As parents, all too often, one day blurs right into the next. There are the endless to-dos, the steadfast routines, the mindless scrolling—and somehow, without noticing, joy just falls by the wayside. But we refuse to let that happen. 

Instead, we’re doubling down on the bright spots in your day: the silly smiles, ridiculous poses, and awestruck expressions of your favorite littles, which make it all worthwhile. Whether you’re revisiting those super-early days in calendar view, adding fun filters and stickers to your favorite memories, or kicking back and letting auto recaps and smart curation do the organizing for you, our private photo-sharing app allows you to re-live the magic. Helping parents capture and safely share those “blink-and-you’ll-miss-them” moments with friends and family near and far is the best job in the world, and it just so happens to be ours.

That’s why we’ve changed the vibe around here to better match the joy we deliver. Whether you’re uploading memories on the Tinybeans app or checking out the latest advice in our newsletters, you’ll experience a beautiful new Tinybeans (with more exciting changes to come!). While our look is a little more playful, we’re more dedicated than ever to the things we believe in:

More love, not likes

In our digital world, authentic connections matter more than ever. Our families should not be social currency; their experiences are not performances. Our kids are the reason we get out of bed (so, so early) in the morning, and the special memories we create together should be shared with the people who really know and love them.

Families being unapologetically themselves

The truth is, every family is just a little bit weird. Lean into it, we say! It’s the quirky traditions, random nicknames, and inside jokes that make your crew who they are. Life is way less fun when you’re trying to fit the mold.

Privacy as a top priority

It’s almost instinctual to post, post, post for all the world to see. We’re rewarded with attention and dopamine bursts for our efforts. But who ends up accessing and owning our images and videos? That murkiness keeps us up at night, and it’s why we believe every parent should be able to protect their family’s privacy from the start.     

Giving you time back and extra reasons to smile

The less time you spend hunting down dinner recipes, parenting hacks, and holiday gifts, the more you can actually be present in the moment. That’s why we’re going to do the legwork for you, delivering expert advice on how to fast-forward through tantrums, easy meal ideas for when you’re feeling burned out, and activities and vacation destinations that won’t earn you an eye roll. We’re even gonna throw in some awesome alone-time recommendations (because parents are people, too!).

The bottom line? If there’s a way for us to make your day better and brighter, we’re going to make it happen.      

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