These heroines are channeling some serious Barbie energy

This is the summer of girl power. We still can’t stop thinking (or talking) about the Barbie movie, and Disney+ is now supplying us with a new special that’s got us feeling just as charged up: LEGO Disney Princess: The Castle Quest. That’s right—it’s time to move on from Batman and Star Wars LEGO movies. The Disney princesses are the newest characters to get the block treatment, and we can’t wait to see these tiara-wearing baddies take on Gaston.

The trailer for the movie reveals that Gaston, the self-proclaimed “greatest hunter in the land” has captured King Triton from The Little Mermaid and stolen his magical trident. Now he plans to use the “big fork” to become “ruler of land and oceans.”

It’s good to see that Gaston’s ego is still intact after all these years—and all the beatings he’s taken in various movies and shows. Hopefully, he’s ready for another one, because he’s obviously not going to take over the world without a fight. Ariel, Snow White, Tiana, Rapunzel, and Moana are ready to come to King Triton’s rescue. These princesses no longer need rescuing—they are the rescuers. Snow White even has an axe now, for some reason? Hey, we support it. The trailer shows them banding together on an epic journey, and it promises all the girl power we’re been craving.

LEGO Disney Princess: The Castle Quest premieres on Disney+ on Friday, Aug. 18.

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