For parents, Spotify Wrapped is just a record of how many times your kids said, “Alexa, play ‘We Don’t Talk About Bruno'” in 2022

For most people, Spotify Wrapped is a cool, end-of-the-year trend. I mean, getting to see your top artists and songs, all sprinkled with some cool data about your music listening habits? That’s a lot of fun, and if you’ve been anywhere near a social media site in the last few days, you’ve probably seen people sharing slides with all their Spotify info neatly rounded up, complete with flashy graphics. Unless your friends are parents, that is. Because while Spotify wrapped is a fun trend for anyone who has control over their own Spotify account, parents know that when a tiny dictator rules the metaphorical Aux cable, things start to look a little different.

That’s why it’s so hilarious that parents are choosing to share their Spotify Wrapped this year anyway, complete with thousands of listens to Peppa Pig and the Encanto soundtrack.

In fact, the playlists that parents are sharing are likely making us all feel seen, which we deserve after suffering through the year of “We don’t talk about Bruno, no no no,” and sorry for getting it stuck in your head, once again.

Even if you’re a parent who had your own favorite song that you played on repeat this year, it just can’t compete with the levels of musical obsessions that babies and toddlers are able to achieve. Honestly, any human who can earnestly listen to “You Are My Sunshine” nearly 800 times deserves to dominate your Spotify Wrapped, because I’m pretty sure that would be considered torture in some countries.

So parents, even though your Spotify Wrapped is completely borked, think of it as a badge of honor. If you endured all that Disney sing-along, Angry Birds, and Crazy Frog, you deserve to be recognized for it all over social media.

So share that Spotify Wrapped, and just know that all the other parents out there are both laughing and crying right along with you (probably with Frozen playing in the background. Again.).

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