You’ve made it through the dizzying first month (or so) with your baby. Congratulations are in order! Now you’re itching to get out and explore the city again. Only this time, you’ll be packing a stroller, a well-stocked diaper bag, and your proud new-parent badge. If you’re wondering what are the best things to do in Seattle with a baby, you’ve come to the right place.

From classes to experiences to all the great outdoor adventures you can find in the PNW, you’ll have plenty of activities to choose from in between nap times. Before your baby turns one (trust us, that happens much faster than you think) check these 25 things to do with a baby in Seattle off your baby bucket list.

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1. Go Out to Dinner

Remember when the hardest part of going out to dinner was choosing the restaurant? Sure, it’s harder to eat out with your parenting partner now that baby has arrived, but we’re firm believers in going when baby is young (and can still sleep through at least one course of the meal). When baby’s older, try one of these family restaurants that cater to kids.

2. Find Stroller-Friendly Walking Trails & Hikes

There’s just something about taking a stroll around Green Lake or along Alki Beach on a sunny day that makes it nearly irresistible. Now that baby’s here, be sure to introduce them to your favorite walking trails for wheels and easy hikes while they’re still content to sit and take it all in. Just remember, even if you don’t have a special frame pack for baby, you can still find a trail and get outdoors.

Insider Tip: Groups like Hike it Baby have invaluable suggestions and parent meet-ups that make getting outside with baby easy.

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3. Say “Yes” to Woodland Park Zoo

Even if baby isn’t “oohing” and “ahhing” at all the animals you’ll see at Woodland Park Zoo, spend a day there anyway. Sunshine, wide walking paths, and plenty of grassy areas where your cutie can crawl around make this a baby must-do. Don’t forget to head to Zoomazium for some indoor exploration, if it’s a rainy day or you need a change of scenery.

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4. Get to Know the City’s Kid-Friendliest Museums

While your little bundle may not be ready to take in local museum exhibits (no matter how fascinating they are), they are plenty of Seattle-area museums that are baby-friendly. Seattle Children’s Museum tops our list, and not just because it’s got a baby-friendly play area and the best bathrooms this side of the Cascades. Nearby PacSci, with its soft toddler playspace, is another option, as is Chihuly Garden & Glass. While you might not think a museum full of breakables screams baby-friendly, we beg to differ. Take them while they’re still stroller-bound and you’ll see why.

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5. Watch the Mariners Win

Sure they can’t run the bases after the game yet, and as far as your baby is concerned, the 7th inning stretch should always be accompanied by a big yawn and a long nap. But bringing your little one to see the Mariners play is a guaranteed win during the first year. Snap pics, enjoy ballpark food, and definitely bring your sunscreen to make the trip successful.

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6. Attend Baby Story Time

Drop in to hear stories for babies at your local King County Library branch, pretty much any day of the week. Not only is it a great way to spend time with your little one, it’s also a change to meet other parents who are in the same stage as you are. While you’re at it, sign baby up for a library card—after all, it’s never too early.

7. Ride the Ferry

Sometimes just getting to where you’re going with baby in the car can be tough. Bypass the drive-time headache by riding the ferry. Park the car and hit the deck where baby can explore, with or without a stroller. You’ll get where you need to be and baby will be happy. That’s what we call a win-win for you both.

8. Try a Swim Class

Spend time in the water with baby at a local parent/baby swim class. Not sure where to start? Get our suggestions on the best baby swim classes in Seattle before you dive in.

9. Attend a Nearby Play & Learn Program

Your baby totally digs toys but isn’t quite ready for the rough and tumble business of Seattle’s indoor play gyms. Sometimes something new is what it takes to keep baby entertained. Take your newest addition to a Kaleidoscope Play & Learn session to socialize and play with toys that aren’t already found in baby’s room. We love this free community program that’s taught in many languages.

10. Sit for a Tiny Tots Concert

Sure your kiddo wouldn’t make it through a Seattle Symphony concert, no matter how soothing those violins can be. That’s why there’s Tiny Tots, specific concerts geared toward families with kids under five. Stories, songs, and games that only take 30 minutes? That’s the sound of a great day with baby to us.

11. Make New Parent Friends

You’re all in this together, right? So why not connect with other parents in Seattle. Whether you’re giving them a like on Facebook or following them for inspiration and ideas on Instagram, these parents are totally your people.

