These kiddos are majorly twinning with their furry friends. From babies snuggling in the same shape as their not-so-playful pups to kid-cat couples, these Instagrammable pics are awesomely aww-dorable. And yes, even celeb tots are getting in on the pet-tastic action too! Scroll down to see the cute stuff.

Mirror Images

It looks like this family’s pup is playing follow the leader with his human friend. Between the laidback position and arms in the air, these two are almost mirror images.


Same Stare

It’s all in the eyes! This pair are saying plenty, without speaking a word.


Cat & the Kid

This baby and their kitty friend are enjoying some floor time together. Scroll through the pics to see more kiddo-cat twinning!


Sleep Snuggles

This baby-bulldog pair couldn’t be cuter! We’re not sure which one looks sleepier.


Cohen’s Cuties

Bravo celeb Andy Cohen’s sweet son Benjamin and dog Wacha are ready for a stroll in this IG awesomeness.


Team Spirit

The Toronto-loving tot and his dog pal are both showing off their super-spirit with matching gear.


Watch & Wait

Even though this pup is nearly twice as tall as his toddler companion (that is, when standing up), both are twinning in the same stance.


Naptime Friends

When you’re tired, naptime just doesn’t wait. This tot and his two furry friends prove this point.


Hair Pair

This pair of gingers is super-sweet!


Pool Party

Who had the idea to sneak a drink from the pool—the tot or his pup pal?


Chair Pair

Even though kitty doesn’t have a highchair, both parts of this dynamic duo are enjoying some serious kitchen time.


Face to Face

It’s a stare-down! We’re not sure whether the kiddo or the kitty will turn away first.


Cat Cuddles

These cuddlers are completely cute—curled up in “C” shapes and sharing a major snuggle.

Chrissy’s Baby & His Bulldog

Teigen’s son Miles hangs with the family’s fur baby—crawling through a set of see-through scarves together!


Sweet, Sweet Sleep

Shh! Don’t wake the kid, or the kitty. It’s snooze time for this perfect pair.


Girls with Glasses

Even though this playful pup may not need them—glasses on a dog? The only thing cuter than a dog with specs is the little girl in the pic!


Room with a View

We have no clue what these two are looking at. But clearly it’s fascinating to a toddler and a cat.


Simpson’s Sweeties

Pop star Jessica Simpson posted this pic for daughter Maxwell’s birthday. But it’s baby, Birdie Mae, who’s twinning with the family’s pup.


Twins All Day

Click through this sweet post to see a day filled with kid-cat twin fun.


Best Buds

Dogs truly are man’s best friend. Or in this case, boy’s BFF.


Twinning for a Good Cause

New mama Amy Schumer posted this family photo on IG in honor of National Gun Violence Awareness Day and Wear Orange weekend. Both baby Gene and Schumer’s pup (along with mom and dad) are sporting the Awareness orange hue.


Butterfly Besties

The wings, the smile and everything about this costume-clad duo is pure twin magic.


Summer Sweetness

Relaxing on a summer day never looked so sweet.


Copy Cat

When one car takes off (those fickle felines) this tot takes over.


Bunny BFF’s

Cats and dogs don’t have the cuteness market cornered. This bunny, and its pint-sized human, are pretty paw-dorable too.

—Erica Loop

Featured photo: top_paw_frenchies via Instagram 



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