Toddlers are non-stop. We know, we know. That’s not exactly news, especially if you’re the parent of one, but it’s worth saying. They have energy to burn; so much that we seriously wish we could bottle it. Their exploration urges are off the charts and they’re learning how to move and use their bodies in different ways. Of course, we’re always looking for toys that combine learning and fun, and ride-on toys for toddlers are high on the list. They cover all the bases and help our little ones to focus their energy in one place. That’s a win across the board.

These are the kinds of toys that encourage movement, imagination, and play, all while teaching motor skills, coordination, and then some. If you’re considering a ride-on toy, you’ll definitely want to make sure that they’re age-appropriate (but you knew that already), offer a sturdy build, and have a smooth ride, preferably for both indoor and outdoor play. Luckily, our list of ride-on toys for toddlers below have all of that plus the cutest designs ever. Cars, trucks, animals, and beyond—they really thought of everything with these. We even included options for toys that can transform as they grow and can be used along with you as the driver. Keep reading to see them all!

Little Tikes Truck

little tykes blue ride-on truck toy
Little Tikes

This truck from Little Tikes has a drop-down tailgate and a removable floorboard for growing toddlers. With rugged truck tires, matching grill, and opening-and-closing doors, this is the truck for hard-working toddlers and all their cargo.

Little Tikes Truck ($85.19)—Buy Here!

Skip Hop 3-in-1 Unicorn

unicorn 3-in-1 scooter, buggy, and ride-on toy
Skip Hop

From a magical ride-on to a wagon with storage to a glide-along scooter, Eureka Unicorn from Skip Hop is one toy that'll grow with them. The handlebars are adjustable, too! Also available in Darby Dog.

Skip Hop 3-in-1 Unicorn ($46.49)—Buy Here!

Pewi Walking Buddy

two children playing with the pewi toddler ride on toy

For riding, pushing, sitting, and supported walking—this versatile design works with your kiddo’s developmental stages. Help improve their balance, coordination, confidence, strength and spatial awareness. No wonder it has an almost 5-star rating from Amazon reviewers! Available in pink, red, and blue.

Pewi Walking Buddy ($54.95+)—Buy Here!

Retrospec Cricket 2 Balance Bike

light blue tricycle

A well-loved favorite among parents and their littles, the Cricket 2 is a 4-wheel (yes, 4!) balance bike for babes 12-24 months. The non-slip wheels and easy-to-control steering (with built-in limits to avoid sharp turns) make this a sturdy and comfy option for their first bike. Available in multiple colors.

Retrospec Cricket 2 Balance Bike ($49.99)—Buy Here!

Baghera Speedster Ride-On by Pottery Barn Kids

pink toddler ride on car
Pottery Barn Kids

How. Darling. Is. This? We can't get over this 1950's-inspired ride-on car, not to mention the cushy seat and easy steering. It comes in this pink or grey. Is it licensed by Bentley Motors? Of course. 

Baghera Speedster Ride-On by Pottery Barn Kids ($200.00)—Buy Here!

Mercedes G-Wagon Push Car

white ride-on mercedes G-wagon car for toddlers

If your kiddo is more of a modern soul, you can't go wrong with this sleek G-Wagon. It can also be used as a walker or a stroller for you to push. This baby comes equipped with removable safety guardrails, a stable backrest, and a footrest to keep them feeling sturdy and confident. 

Mercedes G-Wagon Push Car ($69.00)—Buy Here!

Wheely Bug Plush Hedgehog

hedgehog toddler ride-on toy

This friend is anything but prickly. Hedgehog is ultra-sturdy and soft, right down to the covered handlebar, so you can worry less about spills and bumps and they can work on their coordination (while having a blast).

Wheely Bug Plush Hedgehog ($93.00)—Buy Here!

smarTrike 3-in-1 T1 Toddler Scooter


The Swiss-designed smarTrike T1 includes a toddler seat, TPR rubber foot deck, hand grips, and rear brake, all made to create a smooth ride for your kiddo. With 3 adjustable stages, the T1 grows with them until they're a full-blown scootin' machine. Available in blue and pink.

smarTrike 3-in-1 T1 Toddler Scooter ($79.99+)—Buy Here!

Little Tikes T-Rex Truck

Little Tikes

Have a dino fan on your hands? The T-Rex Truck from Little Tikes is about as close to dinosaur wrangling as you can get. With options to power it on their own or let you push/pull wagon-style, it's another ride-on toy that'll keep them playing as they get bigger.

Little Tikes T-Rex Truck ($73.48)—Buy Here!

The Original PlasmaCar

little boy riding a red ride-on PlasmaCar toy

For little ones 3+, the PlasmaCar is where it's at. No gears, batteries, or pedals—just their bodyweight works to propel this car with a wiggle of the steering wheel. It's a multiple award-winner for a reason! Available in several colors, too.

The Original PlasmaCar ($84.17)—Buy Here!

Ice Cream Truck

ice cream truck toddler ride-on toy
Spark Create Imagine

This cute ice cream truck features a horn that lights up and makes sounds, a secret compartment with 6 scoops of ice cream, 3 cones, and 3 toppings, and a secret compartment to store it all.

Ice Cream Truck ($39.97)—Buy Here!

Snail Ride-On Buggly-Wuggly

red snail toddler ride-on toy

You won't mind having this bug in your house. This cute ride-on squeaks and beeps as kids ride around the house and hold on to the two sturdy eyes to steer. It's designed to ride smoothly on flat surfaces and even has a storage compartment.

Snail Ride-On Buggly-Wuggly ($25.99)—Buy Here!

Bluey Interactive Ride-On Play Car

Bluey-themed ride on toy for toddlers

Bluey has us all hooked, so you really can't go wrong with the Bluey Ride-On Play Car. It uses a 6V4AH rechargeable battery that can be conveniently charged with the included wall charger and has a max speed of 1.5mph. It's best for little ones 2+.

Bluey Interactive Ride-On Play Car ($119.99)—Buy Here!

Fisher-Price Cruise Along Scooter

teal vespa-inspired toddler ride-on toy

The Cruise Along Scooter from Fisher-Price is a musical ride-on toy scooter with a realistic design, turn-key clicker, and motion-activated learning songs, sounds, and phrases for young kids. 

Fisher-Price Cruise Along Scooter ($29.99)—Buy Here!

'Paw Patrol' Skye's Mighty Jet Ride-On

little girl riding a Paw Patrol themed toddler plane ride-on toy

Inspired by the hit motion picture, Paw Patrol team member Skye is ready to take off on this jet ride-on! There are fun sounds, a super sturdy design, and the wings even fold down during 'taxiing' down the runway. 

'Paw Patrol' Skye's Mighty Jet Ride-On ($27.99)—Buy Here!

Rocket Robot 3-in-1 Ride-On

light green robot-themed toddler ride-on toy

Is it a rocket? Is it a robot? Either way, it's got a comfy seat, a smooth ride, and also comes in red. Whether they use it as a walker, rider, or pulled cart, Rocket Robot delivers.

Rocket Robot 3-in-1 Ride-On ($54.98)—Buy Here!

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