Food and fathers are a classic combination. Father’s Day food gifts are always a good idea, whether you’re picking for a dad who loves snacks, trying new things, cooking for the family, or enjoying a cocktail. There’s no shortage of culinary goodies for the foodie dad in your life. How do we know? Because we rounded up some of the best Father’s Day food gifts out there.

Does he fancy a cutting board with a phone holder, a monthly subscription to some of his favorite treats, a virtual class, a customized spirit, or a fun new kitchen tool? We have every culinary dad covered right here! So get ready to upgrade dad’s dining (or cooking, or snacking, or sipping) experience with everything he needs to get his taste buds buzzing.

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Personalized Silver Ice Cream Lid

pint of ice cream with a silver engraved lid
Not Another Bill

What ice cream lover doesn't need a personalized silver-plated lid for his favorite pint? Customize the message for an adorable (and useful!) Father's Day gift.

Personalized Silver Ice Cream Lid ($59.00)—Buy Here!

'The Bear'-Inspired Original Beef T-Shirt

Navy blue Original Beef of Chicagoland t-shirt

If dad is a fan of The Bear, this tee is the perfect gift. It's available in 7 colors, too.

'The Bear'-Inspired Original Beef T-Shirt ($16.72+)—Buy Here!

Hario "Mizudashi" Cold Brew Coffee Pot

black cold brew maker carafe

This sleek, easy-to-use coffee pot brews smooth, rich cold brew right in your fridge, perfect for those hot summer days. Just add your favorite coffee grounds, fill with water, and let it steep overnight for a deliciously smooth cold brew that’s ready to enjoy. Available in 3 colors.

Hario "Mizudashi" Cold Brew Coffee Pot ($18.50+)—Buy Here!

Oak & Eden Customized Whiskey

bottle of customized Oak & Eden Whiskey with a hand dropping a wood spire into it
Oak & Eden

Each bottle of Oak & Eden's Customized Whiskey features a spire of wood inside, adding a unique depth of flavor that’s totally customizable. Dad can choose his preferred whiskey blend and wood finish to create a one-of-a-kind spirit that’s just as unique as he is. Rye and Vanilla, Wheat and Coffee, Bourbon and Cabernet—the possibilities are endless.

Oak & Eden Customized Whiskey ($79.00+)—Buy Here!

Best Cutting Board by Crate & Barrel

wooden cutting board with cell phone holder
Crate & Barrel

This isn’t just any cutting board—it's a sturdy, high-quality kitchen essential that’s perfect for everything from slicing veggies to carving up a juicy steak. With a phone holder, stainless steel removable drip tray, and plastic-case knife sharpener, it's easy to see why they call it The Best. Made from durable, sustainably sourced wood, it’s built to last and looks great on any countertop. 

Best Cutting Board by Crate & Barrel ($99.95)—Buy Here!

The Joule Turbo Sous Vide

sous vide in copper pot

This sleek, high-tech gadget makes cooking restaurant-quality meals at home a breeze. The Joule Turbo uses precise temperature control to cook food evenly and perfectly every time, locking in all the delicious flavors and juices. Plus, it's compact and easy to use, with a handy app that guides Dad through the cooking process step by step.

The Joule Turbo Sous Vide ($249.95)—Buy Here!

Papi Chulo Charcuterie Bundle from Mercado Famous

charcuterie board surrounded by playing cards
Mercado Famous

Spoil Dad with the ultimate snack spread with the Papi Chulo Charcuterie Bundle from Mercado Famous. This curated bundle is packed with premium, mouth-watering Spanish meats: two packs each of Jamon 100% Iberico, Chorizo Iberico, and Lomo Iberico. Sliced and ready to enjoy.

Papi Chulo Charcuterie Bundle from Mercado Famous ($100.53)—Buy Here!

Oregon Hazelnut Himalayan Pink Salt Toffee

bag of hazelnut toffee
Holm Made Toffee Co

This toffee is a flavor explosion, combining the rich, buttery taste of handcrafted toffee with the crunch of Oregon hazelnuts and a sprinkle of Himalayan pink salt for that perfect sweet-salty balance. It’s the ultimate indulgence for any dad with a sweet tooth or a love for gourmet snacks.

Oregon Hazelnut Himalayan Pink Salt Toffee ($12.95)—Buy Here!

