20 Dazzling Holiday Charcuterie Boards to Make This Year

This Christmas charcuterie board is a great holiday charcuterie board Twelve on Main

There’s nothing like bringing a loaded charcuterie board filled with holiday treats or seasonal foods to your gathering

The holidays, and all the tasty food that goes along with them, have arrived. And since gathering with family and friends are back in full force, it’s the perfect chance to whip up an epic holiday charcuterie board (if you’re looking for just dessert charcuterie boards, we’ve got you covered!). From waffle and bagel boards to Christmas cocoa, these holiday charcuterie board ideas are great for gatherings of any size.

Thanksgiving Charcuterie Boards

Turkey Charcuterie

It just got so much easier to get your littles to eat fruit this holiday! Arrange layers of Sugar Bowl Bakery’s Pumpkin Spice and regular Madeleines, Palmiers, Brownie Bites, and fresh fruit to form a turkey. Don’t forget the Nutella for dipping!

Friendsgiving Charcuterie Board

There’s something for all your friends on this Friendsgiving board! We especially love the spelling out of this unofficial (but just as important) holiday.

Thanksgiving Snack Board

holiday charcuterie boards
Passion for Savings

Waiting for Thanksgiving dinner to be ready can be hard! This ultimate snack board from Passion for Savings makes biding the time until the turkey is ready a breeze, with plenty of fruit, crackers, and cheese that looks just as pretty as they are tasty.

Fall-Themed Charcuterie Boards

Perfect Fall Charcuterie Board

Tidy Mom

Can we all just raise a hand for the deliciousness that is a cheese ball? This fabulous fall board by Tidy Mom effortlessly pairs our guilty-pleasure snacks with tasty treats no one can turn down.

Fall Apple & Cheese Board

Bless This Mess Please

Simple meets savory and sweet with this gorgeous fall apple and cheese board by Bless This Mess Please. We love how there's something for even the pickiest of eaters while remaining festive and delicious.

Autumn Charcuterie Board

holiday charcuterie boards
Healthy Little Vittles

Hello, autumn! Perfect for Thanksgiving, this smorgasbord of fall treats from Healthy Little Vittlesย brings healthy snacks and a few hidden treats to your family and friends with plenty of eye-popping appeal.

Fall Dessert Charcuterie Board

Live to Sweet

With gatherings happening on a smaller level this year, this fall dessert board is perfect for avoiding full-size sweets. Some demi-desserts, sauces, and fruit are all you need to whip up this choice charcuterie board by Live to Sweet.

Harvest Charcuterie Board

Number 2 Pencil

There's a little bit of something for everyone with this cheery charcuterie board by Number 2 Pencil. We love that the look embraces the feeling of "harvest" with plenty of fruits, cheese and nuts.

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Holiday Charcuterie Boards

Waffle Breakfast Board

waffle breakfast board
Sandra's Easy Cooking

Whether you're hosting a small family brunch or just want to make breakfast special with your immediate fam, Sandra's Easy Cooking waffle board is next level. Pack it with plenty of waffles, toppings and a side of fruit. Breakfast is served!

Epic Cinnamon Roll Board

Reluctant Entertainer

Is this not the most gorgeous cinnamon roll board you've ever seen? Perfect for kiddos who want to DIY their own Cinnabon, we love how this charcuterie from the Reluctant Entertainer to see all the assembly details. also packs a punch with other breakfast faves for the adults.

Bagel Holiday Charcuterie

bagel holiday charcuterie board
Sandra's Easy Cooking

Bagels are the perfect breakfast for busy mornings, especially when laid out on a fabulous board. Add a variety of flavors, plenty of schmear, and all the fun extras that will make your breakfast extra festive, just like this board from Sandra's Easy Cooking.

Winter White Cheeseboard

Fashionable Hostess

Beautifully simple and elegant, Fashionable Hostess'ย winter white cheeseboard brings all the feels. The lovely colors and smooth textured foods make us want to dive right in!

Holiday Charcuterie Board

Holiday Charcuterie Board
Twelve on Main

This rustic-toned holiday charcuterie board from Twelve on Main is major eye candy! Each item perfectly represents that winter season, and the gorgeous layout makes it the perfect fit for noshing on while everyone opens gifts.

Christmas Dessert Board

holiday charcuterie board
The Wiegands

It's time to get your hot cocoa on! Great for post-dinner dessert, this Christmas dessert board by The Wiegands is loaded with chocolatey treats, peppermint, and lovely greenery for the ultimate holiday vibe.

Candy Cane Treat Board

candy cane treat board
@Ashleymurphyfamily via Instagram

It's peppermint time! This candy cane-shaped board is packed with wintery treats like Hershey's kisses, chocolate, and tasty baked goods from Sugar Bowl Bakery like Madeleines and brownie bites.

Holiday Candy Board

holiday charcuterie board
An Indigo Day

One of the best parts about the holidays is the candy! Load up all the goodies you've been gifted this season on this ultimate candy board from An Indigo Day that's just what your sweet tooth ordered.

Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day Grazing Board

valentine's day dessert charcuterie
Domestikated Life

Who needs a fancy dinner when you can dig into this Valentine's Day Grazing board from Domestikated Life? Packed with salty and sweet treats, the colorful candies tie in the holiday of love perfectly.

St. Patrick’s Day

Rainbow Board

rainbow dessert charcuterie board
Jenny Cookies

You can truly taste the rainbow with this colorful dessert charcuterie board from Jenny Cookies. Sweet circular cookies are paired with coordinating sprinkles and candy for an eye-popping dessert you won't be able to pass up.

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Halloween Charcuterie Boards

Spooky Halloween Board

halloween charcuterie board

You don't have to make everything from scratch to make an adorable dessert board like this one from SoCal Cutie. This Halloween version uses store-bought marshmallows, madeleine cookies, and brownie bites that are transformed with a little creativity. It's sweet, and not too spooky!

Halloween Sweet Treats Board

Sugar Bowl Bakery

It's officially candy season with this treat board! Whether you're hosting a Halloween bash or staying home in lieu of trick or treating, this cute board from Sugar Bowl Bakery packs in tasty options like Madeleine cookies, popcorn, and candy. Don't forget the cobwebs!






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