This pumpkin decoration from Target is not child-friendly

If you’re doing any shopping for Halloween decorations at Target, you might want to watch this video first. A mom picked up what looked like a super cute, innocent singing pumpkin decoration. But once she got it home and set it up, she realized that the lyrics it sings are a little bit, um, questionable.

In a viral TikTok video posted by a mom named Brooke, the pumpkin can be heard singing its song while her young daughter is playing nearby.

“This singing pumpkin had plans we didn’t need to hear,” she wrote over the video.

In the background, you can hear the pumpkin singing lines like, “I’ll be wicked for one night,” “til morning it will just be us,” “spoil you with my roasted pumpkin seeds,” and, “How would you like to scream all night?”

Brooke walks over to it with the camera to show that it’s pretty innocent looking—just a regular, orange pumpkin with an LED face that makes it look like it’s singing.

“This is very inappropriate,” she says as she spins it around to find the volume control. She turns it all the way down, saying, “I don’t know. We bought it from Target. We’ll let him just lip-sync.”

It’s definitely a head-scratcher. Maybe it’s supposed to be funny? But the joke falls pretty flat since Halloween is definitely a family holiday (even though most of those jokes would go right over kids’ heads like they seemed to go over Brooke’s daughter’s). Either way, it’s a good warning to test out decorations in the store before you take them home. While most of Target’s Halloween finds are great, this one can probably be left on the shelf.

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