Hi Barbie! A group of neighbors in Utah turned their entire block into Barbieland for Halloween, and they’ve nailed every detail

2023 really is the year of Barbie. After Greta Gerwig’s movie defined all of our collective summers, we can only imagine how many Barbies, Kens, and Allans we’re going to see this Halloween. But one group of neighbors in South Jordan, Utah took things a step further—they turned their entire block into Barbieland for Halloween, and it is spectacular. In a series of TikTok videos, one of the neighbors has been sharing their progress, and down to every detail, their Barbie theme is perfect.


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Liz T.G.’s clips show all the houses on her block decked out, with each one having a slightly different theme that the neighbors have wholeheartedly embraced. There’s the Barbie Dreamhouse, which features Barbie’s closet on the front porch. Next door is Disco Barbie house, ready for a dance party with a glittering disco ball, DJ table, and a neon sign that says, “Do you guys ever think about dying?”


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Of course, one family embraced the Mojo Dojo Casa House theme, decorating with a cowboy bar, inflatable motorcycle, and a giant horse. And since it’s Halloween and there has to be something scary, one front yard has been turned into a Barbieland cemetery, with graves for Barbie creator Ruth Handler, Sugar Daddy Ken, and the patriarchy.

In follow-up videos, Liz T.G. shares that the neighbors even lit up their displays so the party can continue at night.


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And she teased that someone created Weird Barbie’s house, though she hasn’t shown it yet.


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Since October just started, we’re sure more Barbieland videos will come in the days leading up to Halloween—and we can’t wait to watch them all.

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