Kid empties the Halloween candy from a neighbor’s bowl into his bag, then has a change of heart

When Halloween arrives, you know there’s bound to be some mischief. So I wasn’t entirely surprised when I opened my front door that night to see my candy bowl completely—and very suddenly—empty. To be fair, this was after some light rain had cleared the street of most trick-or-treaters and the youngest had already made the rounds. I was debating closing up shop anyway, but the quickness with which someone had boosted the bars was impressive. I never saw the culprit, but I did shout “Happy Halloween!” into the night air.

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Was a candy theft ideal? Nope. But, hey, we all make mistakes—especially as kids. What did surprise me was what appeared on my porch the next evening: a plastic bag filled with the stolen loot (and what looked like some extra treats thrown in). Stapled to it was the following handwritten note:

“Hello, I am the kid that took all of your candy. After thinking it over I want to apologize. Because it was late and no one else was out. I thought it was ok. It was not.

I’m sure you thought it was fine since you laughed and wished me happy Halloween. But I took the candy before you said it was fine. So I am sorry and I’d like to give the candy back. Maybe you can give it to a kid who is more deserving.”

A tiny Christmas Halloween miracle! I have never been more proud of—and also a bit heartbroken for—a kid who wasn’t mine. I assume a parent had something to do with this sudden introspective turn, but I’ll never know for sure.

What I do hope is that this kid knows how good it can feel to right a wrong. I hope they don’t think they’re bad—simply that they made a not-so-great choice. They do deserve to get their fill and have fun and run wild. Hopefully, next year they’ll come back for more.

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