As your kid’s budding personality begins to reveal itself, you’re sure to get a kick out of all their quirks and preferences—and you can’t help but notice just how much of their own little person they really are. You might have loved a good impromptu dance party as a child, but your kid may be more content to revel in quiet time, read a picture book, or express themselves with watercolors. Or they’re super active and eager to sprint all over the park—or just about anywhere else you take them (sorry, fellow grocery store shoppers). To get an even better sense of your toddler’s favorite activities, you can look to their unique natal astrology, which offers valuable intel on their personality, perspective, and preferences.

As an astrologer and the author of Raising Baby by the Stars: A New Parent’s Guide to Astrology, I’m passionate about sharing the wisdom of astrology with parents to hopefully make life a little easier (and fun!). So let’s dive in and look at children’s astrology signs to better understand what your kid most likes to do.

Aries (March 21-April 20)

an aries symbol for a story on what activities your toddler likes based on your children's astrology signs

Aries is ruled by Mars, the planet of action and energy, so your little ram is one of the most on-the-go, physically active kids of the zodiac. Sitting still is not their forte, but bounding around and moving at lightning speed absolutely is, so this is a toddler who will not only love but need time outside at a playground or, on a rainy day, an indoor jungle gym. Even if they’re run-down, they may still want to do something fast and exciting, so zip them around your favorite park in a jogging stroller. Since they’re innately competitive and positively gleeful whenever they’re declared #1, competitive games are a must. Do a timed scavenger hunt or see who in the family can do the most jumping jacks in a minute. And because—as much as they may wish you were—you’re not an Energizer Bunny, when you do flip on a show or read them a book, your silly little Aries will love slapstick humor. 

Taurus (April 21-May 20)

a taurus symbol for a story on what activities your toddler likes based on your children's astrology signs

Born under Taurus, the fixed earth sign, your wee bull is perfectly happy moving through life at a slow and steady pace. For that reason, when in doubt, err on the side of activities that don’t need to be rushed to complete—like slowly chipping away at a longer book or a LEGO building project. Because Taurus is ruled by Venus, the planet of art and beauty, your toddler has a soft spot for creative endeavors of all kinds—whether that’s making music with kid-size instruments or crafting their favorite animal out of Play-Doh. The bull is also known for being uniquely in touch with all five senses, so sensory activities that allow your tot to engage through sight, smell, touch, taste, and sound are sure to be a winner. Think: heading to the nearest playground for a picnic and discussing all the elements of nature around you, from birds singing to flowers sprouting. 

Gemini (May 21-June 21)

a gemini symbol for a story on what activities your toddler likes based on your children's astrology signs

Gemini toddlers are among the most social and chatty kids of the zodiac thanks to their ruling planet Mercury, the information-gathering planet that oversees communication, transportation, and technology. The sign of the twins also happens to be associated with the Third House of Communication, so activities that involve other kids are sure to be a hit, whether that’s a group playdate or mommy and me class. Your twins child is also bound to be a bookworm who adores trips to the library or bookstore, especially if they involve storytime. Known to be as adept at listening as they are at sharing their many thoughts, you’ll do well to prioritize opportunities for them to flex their conversation skills, whether that’s by FaceTiming loved ones or just chatting through their routine. Games that incorporate wordplay (like “I Spy”) are also winners for Gemini toddlers. And given that Mercury rules transportation, they’ll love learning about trains, planes, or automobiles.

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Cancer (June 22-July 21)

a cancer symbol for a story on what activities your toddler likes based on your children's astrology signs

Your little crab is a heartfelt, intuitive, sentimental sweetheart who, even more than other toddlers, can let loose and have the most fun when they feel securely attached to you and other family members. These traits are owed, in great part, to the fact that Cancer is ruled by the moon, which oversees emotions, intuition, and maternal energy in astrology. So, put on a playlist of your favorite heart-soaring songs (“Let It Go,” anyone?) and encourage your crab cutie to sing along with you. Your little Cancer will also love a leisurely stroll by the nearest body of water (something that’s infinitely therapeutic for a water sign) while strapped to you or holding your hand. Speaking of water, they love playing with bath or pool toys, and as an innately nurturing sign you can tap into their desire to take care of others by playing veterinarian or preparing yummy snacks for their siblings.

