There’s still time to have an outdoor movie night

Summer vacation may be slipping away, but you can make every last moment count before sending the crew back to school. There are all sorts of summer bucket list ideas like sidewalk projects and science experiments that will keep your kids busy. We’ve got you covered with simple ways to spend some family time together and send the season out in style: we’re talking both indoor and outdoor activities that are sure to check a few boxes on your summer bucket list.

1. Go to a water park, or turn your backyard into one.

2. Bob for donuts at breakfast.

3. Make s’mores. You can go gourmet with one of these unconventional twists. 

4. Go backyard camping. We’ve got 10 great ideas to help you get started.

5. Go stargazing. Check out our top tips here.

6. Have an outdoor movie night.

7. Spend a day playing these old-school outdoor games.

8. Catch some one-on-one time with each kiddo, and make it special with these simple and sweet games for two.

9. Let them have that lemonade stand, or better yet, think out of the box with these alternatives to the classic.

having a 'yes day' is a fun summer bucket list idea


10. Have a yes day.

11. Stay up late and play flashlight tag.

12. Turn your porch into a comedy club and entertain each other with these hilarious jokes for kids.

13. Pick a day and pretend it’s 1982. Here’s your guidebook.

14. Find a firework show (check your local baseball team’s schedule) and bring your 3D glasses.

15. TP your kids’ rooms.

16. Break a Guinness Book of World Records. Peruse the titles up for grabs on the official site here.

17. Locate a national park near you and make a day or overnight trip to it.

18. Spend a morning with a kiddie pool in a brand-new way.

little girl riding a bike in the park, a summer bucket list idea


19. Decorate the family bikes and go for a ride through the neighborhood. 

20. Go to a drive-in movie, pack a picnic summer, and take a deck of playing cards.

21. Park it at the pool, and stay there until they close. Fill the hours with these awesome prop-less pool games.

22. Play twilight games after the lightning bugs come out.

23. Prank the kids. It’ll keep them on their toes!

24. Get cooking! Check out these 12 clever cooking games for kids, and the bonus is that they’ll get you psyched up for making those back-to-school lunches.

25. Mix some pretend potions for chasing away first-day jitters. Think of every superpower they might need, and whip up a potion for each one.

26. Spend a day at a kids’ museum. Here‘s a list of one in every state.

27. Plan a fun back-to-school tradition for the kids to make the new year special. 

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