Things to do with babies Seattle

12. Stretch Yourself at a Baby Yoga Class

When you have a baby, it’s easy to get focused on the little things. Little toes. Little fingers. Little smiles. That’s one of the things parents love about Limber Yoga’s baby and parent yoga class. It’s all about finding peace in the little things and taking a breather when you need one. Currently the class meets once a week on Tuesdays, and registration is required.

13. Grab a Drink with Friends

Ditch the sippy cup for a glass of wine or a nice lager at one of these spots where you can belly up with baby in tow. Watch your favorite teams play to win, or try a flight of reds you’ll remember at these wineries that welcome kids.

14. Join a Music Class

Meet other parents and introduce your little bundle to musical instruments at any number of local Seattle music classes for babies. Start with Sunshine Music Together classes, for kids ages 0-5, that offered all over the city, from Queen Anne to West Seattle to Redmond. WeBop Music classes at Seattle JazzED is another program that caters to kids (starting at 8 months). But if free and loose is more your speed, try  dropping in at Baby Jam, a long-running Seattle class that meets for two different sessions on Monday mornings.

15. Bike the Burke-Gilman Trail

The fact that you can bike for miles without having to cross the street is one of the Burke’s biggest perks. Put baby in the bike seat or trailer and get pedaling. If you need to feed or change baby during your ride, plan to make a pit stop at these fantastic spots along the trail.

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16. Have Coffee with a Friend

Get your adulting fix at one of the city’s many cafes and coffee shops. Bonus points if it has a place where parents can sit while baby plays, like Ballard Firehouse Coffee, C & P Coffee in West Seattle, or Serendipity or Psst! When baby is older, these spots offer a place for mom and dad to work while baby plays.

17. Explore Volunteer Park

Lots of stroller-friendly paths and a conservatory, too. These are just a few of the things that make Volunteer Park a great place to take baby. Plus, visiting the on-site Asian Art Museum is another easy activity to enjoy when you’ve got baby with you. Plenty to see, not touch, and spaces where you can sit quietly together to take it all in.

18. Go Wild at ZooTunes

It doesn’t get more family-friendly than BECU’s ZooTunes during the summer months. Grab a seat near the back, spread out a picnic blanket, bring headphones to cover baby’s ears, and enjoy the show. The best part? Concerts are over by 8:30 p.m., so everyone can get home to get plenty of rest.

19. Watch the Ships at Ballard Locks

The Ballard Locks is more than just fish ladders and boats. In fact, it’s a wonderful place to explore with little ones, whether you’re baby-wearing or pushing a stroller. Watch spawning fish, or boats making their way from freshwater lakes to the saltwater Sound and back again. Or check out the Carl S. Jr. Botanical Garden, one of the Locks’ hidden gems.

20. See Art at Olympic Sculpture Park

The Olympic Sculpture Park is another fantastic place to stroll with your cutie. Nine acres of green space and larger-than-life art along the waterfront make this a great day destination. Still feeling adventurous? Stroller down the street and take baby to the Seattle Aquarium to gawk at all the fish and adorable sea otters.

21. Wander Through a Garden

If a little peace and quiet is what you’re after (show us a new parent that isn’t), there’s no better place to find it than at one of Seattle’s beautiful gardens. If you ask us, the best part of each of these is that they’re pretty amazing to visit year-round. Spring brings out the bulbs and cherry blossoms, along with summer comes dazzling colors, and even fall has us hooked with rhoddies and the changing leaves.

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22. Attend Baby’s First Concert

Take your wee one to hear their first concert. From library concerts to outdoor summer fests headlined by some of Seattle’s best kindie rockers, there are plenty of baby-friendly concerts in the city. But may we suggest the Mount Baker Kindiependent Rock series to start.

23. Visit a Petting Farm

Start ’em young is our philosophy. Especially when it comes to kids and super cute farm animals. Spending a morning at Kelsey Creek Farm in Bellevue or at Farrell-McWhirter over in Redmond is always worth the bridge crossing. But if you want to stay close to home, visit the animals at the Woodland Park Zoo petting area starting in early May.

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24. Explore the Seattle Waterfront

Fantastic views and lots to do and see is what makes this downtown trek worth it. Even babies will enjoy a ride on the Great Wheel or a chance to take a boat tour around Elliott Bay. The Pike Place Market isn’t too far uphill from the waterfront, and although it’s a bit crowded for strollers on a weekend, if you go on a weekday you can pick up fresh fish and produce to make a healthy meal when you get home.

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25. Find a Babysitter

If you haven’t already, get on the sitter search ASAP. Date night awaits!

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