The zippered mini bag has its own reusable bag inside

When it comes to Trader Joe’s, the grocer can pretty much do no wrong. Whether it’s a spooky cookie house for Halloween or the best frozen food around, there’s always a new product to be found at the grocery.

Last year’s viral favorite, the Micro Tote, is back and you’re going to want to run to snag a few before they sell out (because we know they will). The tiny bag looks just like a full-sized version but fits in the palm of your hand. As if the miniature tote wasn’t cute enough, it actually comes with a reusable shopping bag inside so you never walk into the store again without one.

If you’d rather not store the bag inside, there are plenty of other ways to put the tote to good use. You could store loose change, chapstick, or a mask, or use it as a gift card holder for teachers this holiday! And—we think your Barbie would look oh-so-cute carrying this around town.

But perhaps one of the best ways to make this bag work for you is during the holidays because it makes the perfect Elf on the Shelf accessory! Fill it with tiny treats or come up with another creative way your Elf can get into mischief. The bags are just $2.99 each and are found near the greeting cards and registers.

While you’re doing your Trader Joe’s run, don’t forget to check out the rest of the fall goodies, like the Dia de los Muertos ceramic planter with blooms. They join the array of other fun foliage for this fall, including air plant ghouls, sugar skull succulents. We’re hopeful that the yoga skeleton air plants will be out in the next few weeks.

There’s also no shortage of other seasonal finds that include caramel apple dipping kits, pumpkin spice samosas, and even pumpkin dog treats. It’s probably time for a Trader Joe’s run—just don’t forget to pick up a handful of those adorable micro totes while you’re there!

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