Create a secret handshake to do with your kids today! It’s a great and clever way to help kids practice coordination and memory. Incorporate noises, body movement, a mini dance-off—the variations are endless. The more elaborate your handshake is the more rewarding it’ll be when you’ve executed the routine perfectly. We looked to Disney’s popular movie The Parent Trap to break down the secret sauce behind a fun handshake. Scroll down for the step-by-step.

1. Start with a basic introduction. A handshake, a fist bump or a wave.


2. Add a move that requires each person to alternate/take turns. For example: Stacking your fists on top of each others.


3. Make some noise! Clap out a part of Patty-Cake, using your voice or snapping your fingers.


4. Move on to the body movement. This can mean hip-bumping, a body wave or a dance solo.


5. Switch positions. A part of secret handshakes is showing how in sync you are with each other.


6. Finish everything with a rather mundane move to show how easy the process was for you. This can be a regular handshake or a walk off.


Do you and your family have a secret handshake?

—Christal Yuen

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