Waddle up to this year’s Halloween party in a bump-worthy getup that’s sure to entertain

If you’re rocking a baby bump this Halloween, there’s nothing wrong with throwing on a shirt that says “Exhausted Pregnant Lady Is My Costume” or buying yourself one of those timeless Preggo sweatshirts. But if you want to get a little more DIY about it, we’ve found lots of bump-worthy options—whether you want your belly on full display or prefer a more subtle look. Keep scrolling for some great (and often hilarious) maternity Halloween costumes that are sure to be a hit this year.


The red hoodie looks super comfy, but if you don’t have a bestie who’s a makeup artist you’re probably not attempting this DIY. We’ll still admire it though! The bike handlebars and basket are the icing on this costume.

Kool-Aid Man

This one never gets old, and we’d bet neighborhood parents love the nostalgia hit. The best part? All you need is a Kool-Aid colored t-shirt (red and purple are popular), some face cutouts, and a cardboard brick wall. Oh yeah!

Winnie the Pooh

Head back to the Hundred Acre Wood with this sweet and simple costume. All you need is a cropped red t-shirt over a form-fitting yellow dress. We especially love these beehive buns!


You can literally wear any cozy clothes to become Tom Hanks’s beloved soccer ball from Cast Away—you just need someone to draw Wilson on your bump. Finish the look with a straw headpiece. Hope you and baby find a dessert-ed island to hang around on Halloween, yum.

Bun In the Oven

This one requires a little more work but the payoff is laughter all around. Just wear all black and make a simple black oven from your most recent Amazon box. Don’t forget the bun in your oven!

Monsters Inc

Whoever said baby bumps don’t make the perfect monster eyeball was just plain wrong. This family Monsters, Inc. getup is delightful if you’ve got the energy to craft a giant green Mike Wazowski. Beyond that, just throw on your coziest black leggings and long-sleeve shirt. Le blue hard hat optional.

Thing 1 and Thing 2

Make Dr. Seuss proud with this easy-peasy getup for Halloween. Simple black leggings are paired with a red shirt, blue wig, and DIY “Thing 1” and “Thing 2” cutouts.

Disco Ball

Missed your chance to hit the dance floor at Studio 54? No problem! This DIY disco ball pairs a grey gown with a stretchy sequinned silver belly band and a grey wig. Extra points for the silver hanging loop—it’s all about the details!


This costume is definitely a slam dunk! Grab your coach and put your best bump forward with some athleisure wear, a few sweatbands, and a basketball drawn on your belly.

Ali Wong

Comedian Ali Wong is known for her sassy standup, especially while preggo. All you need to channel your inner funny girl is a leopard print dress, cat-eye glasses, a microphone, and a top knot.

Prego Tomato Sauce

This is a classic, comfy maternity costume idea. Bonus: If you’ve got a big sibling to join in the fun, let them shine as the little meatball that they are.

Marge Gunderson

Fargo fans, this one’s for you. To get into the spirit of Frances McDormand’s iconic expecting police chief, grab yourself a beige or yellow button-up, a Minnesota-worthy parka, and some kind of trapper hat with a fake police badge. Don’t forget some hot cocoa in a coffee cup!

Gumball Machine


Go big with color this year! This easy-to-make gumball costume simply involves gluing copious amounts of pompoms on a white shirt and pairing it with red bottoms. Giant quarter, anyone?


Ready for winter? If you can’t wait for chilly days, then embrace some snowman vibes by attaching oversized pom poms to a white shirt and tying off the look with a festive scarf. You’ll get betting tons of warm hugs with this costume.

Mama Rivera (Coco)

Kids still obsessed with Coco? Mama Rivera is a great way to transition from comfy day wear to a night of trick or treating! A flowy skirt, easy sandals and a pretty embroidered top are all you need to embrace with Dios de los Muertos (or Halloween).

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