To your kids, a sofa is just indoor playground equipment. You can make forts, build obstacle courses, create slides and more. But not every parent wants the communal couch used for horseplay. And even if they’re not actively building something out of your living room furniture, kiddos are still tough on couches. What is that “run, jump, land on their knees on the cushion” thing all kids do? And why? The point is, there’s only so much our sofas can take and still remain standing. And that’s exactly why we’re singing the kids play couch praises.

Kids play couches let little ones use their imagination with built-for-them sofas. Not only do they provide a designated area for your minis to get their wiggles out, but they also add a fun and playful element to any room. And they’re not just a piece of furniture. They can configure to almost anything they can dream up thanks to moveable cushions and columns. From the original Nugget to a new Insta-favorite The Figgy to the unlimited play combinations of The Hideout, here are the best play couches for kids. Tumble away!

The Nugget


The first. The original. The gold standard. The Nugget arrives in 4 simple pieces: 2 wedge pillows, a sturdy base pillow and a soft cushion. It's a straightforward approach that lets you bend, fold and rearrange this play couch into (at last count) 25 or more configurations. Likely the most adaptive piece of furniture you'll own, the Nugget morphs from fort to lounger with ease, and its supportive base means it easily converts into a bed or naptime cozy corner. It comes in 22 colors, so you can blend this chic piece in with your decor.

The Nugget Original ($249.00)—Shop Here!

The Hideout


The Hideout from Nurture& isn't just a couch. It's a castle, a couch, a bridge, and more. One of the first "luxury play couches" made from vegan leather and CertiPUR-US and OEKO-TEX certified foam. Available in grey, ivory, or olive (so it'll match any room in your house), it comes with 4 base cushions, 2 supportive triangles, and the optional upgrade option of two cushioned columns.

The Hideout ($249.00)—Shop Here!

The Figgy

The Figgy

Marketed as a "home adventure kit," The Figgy currently comes in five colors and features four base cushions and two rectangular cushions. You can build on this play set/sofa set by ordering extra rectangular cushions separately or adding wedges to your set. The Figgy has a super soft touch with a waterproof lining for extra protection (but if it does get dirty, just pop it in the wash) and is made from low-VOC foam.

The Figgy ($379.00)—Shop Here!

Foamnasium Gymnasium Playset


Easy to build (thanks to the attached handles) and easy to clean (thanks to the durable cushion covers), this gymnasium setup is ideal for little climbers and tumblers. If bright hues aren't what you're looking for, the Foamnasium comes in three other color combinations.

Foamnasium Gymnasium Playset ($199.00)—Shop Here!

Barumba Play Couch

Barumba Play

The Barumba play couch comes with 11 pieces, but it's the same size as a regular play couch so that one is all you need to make endless imaginative builds. The pieces are intentionally kid-sized so little ones can do the building. Waterproof liners are included and it comes in several neutral hues to match any space.

The Barumba Play Couch ($689.00)—Shop Here!

Member's Mark Kids Explorer Sofa

Sam's Club

Kids play couches can come at a hefty price, which is why we love the Explorer as a more affordable option. With two triangle pillows to lean on (or build with), a base level and a "comfort" level, this set comes in 9 hues and features a secret pocket. If you're looking to fill a playroom or build a bigger lounge area, you can't beat this price tag.

Member's Mark Kids Explorer Sofa ($179.98)—Shop Here!

Leo Mat

Leo Mat

This foldable sofa set distinguishes itself from the competition by billing itself as a mat. Its unique tri fold design means it folds up more compactly than its competitors (ideal for families with limited space!). Each set is sold in two pieces (the tri fold mat and a foam wedge pillow) in five solid colors and nine patterns. The bold patterns in this line help hide dirt and stains between washes.

Leo Mat ($399.00)—Shop Here!

The Joey

Roo & You

Modeled after the oversized loungers used in private home theaters, The Joey Theater Set is great for school-aged gamers but still offers fun shapes and sizes for younger kids in the house to build with. You can get a similar effect by adding a Rocker Set to a regular Joey. The Joey comes with a half-moon armrest, perfect for the family that needs a little buffer between siblings.

The Joey Theater Set ($453.00)—Shop Here!

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