From handheld pinball games to tiny tattoos to crayons you can wear on your fingers, these stocking stuffer ideas for kids may be the biggest hit on Christmas morning.

This year, fight the urge to wait until the last minute to shop for the smaller gifts on your list. To help, we’ve carefully curated a list of the best stocking stuffer ideas for kids. This treasure trove of doodads, trinkets, and mini-gifts is so good that this year’s stocking stuffers for kids may just upstage the fancy-wrapped presents under the tree. From brain busters to keep your crew engaged through the holiday break to sweet treats, this list proves what everybody already knows—tiny stuff is cool! Also, don’t miss our gift guides for kids of all ages, like the hard-to-buy-for-tweens, energetic preschoolers, and grade school kids. Ho, ho, ho!

Handheld Wooden Pinball Machine

Little ones who need to keep their hands busy will love this too-cute pocket-sized pinball machine. 

Handheld Wooden Pinball Machine ($13)—Buy Here!

Games on the Go!

Games on the Go stocking stuffer

This fun set includes a ton of games like Mini-Snap, Rhyme Time, and Name That Tune that are perfect for your next road trip or flight to visit the grandparents. 

Games on the Go! ($7)—Buy Here!

Get Lost Camping Survival Kit

camping survival kit stocking stuffer for kids

Got a little adventurer on your list? This kit comes with a baseplate field compass, a collapsible flatware set, a flint striker, and a compact travel memo book. 

Get Lost Camping Survival Kit ($35)—Buy Here!

Kraft Macaroni and Cheese Gummies

macaroni and cheese gummies stocking stuffer for kids

This stocking stuffer for kids is certain to get some laughs on Christmas morning. Don't worry, they are fruit flavored!

Kraft Macaroni and Cheese Gummies ($21)—Buy Here!

OOLY Art Stocking Stuffer Kit

Your little crafter will go bonkers for this kit that's full of scented gel pens, temporary tattoos, adorable erasers, and so much more. 

OOLY Art Stocking Stuffer Kit ($48)—Buy Here!

Trolls Band Together Mineez 2-Pack

trolls band together mineez stocking stuffer for kids

These blind bags are super fun to open and you have over 100 trolls to collect. 

Trolls Band Together Mineez 2-Pack ($5)—Buy Here!

BonBon's Swedish Fish

swedish fish stocking stuffer

Your favorite candy just got an upgrade! These little swimmers have natural colors and come in sweet and sour flavors or a variety pack if you can't decide. 

BonBon's Swedish Fish ($8)—Buy Here!

Fizz & Sparkle Sensory Play Potions

Uncommon Goods has the best stuff and this sensory play kit is top of our list. Glitter, bubbles, and positive affirmations make it a winner. 

Fizz & Sparkle Sensory Play Potions ($15)—Buy Here!

YuMe Toys Jujutsu Kaizen Blind Bags

YuMe Toys Jujutsu Kaizen Blind Bags stocking suffer

Got an anime or manga fan on your list? These fun blind bags come with an origami tutorial along with one of 8 figures to collect—a perfect stocking stuffer idea for kids.

YuMe Toys Jujutsu Kaizen Blind Bags ($27)—Buy Here!

Overrated vs Underrated Social Game

Overrated vs Underrated game stocking stuffer

It’s time to judge your friends’ taste on 300 different things, from classic rock bands to avocado toast.

Overrated vs Underrated Social Game ($15)—Buy Here!

Emergency Confetti Celebration Kit

There's always a need to have some confetti on hand. You'll get two confetti poppers with biodegradable confetti perfect for any celebration. 

Emergency Confetti Celebration Kit ($20)—Buy Here!

LEGO Marvel Minifigures

lego marvel minifigures stocking stuffer for kids

With 12 characters to collect, you might just want to pick up a few of these blind bag toys.

LEGO Marvel Minifigures ($5)—Buy Here!

Lucky Tickets for Kids

Lucky Tickets for Kids stocking stuffer

The twelve shining tickets inside this booklet are redeemable for fun surprises like dessert for breakfast or an escape from chores for a day. A perfect stocking stuffer for kids. 

Lucky Tickets for Kids ($10)—Buy Here!

Ghostbusters: Mini Ghost Trap

Kids can search for things that go bump in the night with this replica ghost trap with lights and sounds. 

Ghostbusters: Mini Ghost Trap ($12)—Buy Here!

Heroes of Goo Jit Zu

Heroes of Goo Jit Zu stocking stuffer

Choose your favorite character from the Deep Goo Sea and see how they can stretch up to three times their size!

