Even a picky eater can’t pass up these kid-friendly charcuterie boards

If ever there was a food trend that was totally on point for toddlers, it’s a kid charcuterie board. Bite-sized morsels you can nosh throughout the day? If that doesn’t describe a toddler’s favorite way to eat, then we don’t know what does. Next time your tot gets hungry, set one of these bad boys on the table and watch how quickly the food disappears. Note that all boards should be taken purely as pairing inspiration; you’ll want to go ahead and cut foods, like grapes, to the appropriate size(s) to avoid choking hazards. (We love this guide, in particular.)

Fun Finger Foods

No one is more on the go than a toddler, so grabable foods are a must! This cute array tosses in all the goodies, from sliced cheese and puffs to dips like hummus and yogurt for fruit and veggies. There’s bound to be something for everyone!


Disney Kids Charcuterie Board

Pretty much any toddler who loves a good Disney sesh will go gaga for this whimsical spread. Grab some Disney cookie cutters then use them on bread, cheese, and bologna to make this pink-themed board. Pair with peanut butter, apples, strawberries, and chocolate-covered pretzels then pop on your fave Disney flick!


Peanut Butter & Jelly Platter

The Baker Mama

Won’t you feel like a superstar parent when you set out this kid-approved snack board designed by The Baker Mama. With PB&J as the centerpiece, you can’t go wrong, but you can always get creative with different jam and butter sandwich combos. (p.s. Leave out the popcorn if you have extra little ones.)


Cheese & Cracker Crowd-Pleaser

Taming Twins

A simple kid favorite—cheese and crackers—are the building blocks of this adorable charcuterie board designed by Sarah at Taming Twins. Assemble it for snack time or as a dinner precursor to hold off the witching-hour hangries. 


Taste the Rainbow

Raising Whasians

Christie at Raising Whasians is all about helping kids eat a rainbow of healthy fruits and veggies. We adore her colorful spread, which has a little something for every toddler in your life. (Just avoid the whole almonds with little kids.)


Bountiful Breakfast Board

Valentina's Corner

If breakfast isn’t already your toddler's favorite meal of the day, it will be after you assemble this board dreamed up by Valentina of Valentina’s Corner. She’s piled on tot faves alongside fluffy pancakes and syrup, so the whole family can start the day off on the right foot. 


Dip-able Desserts

A Hundred Affections

Parents can always count on toddlers to love dips. Whether it’s fresh veggies paired with Ranch or apples alongside peanut butter, if they can dunk it, they’ll eat it. But they won’t need much convincing to chomp on fruits and crackers that are part of this sweet board by Kate at A Hundred Affections

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Holiday Themed Toddler Charcuterie Boards


Boo! This not-so-scary Halloween charcuterie board will have your little ghosts chomping for snacks. As soon as Trader Joe’s Halloween products hit the shelves, grab the grocer’s chocolate mousse pumpkins, fall leaves chips, ghosts and bats chips, and pumpkin cookies to whip up this boo-tiful board of snacks. (Again, no popcorn for really wee ones.)


Valentine’s Day

Equal parts sweet and savory, this Valentine’s Day kids’ charcuterie board is filled with tons of flavor in the form of fruit, cheese, pretzels, salami, gummies, and chocolate-covered goodies. Up the ante and serve in a sweet baking dish with heart-shaped openings!


St. Patrick’s Day

Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in style! This verdant snack tray is jammed with green apples, waffles, cucumbers, spinach chips, and more. Normally kiddos might be turned off by such a healthy-looking array, but make it all about the Leprechauns and watch the magic happen!



A genius way to use your leftover egg cartons and plastic eggs, this toddler charcuterie “board” is beyond sweet for Easter! Just split your eggs in half and fill them with nibbles like small mandarin orange slices, cut-up melon, blueberries, animal crackers, and any other favorite for a festive snack time.

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