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Between games, videos and ever-changing viral trends, the internet is constantly vying for your kids’ attention and offers up plenty of challenges for parents. How can you be sure where they’re headed is parent-approved, enriching and worthwhile? 

It’s undeniable that going online has so much to offer—content that sparks creativity, inspires kids to try a new skill or teaches them about the world. To satisfy their curiosity and minimize your stress, parental control and content customization are key, and exactly why we are loving the YouTube Kids app! Here are 8 reasons why you should give it a go.

YouTube Kids is a separate app made just for kids that lets little ones explore and gives parents peace of mind! Download YouTube Kids for free here.

1. Age-based content for kids!

YouTube Kids was created to give kids 12 and under a more contained environment making it easy and fun for them to explore on their own. Videos on YouTube Kids are family-friendly, even the ones that come up in search. You’ll select content levels based on your kid’s age (4 & under, 5-7, 8-12) which means your preschooler will see videos about counting instead of multiplication. And thanks to online creators, there is always something new to learn, do, and enjoy!

2. It’s easy for kids to navigate!

The YouTube Kids app is made specifically for kids, including kid-friendly design and fun graphics. Whether they’re on a computer, tablet or phone, large buttons and simple categories make it easy for kids of all ages to independently pick content. Putting them in charge of what they watch helps little ones explore their own interests!

3. There is no “one size fits all” when it comes to kids or families

Unlike most websites and apps, YouTube Kids puts the control in the hands of parents and makes their experience fully customizable. When you create your YouTube Kids account, you can choose exactly how you want to use the settings and controls. You can keep it simple by adjusting your settings to show your kids videos based on their age, or you can design an entire afternoon of online enrichment by selecting approved content and adjusting timers for learning!

4. Approve what your kids can watch

If you want complete control over what your kids are watching, you can also use an “Approved Content Only” mode that allows kids to watch videos, channels or collections that are hand-picked and approved by you, meaning you can set your child’s profile to only show crafts content for some at-home art inspiration.

Trusted partners and the YouTube Kids team create “collections” of videos and channels, with everything from Sesame Street to science experiments, and you can make entire collections available when using the “Approved Content Only” mode.

5. Limit screen time—not imagination

With YouTube Kids, you’re in control while your kids are empowered to explore, discover new interests, learn, grow, and play in a safer, curated environment.

We’ve all caught ourselves spending a little too much time scrolling—kids included! When creating individual profiles for each child, parents can set a timer to limit the time kids spend on the app and help them build their own healthy screen time habits.

6. Block content—not curiosity

If you need a break from Baby Shark or another glitter explosion, YouTube Kids also lets parents block a single video or an entire channel, and makes it easy to update the settings on an individual profile at any time.

7. You can relax while they fearlessly explore!

Customizable settings enable parents to confidently allow their kids to explore new videos, discover new interests and develop new talents along the way! Content that shows up in their feed isn’t just filtered by you, it’s constantly updated by YouTube Kids to ensure videos are family friendly.

8. It’s free and can be used on the go!

Yes, you read that correctly! YouTube Kids is free to use, with the option to upgrade to an ad-free version. When you create one account, you can access profiles across multiple devices, including phones, tablets, computers and even a television.

Thanks to parental controls and engaging content, YouTube Kids is a great way for kids to learn more about themselves and the world around them, all guided by you! Learn more at!

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