A mom shared a series of photo poses you can use to announce your baby’s arrival while keeping their face private, and it’s kind of genius

In the digital age, privacy is high on a lot of moms’ minds. Friends and family use social media and other online tools to stay connected, but many of us have good reasons for being hesitant to post our kids on the internet. It’s tough to find a middle ground, but one mom is here to help—she’s sharing poses you can use during a newborn baby photoshoot to get some adorable, sharable shots of your new arrival, all while keeping their face private.

Mom Adelia shared a TikTok video with the caption, “Private but not secret photo ideas for baby announcement.”


photos by the talented Katie Brown #privatenotsecret #newbornphotography #babyannouncement

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She then posted a ton of (absolutely adorable) newborn photos—but her baby’s face is carefully tucked away or facing away from the camera in all of them. She also went the extra mile with a follow-up post:


#privatebutnotasecret #newbornphotography #babyphotoshootideas #greenscreen

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This is especially good advice for any photos that are going on social media. In a recent study by Secure Data Recovery, a whopping 73 percent of parents said they don’t know everyone who views the things they post online—yet 68 percent said they post photos of their kids anyway. Do you really want strangers to have access to photos of your kids?

The study also found that 75 percent of people (three out of every four) think parents overshare about their kids online. Look, we get it. You love your kids and you want to show them off. But it’s so important to do that safely, and that means respecting your kids’ privacy on the internet.

Adelia’s pose suggestions are a great start. But there’s even more you can do—like, ahem, download the Tinybeans app to capture and privately share those adorable everyday moments (what? When there’s an opening, you shoot your shot!). When you use Tinybeans to connect with family and friends and share your kids’ lives, you own all the photos and videos—and you (and only you) have full control over who can access them. Join Tinybeans for free today to give it a try.

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