Swedish and spooky? These IKEA Halloween decorations are the fall kick-off we all need

We’re not mad or anything, but we didn’t realize how much we needed IKEA to drop a Halloween decor line. They’ve already taken such good care of us for the summer and saved the day with kids room storage, but there was a hole in our IKEA-loving hearts. Thankfully, pro Halloween decor-hunter TikTok user @madiheartstoo made our day with a walk-through of the adorably spooky IKEA Halloween decorations.


I’m so excited they decided to di a Halloween collection! What do you think of it?👻 #halloweendecorhunting #halloweenhunting #halloweendecor #halloween2023 #halloweenshopping #shopwithme #ikea

♬ original sound – Madi Hearts Too🖤

Madi is our Halloween hero, obviously. We’re so excited, we’re practically drooling. Especially since it looks like this line—the Kustfyr—isn’t just available in-store, but also ready for you to add-to-cart online. And yes, we verified: Kustfyr means “coastal lighthouse”, which doesn’t make sense until you think about how some lighthouses are haunted. Right? Okay, maybe not, but we don’t really care what it means, as long as it also means darling decor. Especially since the IKEA Halloween decor collection ranges from $2.99-$24.99, so you won’t even break the bank while you dress up your home.

And if you’re wondering whether or not August is too soon to start Halloween decorating, you have our full permission. Check out some of the collection below.


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