Marie Kondo has been an organizing guru for years, but when Netflix debuted not one, but two shows based on her methods, everyone binged watched. Moms everywhere purged their homes as if their life depended on it and took the KonMari method to heart.

If that was you and you’re still hooked on keeping only those things that spark joy, then keep reading to see some of our fave storage solutions that are totally KonMari-compatible.

Kitchen Drawer Organizer

If you've watched Tidying Up, you've probably seen Marie show up with her own box of...boxes. The organizer swears by the technique of using boxes within drawers to help keep items alongside like items for that perfect tidy look. This 8-piece set ($8) of kitchen organizers comes in varying sizes to accommodate all sorts of baubles, but more importantly to keep everything organized. Perfect for your bathroom drawers, too!

Foldable Drawer Boxes

Once you've mastered the KonMari folding method, you're going to need to plenty of space to keep those beautifully folded clothes. If your drawer system is lacking, then these foldable drawer boxes ($27) can keep you on track. They're great for organizing baby and kid clothes since they're too small to stand up in large drawers, and to keep undergarments tidy, too.

Delta Children MySize 9 Bin Plastic Toy Organizer

If this storage solution looks familiar, it's because it actually made an appearance on the first episode of Tidying Up with Marie Kondo! The toy organizer ($58) comes with nine bins and is available in six different colors to match your decor, while also providing some major functionality. 

Boxbox Plastic Storage

Drawers can quickly become a haven for mess, especially when you have a junk drawer––wait, isn't that a "bad word" in Marie Kondo's world? Instead of tossing pens, keys and random objects into the abyss, stock up on simple clear boxes like these. For $14 you'll get a pack of 10 that can wrangle all types of clutter.

Battery Organizer

Is it us, or does this battery organizer ($18) spark some major joy? With room to store 82 batteries in all shapes and sizes, this holder not only keeps them from accidentally de-charging, but you can also use the detachable battery tester to make sure you're only keeping the ones that actually work.

Sterilite Stacking Drawers

Whether you use them to organize shoes, small toys or garage essentials, this six-pack of stacking drawers ($45) will keep your home looking clutter-free. The stacking features means you'll have ample floor space, while the clear plastic keeps everything within eyesight.

Flex Totes

Whether you're storing away sweaters for the summer or just trying to organize the linen closet, flex totes ($20) like these will get it done. The clear plastic panels are Marie Kondo-approved and makes finding what you need a cinch! The top zipper makes for easy access and the huge size means these little bags can pack it all in.

Air-Tight Food Storage Containers

Tired of never knowing what you have in the pantry? Make grocery shopping more enjoyable and cost-effective by keeping snacks and other foods in clear containers in your pantry. This airtight version ($30) not only looks sharp, but it's also clear and will keep your food fresh longer than a toddler who doesn't know how to close a bag to save their life!

Clear 70 Quart Ultra Latch Box

Even if you follow Kondo's method to a T, we all still have items that call for storage throughout the year. These four-pack of clear latch boxes ($89) make great garage storage because they are large, clear and all match. Nothing says tidy like matchy-matchy boxes!

Sterilite 6-Quart Boxes (Pack of 12)

This basic 6-quart size clear box is a must when it comes to organizing. There are so many uses that you won't have a hard time using the entire 12-pack ($31) for things like shoes, craft supplies, toys and pretty much anything.


––Karly Wood

Featured photo: Canva



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