When we talk about high-risk choking hazards for toddlers and young kids, there are certain foods we’re conditioned to think of right away: whole grapes, hot dogs, pieces of raw apple or carrot. But one mom is shining a light on a food we don’t tend to think of: cucumber. As a former paramedic, she says it’s a serious choking risk—but she also has tips for what you can do to feed your young kids cucumbers while also keeping them safe.

Nikki Jurcutz, a mom of two, went viral for a video where she explains why cucumbers can be a sneaky choking hazard.


Cucumbers aren’t talked about much when it comes to choking, so I wanted to shed some light so you feel more prepared. How do you prepare cucumbers for your little one? #cucumber #introducingsolids #startingsolids #firstfoods #chokinghazard

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“Cucumbers aren’t talked about much when it comes to choking, so I wanted to shed some light so you feel more prepared,” she wrote. In the video, she demonstrates why cucumbers are so dangerous: they’re hard, slippery, and easily break off into chunks that can be the perfect size for a young child to choke on.

To make this refreshing summer snack safe, Jurcutz shared, cut it into long, thin strips. This makes it easier for toddlers to hold and bite into, without the risk of chunks breaking off.

In a follow-up video, she shared a few more options: you can steam them until they’re soft and then purée them, grate them, or cut them into slices for older kids with more advanced chewing abilities.


Replying to @rae_mccarthy Grating cucumbers is a great wat to make them more safe for your little one. Here’s some other ways you can prepare cucumbers to reduce the risk of choking 🥒 #cucumber #introducingsolids #startingsolids #chokinghazard

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And if you need a refresher on how to make sure foods are safe for little ones, this video demonstrates the “squish test,” an easy way to separate safe snacks from choking hazards.


Every parent should know this hack 🍎🍌 Whether you are baby led weaning or your little one is ready for finger food, the squish test is a great way to ensure you give your bub foods that are safe to reduce the risk of choking. Foods that are round, hard, slippery and the size of an airway = increase the risk of choking ‼️ The squish test helps you identify if the food is too hard so you can modify it to make is softer and safer ✅ Introducing solids can be so overwhelming which is why I partnered with our incredible Paediatric Dietitian, Amy to build a course that helps you prevent choking, allergies and also gives you all the information to guide you through introducing solids with your little one, confidently. Link in bio to learn more ❤️ #introducingsolids #startingsolids #babyledweaning #fingerfoods #newparents

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