A mom-to-be described her “nesting party” in a viral video, and now we kind of wish they would become more popular than baby showers

While baby showers have their place in the world (getting that many presents can be a major help to a first-time mom), they’re also a little bit played out—and do you really need to go through the games and hoopla if it’s your second, third, or subsequent child? That’s why we love this viral video so much. A mom shared how instead of a traditional shower, her friend threw her a “nesting party,” where all her friends came over and helped her clean and organize to get her house ready for a new baby to arrive, and TBH, that sounds so much more helpful than a shower.

“Every pregnant mom needs a nesting party. If you’re pregnant and don’t want a baby shower, do this. If you have a pregnant friend, do this for them!” mom Nia Lui wrote in the caption of her now-viral video.


Replying to @Haley Sheppard Every pregnant mom needs a nesting party. If you’re pregnant and don’t want a baby shower, do this. If you have a pregnant friend, do this for them! #nestingparty #nestingmom #nestingmode #pregnantmom #pregnancy #babyshower #nestingmama #thirdtrimester #ittakesavillage #myvillage @Bri Welcker

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In the voiceover, she explains that she just had her nesting party, organized by her friend, Bree.

“I sent her a list of things that I wanted to get done before baby came and she made little cards for each person to take to take on a section of the house,” she says. “Then we took a dinner break, ate some soup, some sourdough bread, some treats, and just chatted about this baby and how it’s going to be. And then we got straight back to work and everything was so clean and organized. and I feel so much more ready for this baby.”

In the video, you can see Nia’s friends hard at work, cleaning, folding clothes, and getting her entire house, top to bottom, ready for her to relax with her new baby. Oh, and everyone who came brought a freezer meal so she’d be set with dinners post-partum.

It’s honestly genius.

In a follow-up video, Nia explained even more how she came up with the nesting party idea.


Replying to @katiecusic Nesting party answers. #nestingparty #babyshower #nesting #nestingmom #womensupportingwomen #momlife #sahm #pregnantmom #nestingmode #nestingmama #thirdtrimester #pregnancy #ittakesavillage #bethevillage #greenscreen

♬ original sound – Nia Mullet Mom

“This is our third baby, so we have everything. We basically don’t need a lot besides diapers and wipes,” she said. And for those wondering where her husband was during all the hard work? He had an important task of his own.

“He took our two boys. I have a six-year-old and a two-year-old,” she explained. “He took them out to an indoor play place, and they went to dinner and he kept them out of the house for three hours so that they wouldn’t be in the way.”

She added, “We got so much done, and it just made me feel so at peace in my own home and way better than a baby shower. So if you don’t want a baby shower or if this is your third or fourth kid, do this.”

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