Leo (July 22-August 22)

a leo symbol for a story on what activities your toddler likes based on your children's astrology signs

Outgoing, buoyant, confident, and eager to be the center of attention, your little lion owes their exuberance to their ruler, the vitality-bringing sun. They’re also natural-born leaders, so any activity that allows them to run the show (like Follow the Leader) will fire them up. Associated with the Fifth House of Fun and Self-Expression, Leo toddlers love to share what’s in their hearts and on their minds through big, showy creative outlets, like playing dress-up with brightly colored (ideally sparkly!) or otherwise vibrant costumes, putting on a play, or having an impromptu dance party—which you’ll be instructed by your budding star to capture on your phone. While Leo toddlers tend to be fairly extroverted and active, they’re more apt to sit still for books and movies that revolve around being a star or a leader, like Disney’s The Lion Guard. But no matter what they adore the most, as a result of being the fixed fire sign, don’t be surprised if once they’ve pinpointed an activity they love, they’ll want to do it again and again.

Virgo (August 23-September 22)

a virgo symbol for a story on what activities your toddler likes based on your children's astrology signs

Born under the mutable earth sign, your maiden is thoughtful, helpful, and super-communicative, and you’ll want to look to their ruling planet Mercury, the messenger planet, for valuable clues on their favorite activities. Associated with the Sixth House of Daily Routine, they’ll love pitching in on any to-do you need to check off your list, whether that’s putting away laundry or feeding the family kitty. They’ll likely also be fans of games that involve organization or sorting. And from the time they’re tiny they’re bound to be intrigued by language, so you can’t miss with some dedicated storytime, ideally reading books that cover Virgoan themes like everyday routines, healthy habits, and nurturing your well-being and the world around you (think: The Curious Garden by Peter Brown). Also be sure to give your Virgo the opportunity to “write” their own books or share their own stories out loud, as their Mercurial influence means they’re natural storytellers.

Libra (September 23-October 22)

a libra symbol for a story on what activities your toddler likes based on your children's astrology signs

Your Libra kid is partnership-oriented, beauty-loving, and peace-seeking as a result of the scales’ ruler, Venus, the planet of relationships, art, and harmony. Associated with the Seventh House of Partnership, they’re most likely to enjoy one-on-one bonding activities with you, another caregiver, or your bestie’s kid (who is bound to be their BFF, too). Scales kids will love trips to an art museum, making up their very own song, or experimenting with new hairstyles or colorful outfits. They’re especially driven to hone their personal style, so they’ll have fun playing with their very own grooming kit or even keeping you company while you do your skincare or hair-styling routine. And although they shine best when they’re part of a pair, they’re also social butterflies at heart, meaning they’ll dive right into a dance or music class and instantly make friends.

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Scorpio (October 23-November 21)

a scorpio symbol for a story on what activities your toddler likes based on your children's astrology signs

Intense, emotionally intelligent, and dynamic, your Scorpio kid owes their innate magnetism and powerful vibe to their modern ruler Pluto, the planet of transformation, and their traditional ruler Mars, the planet of action and energy. And you’ll do well to look to the themes of both of these planets when brainstorming activities for your scorpion tot. For example, Pluto’s all about uncovering the shadow side of life, so your kiddo will be drawn to puzzles or games that involve a mystery they can solve. And given their Mars influence, they’ll enjoy pastimes that allow them to take charge—like picking out a Sunday night dinner or taking on the role of Simon in a game of Simon Says. As a water sign, Scorps also adore time spent at the beach or swimming, which they’re sure to find calming. It also bears noting that Scorpio is associated with the Eighth House of Emotional Bonds, so entertainment that sets the stage for conversations about deep-rooted emotions (like Inside Out) will resonate with your toddler.

