Try out these 14 simple, family-friendly crafts that are perfect for Hanukkah

There’s only so much “Dreidel, Dreidel” a kid can play to celebrate each Hanukkah season. Make the Festival of Lights a little more fun with these easy Hanukkah crafts for kids. From a gold dinosaur menorah and “Menorahs By Mail” to pop-up cards and kindness chains—here are some creative ways to keep your little artists busy all eight nights.

Star of David Collage

Use all different shades and patterns of blue paper to decorate this Star of David. Take creative license and put your unique flair on this Hanukkah craft! Hang it in a window on a hook or wherever it fits best.

Giant Menorah

Make this giant menorah to display in a wide window or a big space. Let your kiddos get creative with the decorating. Use any paint colors and even add jewels (or glitter if you are brave) if you'd like.

Dreidel Pop-Up Card

Hanukkah Crafts
MadCrafty on Youtube

Make your holiday cards stand out from the rest with this dreidel pop-up card that's way easier to make than it looks! All you need is cardstock paper, scissors, and watercolor paint. Get the simple instructions at Madcrafty on Youtube

Make an 8 Nights of Kindness Paper Chain

In Judaism, Tikkun Olam means "repairing the world through acts of kindness"—and it's one of the most important Jewish principles. This simple paper chain garland combines Tikkun Olam with the eight nights of Hanukkah—each link of the chain contains a simple act of kindness you and your kids can do each day. Get the instructions (and the free printable) at

Menorah By Mail

Hanukkah crafts
Melissa Heckscher

Got loved ones who celebrate Hanukkah far, far away? We love this idea from Martha Stewart magazine, which lets you send a mailable "menorah" with gifts for all eight nights of Hanukkah. All you need is a business-sized envelope to decorate as the menorah, with eight smaller envelopes to go inside (or make your own envelopes, as we did!). Your kids can put small gifts or sweet messages inside each little envelope.

Baby Footprint/Handprint Menorah

Hanukkah crafts

Is it baby's first Hanukkah? Mark the occasion by letting your little one put his foot down... in clay! These baby handprint and footprint menorahs are easy to make and will work as precious holiday decorations for years to come. Get the easy instructions at

Use LEGO Bricks to Tell the Story of Hanukkah

Hanukkah crafts
Deborah Goldberg

Epic battle scenes! Death-defying miracles! Dramatic endings! There's a lot to the Hanukkah story that makes it a riveting tale. How about giving your kids the challenge of re-enacting the holiday story with LEGO bricks? That's what this family did one year after a Hanukkah gingerbread house led to a family tradition of LEGO holiday retellings. Get the story—and some inspiration—at

Menorah Flame Headpiece

Melissa Heckscher

Every little person at your Hanukkah gathering absolutely must wear one of these adorable menorah flame headpieces (Bonus points if you've got exactly nine kids). There are no fancy instructions for this Hanukkah craft: Just cut strips of construction paper and affix a paper flame in the middle. Let your kids decorate their flame—glue and glitter make it really sparkle! Then, staple the strips at the ends according to each child's head size. Light the lights!

TP Tube Party Favors

Hanukkah Crafts
Creative Jewish Mom

Let the kids in on the holiday surprises by asking them to help make these fun party favors. Toilet paper tubes, paint, glitter glue, and tissue paper (plus fun treats for stuffing into the tubes) are all that are needed to make these colorful treats that can be used over and over again. Creative Jewish Mom has step-by-step instructions on how to make them.

Hanukkah Wrapping Paper

Tori Avey

What’s better than a Hanukkah gift? One that’s wrapped in special, homemade wrapping paper. Tori Avey has a great idea for a potato-stamped paper that the kids will have as much fun making as they do opening.

Sparkly Menorah

Creative Jewish Mom

Everything is better with glitter! Kids will love constructing their own sparkly menorahs that use silver glitter, gold sequins, and glitter glue! You might be cleaning up stray glitter until long past Hanukkah, but the beauty of these keepsake menorahs will make it worth the mess. Get the instructions from this Creative Jewish Mom.


Candy Dreidels

Tori Avey

It won't take much convincing to get kids on board for this craft, which doubles as a delicious dessert. These Hanukkah-themed treats are as yummy as they are adorable. The bite-sized desserts—they're made of just marshmallows, sprinkles, pretzels, and chocolate—are the perfect treat to bring to any Hanukkah party or to serve after dinner at your own special bash. Food blogger Tori Avey has an easy no-bake recipe.  *Psst: These little edibles take just a few minutes to prepare.

The Menorasaurus

Hanukkah crafts
Melissa Heckscher

Why settle for an ordinary menorah when you can make one that's both a candle holder and a fearsome prehistoric reptile? This DIY "menorasaurus" may look store-bought, but making it is actually easier than you'd think. All you need is some spray paint, a plastic dinosaur, and some hex nuts. Get the instructions (for this and other fun homemade menorahs) here.

Hanukkah Bath Set

Hanukkah crafts
Simple Play Ideas

Why let the Hanukkah fun stop after the dreidels stop spinning? Bring the menorah into the bathtub with this simple DIY foam bath set. Kids can help cut the shapes from foam boards, but the real fun comes in the tub when they can construct and deconstruct their menorahs, over and over again! Get easy instructions for this Hanukkah craft from Simple Play Ideas.

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