This classic Matt Damon SNL skit is so real, we feel attacked

Christmas is a magical time, but making all that magic happen isn’t exactly a walk in the park for parents. At some point after you’ve dressed your (unwilling) kids in holiday outfits for photos but before you fake-smile about the one and only gift you received (surprise! It’s a robe), parents have a jam-packed day of fun… starting at around 5:41 a.m.

In this classic “Best Christmas Ever” SNL skit, guest host Matt Damon and Cecily Strong play parents reminiscing about how truly awesome their day was—and giving some behind-the-scenes peeks into what spreading yuletide cheer really looks like for moms and dads.

There’s the child-present-attacking ritual long before the coffee hits, a flashback to Dad struggling to assemble a giant playhouse in the wee hours of the night, and kids fighting and shouting over their newfound spoils.

But that doesn’t even come close to the madness of hosting the family. Relatives who complain upon arrival? Check! Those who can’t stop spouting off about their political views? Check! So just how does one cope with so much delight? Mom claims, “I guess I was just full of Christmas cheer!” when shots clearly show she was fueling up with something else: wine and the occasional hidden cigarette.

Hands up if you can relate! A dad of four himself, Damon is probably no stranger to the joys of putting together impossible-to-assemble toys on Christmas Eve and being awakened before the sun rises to the screams of over-excited kids on Christmas morning.

Here’s to all the exhausted moms and dads making this Christmas the best Christmas ever, too.

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