwiches with your fam's fave deli meat and fillings.

Halloween-Themed Sushi Balls. These adorable Halloween-themed sushi balls from Chopstick Chronicles are fairly easy to make, and you can change up the ingredients according to your little monster's palate. Put a bunch together as a main dish or spread them around as creepy little sides.

Frozen BOO-nana Ghosts. These ghost-shaped boo-nana popsicles are a fun treat the kids will love making as much as eating. Erin Clarke at Well Plated takes the healthy route and dips the banana shapes into vanilla yogurt rather than white chocolate—and you can turn these treats into mummies with a bit of peanut butter, caramel or nut butter, and coconut sugar.

Hooting Owls. Not as spooky as ghosts and gravestones but how can you resist these delicious Halloween owls? Spread peanut butter or cream cheese on crackers and add sliced and whole almonds for this nocturnal nibble from Charity Mathews at Foodlets.

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Creepy, Crawly Treats


Spider Cake Pops. One bite of these creepy crawly cake pops and you might understand why the old lady swallowed the spider. Wriggle over to Bakerella to learn to make these eerily delicious arachnids. Hint: The placement is all about timing.

Dirt and Worms Pudding Cups. We dig this easy-to-make dessert from Like Mother Like Daughter. Great for serving the kids at your Halloween party, they’re also fun for spring and Earth Day, too.

Creepy Corn Dog Centipedes. Hungry Happenings transformed ordinary mini corn dogs into a Halloween centipede, complete with ketchup eyes. If your kids like creepy crawlers and enjoy playing with their food, this might be the snack for you.

Jello Worms. Mel’s Kitchen Cafe used straws and a package of gelatin to make this squirmy Halloween treat. While they might gross out older ghosts, these squiggly creatures are sure to be a hit with your little goblins, and they’re super easy to make.

Kooky Halloween Monster Treats

These Halloween treats are chocolate monster cookies with candy googly eyes, chewy chocolate chip cookies, and chocolate ganache.
Self Proclaimed Foodie

Chocolate Monster Cookies. We’d welcome these monster cookies from Self Proclaimed Foodie to any Halloween party. The secret lies in the edible googly eyes—but don’t forget the perfect chocolate chip cookies and chocolate ganache.

S’more Monsters. What’s better than s’mores? S’mores that look like monsters! You won’t need a campfire to create this delicious Halloween-themed treat from Jodi Levine over at Say Yes, but you will need cookies, marshmallows, and little helping hands.

Dangerous Donuts. Donuts get a monstrous makeover with this snack from A Spicy Perspective that the little ones will go crazy for. Either make ahead for your guests or lay out the supplies and let the kids take creative control. You’ll need some plastic vampire fangs, sprinkles, and you guessed it… candy eyes.

Chocolate Monster Pops. You’ll have plenty of little monsters gathering around a batch of these chocolate Frankensteins from Handmade Charlotte. The supplies include basic baking stuff: chocolate bars, coconut, and icing. We are especially zinging with delight over the Hershey Kiss neck bolts. 

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Ghost-Inspired Treats

Sugar Bowl Bakery

Brownie Bites with Fondant Ghosts. Need a last-minute Halloween treat? We love these adorable desserts from Sugar Bowl Bakery that use store-bought brownie bites and small pieces of fondant to create the perfect, non-scary ghost friend.

3-Ingredient Easy Ghost Cookies. The only thing scary about these cookies from Butter with a Side of Bread is how easy they are to make. All you need are Milano cookies, white chocolate, and small chocolate chips to whip up these friendly, Casper-style sweets.

Ghosts in the Graveyard Dessert Shooters. Don't worry, these alcohol-free treats from Sugarspun Run are for everyone! Think OREO dirt cup with a marshmallow ghost that is fun and easy to make.

Frightfully Easy Halloween Cupcake Treats

Easy to make RIP cupcakes with chocolate wafers, pumpkin shaped candy corn, vanilla wafers and chocolate frosting.
Christal Yuen

Ghoulish Graveyard. What you'll need: crumbled chocolate wafers, pumpkin-shaped candy corn, vanilla wafers, and chocolate frosting. What to do: After covering the chocolate cupcake with chocolate frosting, crush chocolate wafers and sprinkle them over the frosting as "dirt." Set a pumpkin-shaped candy corn on top and write "RIP" on the vanilla wafer before planting it in the "graveyard."

Wicked Witch. What you'll need: green icing, one straw cut in half, and gum drops. What to do: Frost your cupcake in plenty of bright green frosting. Snip your straw in half, and slice a red gum drop down the center, so you have two identical halves (and a pair of ruby slippers). Stick one to each end of the straws and lay the "legs" on your serving platter. Now lay your cupcake house upside down on top of the legs. We can almost hear Dorothy trotting away in glee. 

Not-So-Scary Mummy. What you'll need: Mini M&Ms and white frosting. What to do: Using a piping bag (either store-bought or DIY), place lines across your cupcake to form your mummy's bandages and then two affix candy eyes.

Caught in a Spiderweb. What you'll need: White frosting and black gel icing. What to do: After frosting the cupcake in white, use your gel icing to make three concentric circles on top. Take a toothpick and, starting in the center, drag the toothpick through the icing to the edge (imagine slicing a pizza) to create the spooky spiderweb effect.

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