Who can resist a homemade magic shell?

Summer sun means ice cream fun! If you want an afternoon of deliciousness, you can’t top an ice cream sundae bar. With creative cones, tasty toppings, and whimsical decorations, it’s enough to make anyone scream for ice cream. We’ve got the scoop on ice cream bar ideas that include homemade sundae cups, creative displays, and even homemade ice cream that you’ll love.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Bowls

Say goodbye to regular old bowls forever. These are made with classic ingredients and shaped using a muffin tin. Get all the details and the full recipe here!

Mini Ice Cream Sandwich Pops

The Girl Inspired

Store-bought sandwiches never looked so cute! These easy-to-make pops are perfect for little hands, easy to customize with any type of sprinkles, and make a great option for a party for little ones. Get the easy instructions over at The Girl Inspired.

Ice Cream Sundae Nachos

What your ice cream sundae bar really needs is … nachos? Using cones as “chips” makes us look at ice cream in a new way. It’s perfect for a crowd!

Homemade Magic Shell

Did you know you can make your own version of this classic ice cream topping right at home? You can, and even better, you can add extra goodies, like Heath Bar. See above!

Sprinkle-Dipped Cones

Up your ice cream cone game with chocolate and sprinkles! The Saucy Fig has the recipe above.

Unicorn Sundaes

Would you believe these whimsical creations are low-cal? Get ready to be wowed with this ice cream bar idea from Cutefetti.

Ice Cream in a Jar

There’s something about putting all your goodies in a jar that just feels… extra sweet. This fun sundae recipe is inspired by Monsters Inc.!

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Campfire Cones

You’ll be combining two summertime treats for one awesome ice cream sundae bar when you set up a campfire cone station.

Ice Cream Sandwich Bar

What’s more fun to eat than ice cream? An ice cream sandwich! Offer a selection of ice cream flavors, a variety of cookies, sprinkles, and mini chocolate chips. Let guests choose their adventure!

Charcuterie Ice Cream Board

Hop on the charcuterie bandwagon and lay it all out for your crew with what might be the sweetest of all ice cream bar ideas.

Three-Tiered Tray for Ice Cream Containers

If you’ve got one of these collecting dust in your cabinet, bring it out and use it to create more space on your ice cream bar. Plus, it’ll make you look fancy.

Add a Sign

Adding a simple sign to your display makes the event a bit sweeter, don’t you think?

Scoop Ahead of Time

scooping ahead of time is a genius ice cream sundae bar idea.
Kojo Designs

We’re always on the hunt for hints to make our parties look a little more seamless. This clever tip comes from Kojo Designs. Scoop your ice cream in advance and put it back in the freezer until it’s party time. It makes for a delectable display, and you’ll get to spend time with your guests rather than with the ice cream scoop.

Keep It Simple

This is an easy ice cream sundae bar idea.
Steve Shreve via Unsplash

If you love the whole “ice cream bar” idea, but it seems a tad unrealistic to you, especially on a hot day, try a very simple method. Set out your cones and anything non-perishable in advance, then just before your party peoples are ready for their treats, keep the ice cream in its pints and set it in a bowl of ice. Make tiny labels to make it look chic—they can have the flavors of the ice cream or just simple words, like “celebrate.”

Prettify Your Cones

Who knew we could love ice cream cones even more? These printable ice cream cone wrappers from Alice & Lois give your sundae bar a sweet summer mood.

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—with additional reporting by Karly Wood and Susie Foresman

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