Kristen Wiig’s 2020 sketch will live on forever

Don’t forget about mom this holiday season. Saturday Night Live host Kristen Wiig highlighted what Christmas morning really looks like for some moms, in a sketch that went almost instantly viral when it aired in 2020 because it was so on point. In the sketch, Wiig gets woken up early by her kids, played by Kyle Mooney and Chloe Fineman. 

Her kids and husband begin revealing all of their gifts, and mom, well… she doesn’t have much.

Mooney sings about receiving a Nerf gun, Hulk hands, a drum set, and a telescope. Fineman gets a hat, a phone, and a copy of Catcher in the Rye. Wiig’s husband, played by Beck Bennett, gets a signed baseball bat, a laptop, and a tie. And mom gets a… robe.

The song continues with the family listing off more and more presents, including the piano from Big. Wiig thanks her family (rather unconvincingly) for the robe, which she suddenly notices was also on sale. 

While making breakfast, Wiig emerges from the kitchen with a dishrag over her hand letting her family know she burned herself. “It hurt pretty bad, but I didn’t even scream/because I keep the pain inside of me,” she raps.

When it looks like there might just be some extra presents for her after all, the kids and dad announce, “It’s presents for the dog!” The dog opens all of his gifts, which include a bone, treats, and, why yes, even his own robe. 

Once they’ve finished tearing through the stacks, the family squeezes onto the couch for a holiday selfie, in which Wiig looks like a wreck because she’s been up all night making Christmas magical for her family

As the sketch ends, an exhausted Wiig is sitting alone on the couch holding a glass of red wine. “Your mom does everything for your family,” says a voice-over. “This year get her more than one present. Moms like stuff, too.”

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