No one told us when we grew up that we’d be choosing area rugs like, a lot more often than we expected to be. Between general foot traffic, wear-and-tear, pets, weather, and the occasional ‘let’s redo this entire room’ moment, we’re ruggin’ it up pretty frequently. And now we have the nerve to bring up kids’ rugs? How dare we? We know, but stick with us on this one.

Kids’ rugs are way more helpful than we give them credit for. They don’t just keep both hardwood and carpeted floors safe from all things kid-related. These rugs add bursts of color, a lot of personality, and can even actually spark some playtime imagination. The best part? Rugs have come a long way as far as durability, so we’ve included machine washable options, low-pile picks, and skip-the-vaccuum-one-more-day designs. Oh, and did we mention that they really tie the room together?

Washable Things That Go Rug

floor rug with road print
West Elm

This rug does triple duty! It's washable, looks adorable, and adds to your little one's playtime. It looks like it's pulled straight from a book and we just can't get enough of it.

Washable Things That Go Rug ($199.00)—Buy Here!

Kids Camborne Cream Rug


Who doesn't love an easy care, non-shedding, stain-resistant rug? Add some adorable rainbows and you have one ready-for-anything rug.

Kids Camborne Cream Rug ($149.00)—Buy Here!

Checkerboard Collage Rug

multicolored rectangle checkerboard print rug

Bright colors and a cool (very on-trend Y2K) checkerboard print make this a rug that can cheer up their whole space. And it's pretty much guaranteed to match their room already. Multiple sizes are available, too.

Checkerboard Collage Rug ($52.00+)—Buy Here!

Handmade Kids Vaimi Wool Rug

pink, purple, and peach flower print rug
Bed Bath & Beyond

We're swooning over the pretty colors of this handmade rug. It'll definitely bring some whimsey to their room (and maybe a little 70's groove, too). Multiple sizes and shapes available.

Handmade Kids Vaimi Wool Rug ($25.87+)—Buy Here!

Sunshine Rug

sun shaped rug
Rookie Humans

Nothing will brighten up a room quite like this happy, smiling sunshine rug. And to brighten it up, it's machine-washable. too.

Sunshine Rug ($99.00)—Buy Here!

Starry Sky Kids Rug

greyish blue rug with white star print in a toy room

Available in 3 colors (grey, pink, and 'turquoise'—but we think it looks a little more minty), stars are always a hit. It comes in lots of sizes, too.

Starry Sky Kids Rug ($42.90+)—Buy Here!

3D Playhouse Rug

pink dollhouse themed area rug

You've seen the city street rugs, but have you ever seen a cooler dollhouse one? This was designed by an architect mom, and we can tell. The detail is just next level.

3D Playhouse Rug ($59.95)—Buy Here!

Mossy Kids Rug


Not only is this rug super cool, the natural aesthetic and bonus sensory pattern really makes it a great choice.

Mossy Kids Rug ($36.39+)—Buy Here!

Rainbow Polka Dot Kids Colorful Rug


This rug is hand-tufted and full of colorful dots (somewhere between 20 and 20,002, according to Crate&kids). Available in 3 sizes and sure to match any room.

Rainbow Polka Dot Kids Colorful Rug ($299.00)—Buy Here!

Green Moss Rug


Okay, maybe we're really into the moss rugs, so here's one that has some warmer tones. There are a bunch of other options, too.

Green Moss Rug ($242.79)—Buy Here!

Tiger Kids Rug

rug with tiger on it

Of course it's cute, but it's also a flat-pile construction so it's easy to clean and keep looking neat.

Tiger Kids Rug ($50.00—Buy Here!

Modern Soccer Field Wool Rug


Have a sports fan in your home? This minimalist rug is so unique and a nod to their love of the game. If soccer isn't where they get their kicks, there's also a basketball court option!

Modern Soccer Field Wool Rug ($699.00)—Buy Here!

Amiah Hedgehog Tasseled Kids Rug

grey rug with colorful cute hedgehog design
Home Depot

Playful and chic somehow? This hedgehog is delivering big time. We also adore how soft the construction is.

Amiah Hedgehog Tasseled Kids Rug ($115.86)—Buy Here!

Distressed Boho Sun Rug

yellow sun round kids rug

This is one that isn't just for kids' rooms, but it's perfect for adding some cheerful color and a fun shape. Did we mention it has rubber backing and is machine-washable?

Distressed Boho Sun Rug ($29.99+)—Buy Here!

Spider-Man Comic Rug

Home Depot

Inspired by vintage comic book covers, this is a rug that's guaranteed to get their Spidey Senses tingling.

Spider-Man Comic Rug ($52.00)—Buy Here!

JAGGO Little Lion Rug

Rookie Humans

This lion is looking not-too-vicious, making him a kiddo-friendly safari room staple. 

JAGGO Little Lion Rug ($125.00)—Buy Here!

Travel to Space Rug


For space seekers and rocket fans, this colorful rug has a unique boho twist.

Travel to Space Rug ($38.50+)—Buy Here!


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