There’s a ton of new stuff to pick up on your next IKEA run

When it comes to creating a family home, you love the sleek designs and affordable prices of IKEA (even if you dread the instructions). We know it can be hard to resist their unique decor and furniture, especially when you’re looking to give your kids’ room a makeover, so we went on a treasure hunt and found new IKEA products that are not only fun but within your budget, too. 


new IKEA products for kids

Say it with a speech bubble. LED statement lights are still all the rage in 2023, and this fun version changes color (to maybe change with your kiddo's mood?).

Buy it here, $30

BLÅVINGAD Duvet Cover and Pillowcase

Make waves in your kids' room with this cool ocean-inspired duvet and pillowcase. Made from a cotton-viscose blend, they're reversible, so you can change it up whenever the mood strikes. 

Buy it here, $25. 


this race car track is a new IKEA product for kids

Put this 23-piece puzzle-like race track together for easy fun using their massive toy car collection. We love that it's a smaller set that can go from one place to another (like to the grandparents) without much fuss. 

Buy it here, $9

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IKEA products for 2023

Is it a toy? Is it a storage container? It's both! Kids can use this two-tiered mesh storage container as a "home" for all their stuffies, and when it's time to clean up, you can tuck it away in the corner or a closet. 

Buy it here, $18

UPPSTÅ Toddler Walker

toddler walker is a new IKEA product in 2023

Toddlers are busy folks, and this fun walker will help them (and their most treasured toys) get to where they need to go. The handle and the wheels can be adjusted depending on your kiddo's confidence and ability. 

Buy it here, $30

BLÅVINGAD Coral Cushion

this coral cushion is a new ikea product

Tweens love to lounge, and this turquoise cushion is as cool as it is comfy. This new IKEA product is one of our favorites for 2023. 

Buy it here, $15

BLÅVINGAD Submarine Toy

new submarine toy is a popular IKEA product for 2023

This adorable playset is like a 3-D submarine puzzle. With detailed illustrations and five characters, kids will have plenty of underwater adventures. 

Buy it here, $17

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TROFAST Wall Storage

IKEA products - TROFAST wall storage

If you need another storage solution for your kids, but run out of ground space, consider installing some new TROFAST wall shelves. You can choose the basket color, the top acts like a display case, and you can hang them straight across or at a diagonal. 

Buy it here, $32

BLÅVINGAD Fishing Game

Kids can learn about respecting aquatic creatures and cleaning up the ocean with this fun new game. Magnetic fishing poles allow players to move things that don't belong in the water into compartments for waste and then move animals into the water.

Buy it here,$15


Your clean kiddo is ready to head into the woods in this fox bath towel. Made from 100% sustainably sourced cotton for extra comfort, that hood gives kids extra warmth when they get out of the water. 

Buy it here, $20

BLÅVINGAD Coloring Roll

Ikea products new in 2023

One IKEA product kids love is the iconic paper roll that's perfect for hours of artistic expression. This new ocean-themed roll is filled with marine life; kids can use markers and crayons to color the scenes. 

Buy it here, $8

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All images courtesy IKEA

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