We’ve rounded up the best educational toys that inquisitive young minds will appreciate this holiday season.

As the festive season quickly approaches (how is it already November?), the hunt for the ultimate kids’ presents is in full swing.

Parents, we know that finding the right toys for the young adventurers in your life is more than just a token of your affection—these gifts are an opportunity to fuel their imagination, encourage their passions, and foster meaningful growth.

So if you’re on a mission this holiday season to scope out the best educational toys that perfectly balance learning with fun, look no further. The LeapFrog® Magic Adventures™ educational-based collection is bound to light up your child’s eyes with wonder through globe-trotting expeditions, stargazing adventures, and microscopic journeys.

Keep reading to discover top toys that’ll open the doors to learning and curiosity!

Magic Adventures™ Globe: Explore the World from Home


Young explorers can embark on the ultimate adventure with this talking globe. With over 600 custom BBC videos to watch, your child will have their very own world-class tour guide at their fingertips. By tapping the globe’s interactive stylus, they can explore countries and capitals, and delve into fascinating facts about different cultures, animals, languages, habitats, and more. It’s a gift that seamlessly introduces them to a world they’ve never seen before.


Magic Adventures™ Telescope: A Window to the Universe


Imagine exploring the universe with your child—right from their bedroom window. The Magic Adventures™ Telescope will give them an up-close view (110x magnification, actually!) of nature’s beauty during the day and celestial wonders at night. The best part? They can capture and save what they see, and also view over 100 NASA videos and images. It’s a ticket straight to the cosmos.


Magic Adventures™ Microscope: A Tiny World of Wonders


For the budding scientists and explorers in your life, the Magic Adventures™ Microscope is an absolute must-have. With up to 200x magnification, it brings the microscopic world to life. They can prepare their own samples using reusable slides or get a peek at larger samples. To make learning even more fun, kids can take the “What’s This?” quiz and play four action-packed games across 24 levels. The possibilities for discovery and learning are endless.


Explore the entire LeapFrog® Magic Adventures™ collection for more educational toys that any child in your life will love.

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