Here’s what makes parents fall hard for the app

When you ask Tinybeans parents what they love most about the app, we bet you’ll get no shortage of responses. As super users, parents always have a lot to say about the features they adore. We managed to narrow it down to the top 5 reasons parents love Tinybeans (it was tough, though!).


They’re able to capture their little one’s life story, right from the start

By adding memories, you’re creating a precious gift of everyday moments, milestones, and family comments to share with your kids one day. It’s not always easy to sit down and update a baby book (even when we swear we’ll get to it at some point), but with Tinybeans, your family’s story is right there, every time you open your albums.

With Tinybeans, there’s no such thing as overposting

There’s no such thing as too many photos or videos of your kids, and anyone you invite to join our Tinybeans albums feels the exact same way. That means you don’t have to think twice about sharing first words, first steps, and everything in between—guilt-free.

Two words: private. Sharing.

Newly posted photos and videos get sent to family and friends via push notification or email (no smartphone required!). Then they can like or comment on your moments via emails, website, or app. That means regardless of how tech-savvy they are, there’s a way for them to get in on the action.

You can create photo books in a snap

Tinybeans lets you easily create baby books and photo albums that your family loves looking back on. They also make the best gift for mom, dad, and grandparents.

Safety & privacy come first with Tinybeans

We’re obsessed with safety and privacy, at work and in our personal lives. Thousands of parents trust Tinybeans with their cherished memories. We keep your kids’ identities safe with an app that puts privacy first. We don’t share your information with anyone, and your memories are stored on our secure server. And we feel really good about that.

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