Sagittarius (November 22-December 21)

a sagittarius symbol for a story on what activities your toddler likes based on your children's astrology signs

Upbeat, independent, and outspoken, your toddler was born under the mutable fire sign ruled by fortunate Jupiter, the planet of abundance and expansion. To that end, wanderlust-filled Sag’s mantra is “bigger is better,” so you’ll always do well to prioritize activities that broaden your child’s horizon, whether that’s taking them on a walk through a thrilling nature trail, heading to the zoo to learn about animals from all over the globe, catching a train ride to the nearest city to go sightseeing, or actually doing some long-distance traveling with your future aspiring globe-trotter. But on homebody days, you can lean on books, games, and puzzles that allow your Sag’s mind to wander all over the planet (like Busy, Busy World by Richard Scarry). They’ll also be one of the first of the zodiac to enjoy learning a new language. And even in your own neighborhood, take them to the widest play area you can find, as your free-spirited tot will always love running and playing in big open spaces.

Capricorn (December 22-January 21)

a capricorn symbol for a story on what activities your toddler likes based on your children's astrology signs

Your Capricorn toddler is a driven smarty-pants with a penchant for rules and tradition, thanks to their ruling planet, taskmaster Saturn, which oversees commitment and boundaries. Kids born under the cardinal earth sign like to take the initiative and work step-by-step toward a goal, so you might find they really enjoy using a piggy bank to save up allowance or helping you tend to the family garden or household plants (an activity that also speaks to your little green thumb’s earthiness). Associated with the Tenth House of Career and Public Image, you could be surprised by just how much your toddler acts like a little CEO in training, which is also a sign that they’ll enjoy playing a game of make-believe revolving around being the boss. As an old soul at heart, your Cap toddler will enjoy listening to old-school tunes (you could be surprised just how much they love artists like Stevie Wonder or Ella Fitzgerald) and learning about history—specifically, game-changing leaders from the past.

Aquarius (January 22-February 18)

an aquarius symbol for a story on what activities your toddler likes based on your children's astrology signs

Your social, humanitarian, highly original toddler, born under the fixed air sign, owes their electrifyingly innovative MO to their modern ruling planet, Uranus, which oversees change, rebellion, and the desire to strike out against convention. In turn, know that your water-bearer kid will always want to march to the beat of their own drum. If all the other kids in the neighborhood are into an activity they saw on Ms. Rachel this week, your Aquarius might want to do anything but that. Instead, they may prefer to make up their own game—or better yet, science experiment or invention project. At the same time, because Aquarius is associated with the Eleventh House of Networking, they’re community-oriented, so they’ll like hanging out at the local pool or playground with a group of playmates or making new friends when you visit friends or family on a road trip. They also adore technology and science due to Uranus being the planet of electricity and innovation, so prioritize activities that make it possible for them to learn about these subjects—and maybe even make a cutting-edge discovery.

Pisces (February 19-March 20)

a pisces symbol for a story on what activities your toddler likes based on your children's astrology signs

Your fish toddler, born under the mutable water sign, is deeply emotional, tenderhearted, sensitive, perceptive, empathic, and innately in tune with the mystical aspects of life. This is owed to their modern ruler, Neptune, the planet of spirituality, and the fact that Pisces is associated with the Twelfth House of Spirituality. That said, you’ll want to embrace Neptunian themes when planning activities for your Pisces, like keeping a dream journal, expressing emotions through art (whether that’s coloring or working with you to write a poem), learning about crystals, reading or making up whimsical, fantastical stories, or engaging in mind-body practices like meditation, deep breathing, or kid yoga. Because they’re so compassionate and apt to pick up on all the energy and emotions around them, you may find they enjoy and benefit from activities that teach self-soothing, like spending time in a calming corner or listening to their favorite mellow, soft music. 

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