Baby shower registries aren’t limited to big box stores these days. In fact, there are many websites where you can register for anything that’s on the internet. So what are the most useful and appreciated baby gifts that you could and should register for? We’ve done our research and come up with 19 ideas that you will actually use and appreciate having after your baby’s arrival.

1. Pregnancy pillow. It’s one of those items you may have felt frivolous buying for yourself, but trust us, it’s worth every extra hour of sleep you’ll recieve.

2. Gift certificates for a local baby store. Sometimes doing the shopping yourself is the fun part: browsing through a store and marveling at the teeny tiny booties, adorable newborn outfits, and sweet nursery accents.

3. House cleaning service (before or after baby comes). Not only will you suddenly feel the need for a pristine house with a newborn around, but also, you’ll be sleep-deprived and short on time.

4. Contribution to a doula service. If you are dreaming of a doula birth, but can’t afford it, this is one way to get the birth you really want.

5. Hiring a photographer for baby pictures. This is a gift you’ll cherish forever.

6. Personalized new mom note cards. When you meet the first nice mom at mom and baby yoga, you’ll thank us for making it easy to keep in touch. Swapping numbers in your phones isn’t always so easy when you’re running off with a hungry newborn.

7. Paying for someone to give a CPR and infant first aid class. You’ll rest easier knowing you have these skills just in case.

8. Prenatal or postnatal massage. Feel free to be specific about the spa and/or masseuse you prefer as well. You deserve it.

9. Gift certificate for a pedicure. Your feet could use the extra massage right now, and you can’t see your own toes for a DIY pedicure anyway.

10. Date night certificate. Feel like you’ll never leave the house after baby? If you’ve got a free dinner for two and babysitting in the books before she arrives, you’ll have extra motivation.

11. Shower saver kit. This tongue-in-cheek gift gives a nod to the fact that finding time for a shower after baby isn’t always easy, but this clever gift grouping will make it doable: a clear plastic shower curtain, bath accessories for mom, and a bouncy seat for baby.

12. Cloth diaper service or a supply of disposable diapers. If there’s one thing you know your baby will use, it’s diapers!

13. Emergency diaper kit to leave in the car. This clever and ever-useful wet bag should include diapers, wipes, plastic baggies, and a clean change of clothes.

14. Meals for a month. Organize a meal train of family and friends to provide simple dinners several days a week for a month.

16. Favorite children’s books. Start building your baby’s library from day one. Books will be treasured forever.

17. Uh-oh kit. Here’s an easy way to ensure you’re stocked with the necessary first aid supplies including a thermometer, gas tablets, teething tablets, baby pain reliever, nail clippers, diaper rash cream, etc.

18. Handmade hats or blankets. If you’ve got relatives or friends that knit, hint that handmade is appreciated.

19. Nursing pillow. If you overlooked this on your registry—don’t. Not only is it good for breastfeeding, bottle-feeding moms find comfort in it as well, and these pillows can be a great spot to prop your baby.

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