Check out these spooky Halloween minute to win it games that all the kiddos will love!

Halloween is right around the corner, and if you’re looking for fun Halloween games to make the holiday extra spooky, these minute-to-win-it ideas are exactly what you’re after. Whether you’re staying in this year or going out for trick-or-treating, these party games will keep your kids entertained for hours. While you’re at it, make the night extra special with some fun Halloween jokes, kid-friendly ghost stories, easy Halloween treats, and awesome Halloween crafts.

What’s a minute to win it game?

Simply put, it’s a 60-second game using items typically found around the house. Participants attempt to see who can finish a challenge first or who can complete a task the most times in under a minute. You can try these holiday minute to win it games when Halloween is over or attempt some year-round minute to win it favorites!

Halloween minute to win it games
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1. Candy Face

Take their favorite piece of Halloween candy (that isn’t too messy, of course) and place it on your child’s forehead. They’ll need to use their facial muscles to move it down their face into their mouth without using their hands.

2. Pumpkin Balance

This involves two players balancing mini pumpkins on their heads and racing to a certain point without dropping the pumpkin. You can make it tougher by making it a running race!

3. Donut Race

Slide a donut on a string and see who can eat it off the string the fastest. What a delicious game to play!

4. Candy Balancing

Put the end of a craft stick in your mouth and stack a candy of your choice on top. Whoever stacks the most pieces wins! You can make the game more challenging by choosing a non-flat candy.

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Halloween minute to win it games
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5. Mummify Me

A two-player game that involves wrapping the other player in toilet paper to look like a mummy.

6. Stack 'Em

Using apples, gourds, or mini pumpkins with the stems cut off, little ones have one minute to stack five apples or pumpkins (or three for younger kids) on top of each other and get them to stay for three seconds.

7. Candy Toss

Have two players take turns tossing their favorite candy (wrapped or unwrapped) into a bowl or cauldron. Whoever gets the most pieces into the cauldron in a minute wins.

8. M&M Switch

Each player will need two plates; one filled with M&Ms and one empty. Players use a straw to suck up each M&M and drop it onto the other plate. Whoever gets the most M&Ms onto the other plate wins!

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9. Halloween Bowling

Make ghost or mummy Halloween pins out of toilet paper rolls or white/clear plastic cups. Use a mini pumpkin or a regular-sized pumpkin (real or fake) as your bowling ball and get rolling. 

10. Witch's Hat Ring Toss

Connect glow sticks or fuzzy craft sticks into rings. Each player takes turns tossing their rings onto the witch's hat, and whoever gets the most rings onto the hat wins (You can also use a pumpkin stem to catch the rings.)!

11. Candy Unwrapping

Have your contestants take a wrapped piece of candy (choose a difficult one for a challenge) and have them unwrap it one-handed.

12. Dig for Creepy Crawlies

Crumble up your favorite cookie (that resembles dirt) and fill a bowl or bucket. Hide plastic creepy crawlies inside the dirt and have the players dig for them with a spoon. Whoever finds the most creepy crawlies wins.

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13. Candy Corn Towers

To play this game, bite the ends off of the pieces of candy corn and stick them on top of each other to create a stack. 

14. Spider Race

Using a straw, blow a plastic spider from one end of the table to your set finish line. Whoever crosses that line first, wins!


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