Skibidi Toilet, an animated series about terrifying toilet creatures trying to take over the world, has become a weird Internet sensation

Since the dawn of time (well, the dawn of YouTube, at least), kids have been circumventing parental controls (and their parents’ watchful eyes) to watch eerie videos online. Back in my day, it was things like Salad Fingers and Happy Tree Friends. These days, you might want to check in on your kids’ YouTube history to see what they’ve been watching, because there are some seriously creepy videos making the rounds: Skibidi Toilet is a weird, animated series about a war between a race of evil toilets and an army of TV-headed revolutionaries fighting back against them.

If that sentence genuinely confused you, you’re not alone. I watched a few videos for research purposes before writing this, and I can’t say I understand it. But since it premiered back in February, Skibidi Toilet has racked up millions of views on YouTube, many of which belong to tweens and teens who can’t get enough. The show is on its 15th season, and while it’s surreal and sometimes funny, it also gets increasingly strange (yes, somehow that’s possible), violent, and gory—and you may not approve of your kids tuning in.

The Georgia-based animator behind the series, DaFuzBoom, uses design elements borrowed from popular sources like Halo, which makes Skibidi Toilet even more appealing to kids. It also borrows music that might sound familiar—”Rule the World” by Tears for Fears is in one of the videos, but it’s distorted and at a strange pitch, matching the chaotic energy of the many-legged toilets marching into battle. Then there’s the show’s namesake tune, a remix of a Turkish song that went viral on TikTok, which the disembodied heads chant every chance they get (and which you can never unhear).

At the end of the day, Skibidi Toilet is pretty harmless, if extremely weird. Just give the videos a watch (sorry) and decide if they’re too scary and inappropriate for any younger kids in the house before you hand over full YouTube control.

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