Time-saving hacks for busy moms who deserve a break

Ah, busy moms! The eternal jugglers of work, home, and a million other things. It’s a wonder how you manage to do it all in one day. Don’t worry moms; we know exactly how it feels. We also know a few ways (read: hacks) to stretch out those hours in the day and save some time. And no, we’re not going to suggest hiring a nanny or quitting your job (although if either of those is a good option for you and your family, we are here for it!). We’re sharing some of our favorite totally doable tricks to make you feel like your head isn’t spinning. There are some seriously brilliant tips for busy moms to save time out there. First off, remember it’s not about doing it all yourself; it’s about getting it done efficiently. Repeat that over and over when you’re tempted to forgo sleeping or eating or thinking straight in favor of doing it all. There. Now that we have that out of the way…here are a few of our favorite tips for busy moms to make it all happen!

HP Instant Ink is a Lifesaver

HP Instant Ink

With HP Instant Ink, busy moms can say “see ya!” to the stress of running out of ink in the middle of printing out important school projects, permission slips, or even work documents. And don’t even get us started on the hundreds of times a month we want to immediately print pictures of our families (maybe not “hundreds” but it’s a lot). Aside from getting our oil changed, going printer ink shopping is one of the absolute last things we want to do.

It’s super simple. Sign up and pick a plan (based on how often you print, not how much ink you use. Plans start as low as $0.99/month, too.). Print whatever you want (every page costs the same, so you can print high-res photos for the same price as black and color documents!). Don’t sweat running out, because your printer detects when you're low on ink or toner and automatically ships more when you need it. Oh, and you can easily recycle the cartridges thanks to the pre-paid return envelope, and you can cancel or change your plan anytime. HP Instant Ink $10 Credit—Check Out Plans Here!

Meal Prep for the Week


We know you’ve seen this idea, but it truly does save us so much time during the week (even if we’re having to fight skipping it on the weekend). Or, don’t worry about prepping so much as just planning out what you’ll be making or ordering for the upcoming week’s dinners! (And hey, you can print up the menu and pop it on the fridge since you’ll have worry-free printer ink refills, right? No more answering “Mom, what’s for dinner?”; just tap the menu.)

Grocery Delivery Apps are There for a Reason


Do you pay a premium for these services? Yes. There are possible delivery fees and definitely tips, but if you have the room in your monthly budget, the time savings can make it fully worth it. (Hint: we definitely recommend making notes and being as specific as you need to be when ordering. Believe it or not, your shopper will appreciate knowing exactly what you want!)

Rotate Childcare with Family and/or Friends


If there’s the option to trade off childcare, do it! It’s totally possible that you have friends, family, or neighbors that have schedules that jive with yours so you can switch off whose house the kids are at. If they’re working while you have down time, kiddos at your place. If you have to do softball practice 3 times a week while your friends/family/neighbors are at home and available, see about leaving your non-softball-players with them. It’s cost-efficient, great for the kids, and a win-win for everyone!

Automate Bills


Have you ever noticed that for some reason it requires getting through 7 different screens just to pay your cell phone bill? There are only so many times we can “Confirm” we want to submit our payment. Using autopay is ultra-easy, plus it usually comes with the option of paperless billing, so it’s one last piece of mail to toss.

We know we’ll never feel completely on top of everything. And that’s completely okay. You’re already supermom. But with these easy and fast tips, you can definitely breathe a little easier!


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