Heroes of Goo Jit Zu ($12)—Buy Here!

Hot Wheels Barbie Corvette

Hot Wheels Barbie Corvette stocking stuffer

Set off on your own Barbie adventure with this replica car just like the one from the movie. 

Hot Wheels Barbie Corvette ($8)—Buy Here!

Tattly Tiny Funner Tattoo Tin

Tattly Tiny Funner Tattoo Tin stocking stuffer

Your little one will be too cool for school with these cute mini tattoos. 

Tattly Tiny Funner Tattoo Tin ($15)—Buy Here!

Crayola Spa-Ghetti Soap

This tea tree-scented soap that looks like pasta makes bathtime fun. 

Crayola Spa-Ghetti Soap ($6)—Buy Here!

Plus-Plus Axolotl

Plus-Plus Axolotl stocking stuffer

Assemble this adorable amphibian and you'll see that he glows in the dark! 

Plus-Plus Axolotl ($8)—Buy Here!

Baby BLU 360° Blue & Red Light Toothbrush

Go Smile

We don't know about you, but we grew up with toothbrushes in our stockings. For kiddos 3-8, this is a total upgrade. Available in several characters, it's fun to use and utilizes red light for circulation and blue light to kill germs and lets them brush all their teeth at once.

Baby BLU 360° Blue & Red Light Toothbrush ($48.30)—Buy Here!

Hey Champ Candy Bars

Hey Champ Candy Bars stocking stuffer

This six-pack gets you two of each of the three flavors: pretzel, miso, and coconut. 

Hey Champ Candy Bars ($24)—Buy Here! 

UNO Minecraft

UNO Minecraft stocking stuffer for kids

You'll love this fun take on the classic UNO game with a Minecraft theme. 

UNO Minecraft ($11)—Buy Here!

Lip Smacker Lippy Pal Unicorn

Lip Smacker Lippy Pal Unicorn stocking stuffer

This lippy pal packs away your lip gloss in a cute carrier. 

Lip Smacker Lippy Pal Unicorn($4)—Buy Here!

Heart Ring Crayons

As functional as they are cute, these heart ring crayons will top the list of stocking stuffers they love. 

Heart Ring Crayons ($5)—Buy Here!

Tops Malibu Deluxe Surprise Ball Orange

Unwind colorful crepe paper ribbons and discover vintage-inspired toys, gifts, and keepsakes in this fun orange shape. 

Tops Malibu Deluxe Surprise Ball Orange ($24.50)—Buy Here!

Rotten Gummy Worms

Rotten Gummy Worms stocking stuffer

With 60% less sugar and a 100% compostable bag, these gummy worms are a choice you can feel good about (plus, they're pretty tasty!). 

Rotten Gummy Worms ($29 for 8 bags)—Buy Here!

Cocofloss Happiness Set

Cocofloss Happiness Set stocking stuffer

Kids will get excited to floss when they are given this colorful set with a fruity fragrance. 

Cocofloss Happiness Set ($36)—Buy Here!

Olio e Osso Bright & Light Balms

Olio e Osso Bright & Light Balms stocking stuffers

Kids into beauty will love these balms that do double duty on lips and cheeks with just the right amount of color. 

Olio e Osso Bright & Light Balms ($28)—Buy Here!

Welly Bravery Bandages

Pop this tin in their stocking and they'll love carrying it around to school and after school sports. 

Welly Bravery Bandages ($7)—Buy Here!

Kwik Stix Holiday Edition Paint Pens

Kwik Stix Holiday Edition Paint Pens stocking stuffer

These washable paints dry quickly and don't require a paint brush. 

Kwik Stix Holiday Edition Paint Pens ($16)—Buy Here!

Bizyboo Busy Bags

Bizzyboo Busy Bags stocking stuffer

Can you find all the hidden characters? These busy bags are perfect to bring along when you need a non-messy toy. 

Bizyboo Busy Bags ($13)—Buy Here!

GooToobz Gamers

GooToobz Gamers stocking stuffers

This fun sensory toy looks like a video game but it's full of squishy goo. A stocking stuffer idea they'll love!

GooToobz Gamers ($8)—Buy Here!

Mini Crystal Ball

Mini Crystal Ball stocking stuffers

Wave your hand over this teeny, tiny crystal ball and reveal one of 15 responses to help guide your future. 

Mini Crystal Ball ($11)—Buy Here!

Noshinku Pocket Natural Hand Sanitizer

These refillable sanitizers come with four different scents to choose from. 

Noshinku Pocket Natural Hand Sanitizer ($34 for 4-pack)—Buy Here!

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