‘Tis the season to indulge your preschooler’s love for their favorite shows, be it PAW Patrol, Gabby’s Dollhouse, or Rubble & Crew. Are those catchy theme songs living rent-free in your head? Don’t worry, it’s the same for us, too.

While you’ll likely be in the company of these shows for a few more years, you can take solace in the valuable life lessons they provide and (drumroll, please…) the independent play they inspire. And as your little one soaks in these inspirational characters and action-packed storylines, a world of creativity and independent play awaits.

This holiday season, thanks to an exciting line of show-to-shelf toys featuring their cherished characters, your preschooler can now transform these meaningful messages into reality right at home. Whether it’s launching missions from the PAW Patrol: The Mighty Movie Aircraft Carrier HQ or hopping aboard the Gabby’s Dollhouse Gabby Cat Friendship, their favorite shows will become the backdrop for thrilling solo adventures.

To help you get ahead of your holiday shopping (and gift yourself the joys of an entertained preschooler!), we’ve compiled the best TV-inspired toys for independent play. Read on as we dive deeper into how they’re perfect for sparking your little one’s creativity and imagination—all within the comforts of their playroom.

PAW Patrol: The Mighty Movie Aircraft Carrier HQ


Calling all future heroes of Adventure City. The award-winning PAW Patrol Aircraft Carrier HQ is a must-have for epic rescue missions.

Inspired by the action-packed PAW Patrol: The Mighty Movie that’s in theatres now, this playset is a game-changer for independent play. Little ones can transform the Aircraft Carrier HQ into a massive, supercharged rescue mission headquarters with the push of a command center button. The playset immediately elevates the control room, creates two launch ramps, and reveals an impressive meteor core that lights up and plays seriously cool sounds.

The fun doesn’t stop there, though. Your little hero can grab Chase, who comes with his very own action figure and authentic police car rescue vehicle, to blast two projectile launchers that’ll save the day.


Paw Patrol Academy App


In need of some portable playtime for your kiddo? The brand new preschool learning app, PAW Patrol Academy, features heroic missions, engaging lessons, silly games to “get the wiggles out,” and real episode clips from episodes of PAW Patrol. With tons of age-appropriate, interactive adventures, this app is a brand-new way for your preschoolers to experience PAW Patrol and learn along the way. Available on iOS and Android for $49.99 annual/$7.99 month with a 7-day unlimited access free trial.



Gabby’s Dollhouse Gabby Cat Friend Ship


Ahoy, parents. It’s time to set sail on the purrfect adventure with the Gabby Cat Friend Ship. As seen in DreamWorks Animation’s popular series, this all-new playset brings the magic of Gabby’s Dollhouse to life.

Your number one fan can join Gabby Girl (who comes costumed with two fabulous outfits, of course) and Captain Mercat on the upper deck, complete with a color-changing pool and a diving board. They can then venture below deck for an electrifying dance party where they can show off their moves—with confidence, as Gabby encourages— thanks to a light-up disco ball, dance floor, and photo booth.

Little ones can further elevate their sea-filled adventure with the Carnival and Spa deluxe rooms (sold separately) that can be easily attached to the ship or the Purrfect Dollhouse. The ship can also be linked to the Purrfect Dollhouse from the diving board. Trust us, your child will be entertained for hours on end.


Rubble & Crew Barkyard Crane Tower


Rubble and his family of construction-loving pups are all about working together. In this two-foot-tall Rubble & Crew Barkyard Crane Tower, your young contractor can help the crew create impressive buildings for the town.

Loaded with 12 ounces of Kinetic Build-It Sand (specifically formulated to stick together so it’s easily molded for construction play), four molds, interchangeable tools, and the trusty Rubble vehicle and pup, it’s an invitation for open-ended, sensory play that’ll keep your child busy.

Did we mention it’s also a sensory symphony? It features cool lights, sounds, music, and phrases straight from the series. Get ready to embark on a construction adventure like no other.


Disney Junior Firebuds Bo & Flash Rescue Adventure Firetruck with VROOMLINK


Buckle up and join Bo and Flash for action-packed adventures with the Firebuds Bo & Flash Rescue Adventure Firetruck. Based on the Disney Junior’s preschool show, this firetruck is no ordinary vehicle when it comes to saving lives.

During a high-speed rescue, Flash springs to life with motorized moves straight out of the show, even nailing the iconic “fist bump.” With special technology, it recognizes when it’s moving forward or backward to unlock cool sounds, and can set off an ensemble of lights, sounds, movements, and phrases from the series when Bo hops in the firetruck.

Bring home all the Disney Firebuds characters (each sold separately) from the show, so your little firefighter can take on more series-inspired rescues.


Spin Master offers even more toys for independent play to help your preschooler create an exciting world where only their favorite characters come to life. Check out their awesome line up—and enjoy the breather these playsets will give you!

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