Show your faves how much you appreciate them with these gifts for coworkers

They get you through the day. Understand what you’re going through. On some days, they’re the best part of the job. Your coworkers are the glue that holds your workdays together. (We’d know. We have the best ones.) It’s the season for spoiling them, obviously. Afterall, they always remember you take oat milk in your lattes. But gifts for coworkers can be tricks. Well, unless you have our guide. Which you do.

Gifts for coworkers can range from ultra-professional to ‘we hang out on the weekends, too’ and everything in between. That doesn’t mean, though, that you’re stuck with another nice pen or a gift card (no shade to either, of course). We’ve rounded up some of the best office bestie, inspiring manager, keeps-it-all-straight admin assistant gifts out there that are sure to make them feel super appreciated. And, if you’re still shopping for your whole list, don’t miss our holiday gift guides that have everyone covered.

Work from Anywhere Kit by Pinch Provisions

Pinch Provisions/Amazon

This handy kit comes with a notepad and sticky flags, pen, phone/tablet stand, cord organizer, 2-in-1 charging cable, and more for working from home, vacations, or just to have on-hand in case.

Work from Anywhere Kit by Pinch Provisions ($36.99)—Buy Here!

'Things I Want to Say in the Meeting But I Can't' Notebook


Make sure they write down all the things they're thinking when you exchange glances during those lengthy meetings so you can catch up later.

'Things I Want to Say in the Meeting But I Can't' Notebook ($7.24)—Buy Here!

Food Decider Dice


For that coworker who never knows where they want to go for lunch.

Food Decider Dice ($14.99)—Buy Here!

CamelBak Cocktail Shaker & Tumbler Limited-Edition Set


Whether your high-stress job causes for the occasional relaxing cocktail, or the holiday libations deserve some special treatment, this sleek set from CamelBak delivers.

CamelBak Cocktail Shaker & Tumbler Limited-Edition Set ($58.50)—Buy Here!

'I'd Quit My Job if You Didn't Work Here' Candle

Coffee & Motivation

Pick the scent that your coworker will love and remind them how important they are to you.

'I'd Quit My Job if You Didn't Work Here' Candle ($26.95)—Buy Here!

Forms Desk Organizer Set


These adorable desk organizers are made from powder-coated metal and are perfect for jazzing up any desk.

Forms Desk Organizer Set ($78.00)—Buy Here!

Pajamagram Addictively Soft Micro Velvet Gift Box


Find their comfort soulmate at Pajamagram. Featuring their customer favorite addictively soft micro velvet Tempting Touch Pajamas, this gift is complete with plush Cozy Escape Socks, a Scented Candle, and a cozy definition Tote Bag all inside a deluxe box.

Pajamagram Addictively Soft Micro Velvet Gift Box ($92.79)—Buy Here!

PhoneSoap 3 UV Cell Phone Sanitizer & Dual Universal Cell Phone Charger Box


They can sanitize their phone and other small, high-touch objects using UV-C light and charge their phone at the same time. It all only takes 10 minutes and germs don't stand a chance. 

PhoneSoap 3 UV Cell Phone Sanitizer & Dual Universal Cell Phone Charger Box ($39.95)—Buy Here!

Desk Dumpster Pencil Holder + Flame Note Cards

Amazon/Genuine Fred

Some days are just like that. Your favorite coworkers get it (and help you get through it).

Desk Dumpster Pencil Holder + Flame Note Cards ($11.82)—Buy Here!

Hand Massager with Heat


As writers, we can attest that the sore hand situation is real, so your typing coworkers will thank you all year for this one.

Hand Massager with Heat ($34.98)—Buy Here!

Thinking Egg Desk Set

Bespoke Post

These four eggs are all perfectly weighted, ergonomically designed, and made from various earthly elements—each with its own set of natural properties. They're perfect for fidgeting (though they have way more benefits than just something for your hands to do) and helping you keep your focus, plus they're very cool to look at.

Thinking Egg Desk Set ($64.00)—Buy Here!

Everlasting Stained Glass Succulents

Uncommon Goods

They'll never have to worry about forgetting to water these stunning succulents. Pick from three gorgeous designs that stand on a small copper wire tripod, or they can be added to a pot with filler (sold separately).

Everlasting Stained Glass Succulents ($62.00)—Buy Here!

Bright Plaid Fleece Sherpa Throw Blanket


For your chronically cold coworkers, this fun blanket will keep them from dragging a space heater into the office. Hopefully.

Bright Plaid Fleece Sherpa Throw Blanket ($15.00)—Buy Here!

Shattered Glass Ceiling Necklace

Uncommon Goods

Help them to remember the glass ceilings they've shattered, and the ones they have the power to keep shattering with this symbolic necklace.

Shattered Glass Ceiling Necklace ($68.00)—Buy Here!

Delightly Boss Babe Box


Delightly offers the best gift boxes for everyone on your list, like this 'handle anything' kit that includes a tumbler, journal, magnet, and more.

Delightly Boss Babe Box ($64.95)—Buy Here!

Calle Vase & Pillar Candle Holder


Display flowers or prop up a pillar candle with this dramatic glass holder.

Calle Vase & Pillar Candle Holder ($28.00)—Buy Here!

Confetti Card Holder

Packed Party

Use it as a business card holder, or just stash all the necessities for lunch hour in it.

Confetti Card Holder ($15.99)—Buy Here!

Kinship Little Lights Kit


Give the gift of glow. This 4 piece set is packed with Hyaluronic Acid + Ceramides for bouncy, beaming skin.

Kinship Little Lights Kit ($20.00)—Buy Here!

ArOmis Aromatherapy Diffuser


How gorgeous is this essential oil diffuser? It comes in multiple styles and finishes.

ArOmis Aromatherapy Diffuser ($89.99)—Buy Here!

Eastern Standard 'Comfort & Joy' Gift Box

Eastern Standard

Everyone loves pretzels and waffles. This box is the perfect mix of gourmet soft pretzels and Liège Belgian waffles (which were both selected as Oprah’s Favorite Things in years past), plus artfully blended sauces, and gourmet toppings.

Eastern Standard 'Comfort & Joy' Gift Box ($69.99)—Buy Here!

Puffer Laptop Sleeve

Urban Outfitters

A fun laptop sleeve that comes in 4 colors and keeps their tech protected.

Puffer Laptop Sleeve ($26.00)—Buy Here!

Coffee Mug Warmer


This coffee (or tea or hot cocoa or milk or candle...) warmer offers 6 timer settings, from 2 to 12 hours, plus it shuts off when it no longer detects the warmer is occupied. Available in multiple colors.

Coffee Mug Warmer ($25.59)—Buy Here!

Avocado Hand Warmers


We know we're not the only ones who have watched our work buddies suffer at the hands of locked office thermostats.

Avocado Hand Warmers ($27.99)—Buy Here!

Crystal Tree Desk Decoration


These beautiful little trees are perfect for adding some color to their desk (or home, of course). Since it comes with 12, they could use them in both, actually.

Crystal Tree Desk Decoration ($35.99)—Buy Here!



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