It’s about time someone came up with better nursing supplies

If you’ve made the choice to breastfeed, you’ve probably experienced a moment or two (or three. or ten.) of overwhelm. For something hailed as “the most natural thing in the world” <cringe>, it’s easy to assume that nursing is, well…easy. Baby, breast, boom. Right? There’s a good chance it’s actually not that easy for you, and if it’s not, you absolutely aren’t alone. Even if you wouldn’t consider your breastfeeding experience “difficult”, it’s still a lot. And a bunch of the tools out there, while definitely not bad, are outdated, bulky, and just extremely confusing (uh, just look at this spread of supplies). Millennial moms are due for a nursing gear glow-up and Swehl, a modern breastfeeding supplies and support platform, is seriously ticking all the boxes for us (without insisting on 50 different tools).

Typical nursing supplies—Courtesy of Swehl


Our Bump & Baby Editor dubbed Swehl “the Glossier of breastfeeding supplies”. Why? Because this is the breastfeeding line that actually makes sense for modern motherhood. Everything they offer is multifunctional, low-impact (just reusable, BPA-free, food-grade silicone!), and just terribly cute, too, so it all fits into your day-to-day.



Swehl breastfeeding supplies are made for this century. No more alienation, chaos, or confusion. Just streamlined products you’ll actually use.

The Latch Kit


You grab-and-go breastfeeding essentials. Everything you need from Day 1, minus the hours (and hours) of research. Made from sustainable materials, aesthetically pleasing (she's cute!), and with tools that last well beyond the newborn phase. No reading required—the Latch Kit includes QR codes that drive to bite-sized video tutorials. 

What's inside:

  • Gold Rush Colostrum Bottle
  • Secret Sauce Syringe 
  • Total Catch Milk Collection Cups
  • Balm de Nips Nipple Balm
  • No Stress SNS Kit
  • Nip Slips Nipple Shield 
  • Calm de Nips Saline Spray
  • The Carry-All

The Latch Kit ($99.99)—Buy Here!

The Nips Duo


Calm de Nips and Balm de Nips are a dynamic duo that helps alleviate common nipple pain from cracked and sore nipples. Even on your best breastfeeding day, you'll need these.

What's inside:

  • Calm de Nips
  • Balm de Nips

The Nips Duo ($22.00)—Buy Here!

Cloud 9 Nursing Sling


Breastfeeding on the go should be easy, convenient and comfortable. Our sling is inspired by luxury sportswear, so you can nurse out in the world—and feel like you doing so. Includes storage for diapers, your cell phone and more. Bonus: remove the pillow lining and use as a sling bag long after the feeding journey.

Cloud 9 Nursing Sling ($65.00)—Buy Here!

Swehl School


It's about time we admitted that breastfeeding can be truly challenging, and it also doesn't work for everyone. And that's okay. No matter what you're experiencing during nursing, Swehl School offers over 2 years of content for mastering breastfeeding. Bite-sized videos and helpful articles for every step of the way. Pumping, latching, postpartum depression, and more. Oh, and you won't find any judgment here. No "breast is best" rhetoric. 

Swehl Circles


Hi. It's us. And we're here to tell you that you do not have to do this—nursing, momming, parenting—alone. Swehl Circles is a new way to baby group. They're expert-led, small group Zoom sessions with other cool people. Unrecorded, unfiltered and un-boring, every time.

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