IKEA is known for affordable housewares but we think their selection of kid’s toys and linens are the best-kept secret in shopping. The latest line of kids gear, from cushions to plush animals to tea sets, is here and we picked our top faves. Bonus: These are all shoppable online so you don’t have to make that trek to the big store near you. Read on for our picks. 

MÅLA 10-Piece Cardboard Town

A sweet set for your architect, these little cardboard templates are easy to color, fold, and build a magical small town of their own. The price is so affordable, you can get more than one. Great for travel! 

Shop it here. $3.49

SPORTSLIG Ball Storage and Goal

This foldable, soft toy goal can help your inner soccer star shine, or get ready for some serious toddler/knee hockey. Turn it on its side for toy storage. 

Shop it here.$24.99

SPARKA Soft Soccer Ball

This mini plush ball is just one of several new soft ball toys that go great with the indoor goal. Kids can stay active on those indoor-only days without (too much) danger of smashing things in the house. 

Buy it now, $1.49

LEDDJUR Elephant Set

The new plush parent-and-baby elephant set is about as snuggly as they come. 

Buy it here, $12.99


Learn to count with the colorful, wooden abacus that makes a calculator look boring. 

Buy it now, $9.99

KURA Bed Curtain in Market Stall

Transform your child’s bed into a play area with the new canopy in a market-stall pattern and get ready to play store with all the resident stuffed animals. Fits the KURA bed. 

Get it here, $24.99

UNDERHÅLLA 40-Piece Wooden Building Block Set

These wooden blocks are the kind of toy you think: why didn’t I buy these sooner? The 40-piece Montessori-inspired set offers you endless combos and hours of multi-age entertainment. 

Buy them here, $11.99

MORRHÅR Plush Leopard

When you—we mean they—really need a snuggle, this oversized leopard toy does just the trick. 

Buy it here, $17.99

MJUKHET Soft Panther

Okay, there is definitely a cat theme with IKEA's latest catalog. The cat lover in all of us wants this little soft toy curled up next to us during storytime or any time. 

Get it now, $ 6.49


Make your own wonderland with this durable three-piece playset. 

Get it now, $6.99

SÖT BARNSLIG Hippopotamus

Sometimes, you just need a tiny, pink, plush hippopotamus in your life. Especially one that clocks in under $1. 

Get it here, $0.99

MÅLA Easel

The newest IKEA easel, the affordable MALA line is just what you need for those rainy, creative days. 

Get it here, $19.99


Got siblings? Or maybe your home office is also your kid’s room/living room/bedroom? This colorful room divider will designate separate spaces but can be folded up in an instant. 

Buy it here, $59.99

BARNDRÖM Cat Cushion

​​Who wouldn’t want a cat-shaped cushion complete with a stash pocket? Goes great with the new green cat throw pillow and new green cat twin duvet and pillowcase set, too. 

Buy it here, $11.99


This set of three flower rugs is just what your little plant lover wants to brighten their space all winter long.

Buy them here, $89.99

BELDRINGE Dala Horse Doormat

Make sure they wipe those muddy little feet with this adorable Dala-horse doormat. 

Get it here, $12.99


This classic kid’s backpack style now comes in two new colors: the black and red pattern seen here and a leopard print. 

Buy it here, $12.99

ISKÄRNA Table Light

If you’ve got a DEVO or Blue Man Group fan in your house, have we got the lamp for you.

Get it now, $29.99

SÖTAST Koala Set

What’s better than one stuffed koala? A pair! This parent-and-child koala set is soft, cuddly, and sweet as can be. 

Buy it here, $14.99

VÄNKRETS Cushion in Pale Green Banana 

Add a little whimsical support to any bed or play area with this long, lumbar-style pillow in the new pale green banana pattern. And don’t miss the matching duvet and pillow-case set.  

Get it here, $17.99

BARNDRÖM Duvet Set in Forest Animal

IKEA debuted a few new twin duvet and pillowcase sets this fall but this one might be our favorite, with its minimalist forest style. 

Get it here, $17.99

BARNDRÖM Duvet Set in Heart

But then again, we also totally heart this twin set, too.  

Get it here, $9.99


At first glance, this light looks slightly boring, but it’s a great little minimalist desk lamp or reading light that can focus the light directly on the page.

Buy it here, $16.99

SUNDVIK Convertible Changing Table & Dresser 


We love multi-use furniture that grows with your kid and this new changing table is just such a piece. Plenty of storage for diapers and wipes, and when the diaper stage is over it converts into a chest of drawers. 

Get it here, $189

Other IKEA Picks Our Editors Love

JÄTTELIK Soft Dinosaur Toys

Whether your kiddo wants a triceratops, or is more of a brontosaurus kind of kid, this new line of dinosaur toys will be their new old best friend in no time. 

Comes in triceratops, velociraptor, brontosaurus and stegosaurus. $5.99/each

MÅLA Framed Drawing Boards


Go next-level with that refrigerator art and make it wall-worthy with these framed drawing boards. $1.99/each

MÅLA Felt Tip Pen


Refresh that supply of dried-out pens with this affordable set. $2.99/24 pack

Solar System Mobile

Give your kid her first glimpse at what the universe holds with this soft, fuzzy mobile that’s perfect for hanging above her changing table. Made from 100% polyester.

Buy it here, $5.99.

Velcro Tag Game

Finally, it’s okay for your kids to throw stuff at each other. This new tag-like game is designed for two players, comes with two velcro vests and felt balls that kids can belt at one another. It can also be played indoors or outside. This could be the solution to all those sibling squabbles, amirite? Recommended for kids ages 6 and up.

Buy it here, $14.99.

—Amber Guetebier with Gabby Cullen


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