Most parents agree that chore charts are a great way to track kids’ behavior and make sure that what needs to get done, well, gets done. And, what about those rewards? Stickers are usually go-to, but what if you got a little more creative? We’ve come up with 10 unique ideas that encourage quality time for good kids, won’t break the bank, and might just give your kid the nudge he needs to get the work done. Keep reading to see them all.

photo: Jessica Lucia via Flickr

1. Pick a movie. Once your kids hit their chore or behavior goal, let them pick a movie to watch. Throw in some popcorn and they’ll feel like it’s a night at the theater.

2. A trip to the park. If playing at the local park is not in your daily routine, then make it a chore chart reward. Tell your kids if they make their goal, they get an hour of play time at the local park. Make it even better by packing a picnic lunch.

3. Choose what’s for dinner. If your kids satisfy their weekly behavior goal, let them chose what the family eats for dinner one night of the week. It could be as fun as breakfast for dinner, or mac and cheese for everyone.

4. An extra 15 minutes before bedtime. This reward may work best for the school-aged kid. But if you have a young one that’s always begging for a few extra minutes at bedtime, this reward is a great motivator. We also recommend limiting this reward to Friday or Saturday because the school week is tough enough!

photo: Leah Singer

5. Completed chores = ice cream cone. Create a system that allows your kid to earn an ice cream cone. Maybe they complete ten days of chores without being asked, and their reward is a scoop of ice cream at your local ice cream shop.  

6. Chose a family activity. Promote family togetherness while rewarding good behavior. Whether it’s playing a board game, going on a neighborhood hike or playing hide-and-seek in the house, let your kid pick the activity your family will do together.

7. Alone activity with mom or dad. Kids love spending individual special time with parents. When your kid completes a chore or behavior goal, schedule an afternoon or evening activity with mom or dad where the kid and parent go solo. This is a great reward when there are multiple siblings in the house.

photo: Samantha Sophia on Unsplash

8. 30 minutes of extra screen time. This reward will be a favorite goal, especially for the kid that’s always begging for the tablet or iPhone.

9. An extra story at bedtime. Little readers will love this reward! Find more books to at to your list by checking out our ultimate reading list here.

10. No chore of your choice. What’s the best reward for finishing chores? Not doing one! Let your kiddos pick the chore they want to give up for a week (or maybe a day) as a reward for awesome behavior and a perfect score on the chore chart.

—Leah R. Singer

Feature photo: Steven DePolo via Flickr



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