Cookies by Design Shirts for Dad

dad t-shirt designed cookie bundle
Cookies by Design

These yummy cookies are crafted and decorated to look like his favorite shirts. And dads love their shirts. Available in 5, 7, and 12 cookie options using Cookies by Designs' classic sugar cookie dough.

Cookies by Design Shirts for Dad ($55.99+)—Buy Here!

Franklin Smoke: Wood. Fire. Food. Cookbook

franklin smoke cookbook

This cookbook is a treasure trove of barbecue wisdom from Aaron Franklin, the BBQ legend himself. Packed with mouth-watering recipes and expert tips, it covers everything from selecting the best wood and mastering the perfect fire to creating show-stopping smoked meats and sides.

Franklin Smoke: Wood. Fire. Food. Cookbook ($20.40+)—Buy Here!

DKA Gift Box

12 pack Kouign Amann
Dominique Ansel Bakery

Give Dad a taste of heaven with the 4PC DKA (Dominique's Kouign Amann) Gift Box. Created by the pastry wizard himself, Dominique Ansel, these layers of buttery pastry, caramelized sugar, and a sprinkle of sea salt is definitely a holiday-worthy gift.

DKA Gift Box ($37.00)—Buy Here!

Pizza Czar: Recipes and Know-How from a World-Traveling Pizza Chef

Pizza Czar recipe book

Get ready to level up your pizza game with Pizza Czar: Recipes and Know-How from a World-Traveling Pizza Chef. Written by a globe-trotting pizza pro, this cookbook is everything dad needs. From classic Neapolitan pies to inventive creations inspired by flavors from around the world, it’s packed with recipes and expert tips to help him craft the perfect pie every time.

Pizza Czar: Recipes and Know-How from a World-Traveling Pizza Chef ($22.99)—Buy Here!

Popcorn of the Month Club

assortment of popcorn boxes
Cheerie Lane

Treat Dad to a year-long subscription of gourmet popcorn delivered right to his doorstep. Each month, he'll get to savor a curated selection of premium flavors, from classic buttery goodness to exotic options like tomato basil. Whether it’s movie nights, game days, or just a snack, this subscription is such a great gift.

Popcorn of the Month Club ($17.00/mo)—Buy Here!

Ooni Karu 12 Multi-Fuel Outdoor Pizza Oven

stainless steel pizza oven
Ooni Karu

This versatile oven allows him to cook restaurant-quality pizzas at home using wood, charcoal, or gas, giving him the flexibility to choose your fuel source. It heats up to 950°F in just 15 minutes, so he can create perfectly crisp, delicious pizzas in under 60 seconds. Compact and portable, it's perfect for everything from backyard cookouts to camping trips.

Ooni Karu 12 Multi-Fuel Outdoor Pizza Oven ($299.00)—Buy Here!

Omaha Steaks Father's Day Gifts

plate of omaha steaks
Omaha Steaks

The Omaha Steaks Father's Day Collection features all of his favorites: New York strips, filet mignon, pork chops, lobster tail, and more (including all the sides you need!). There are a ton of different combinations to choose from, too, all curated to make dad his happiest.

Omaha Steaks Father's Day Gifts ($89.99+)—Buy Here!

A Lotta Ricotta: Italian Cheesemaking Class

italian cheesemaking class certificate
Uncommon Goods

Led by expert cheesemakers, this hands-on class guides dad through the traditional techniques and secrets behind producing creamy, velvety ricotta (drool). Whether he's a seasoned home cook or a passionate foodie looking to expand your repertoire, this virtual 90 minute class is a great way to elevate his skills.

A Lotta Ricotta: Italian Cheesemaking Class ($68.00)—Buy Here!

Crafthouse Infuser Vessel

infuser glass bottle

This sleek and stylish vessel is a must-have for any cocktail enthusiast or home bartender. It's designed to infuse your favorite spirits with a burst of flavor, so dad can create custom cocktails that impress every time.

Crafthouse Infuser Vessel ($129.95)—Buy Here!

Dedfish German Steel Santoku Knife

steel knife with wooden handle
Bespoke Post

Crafted from high-quality German steel, this versatile knife is a must-have for any kitchen. Its precision-engineered blade effortlessly glides through fruits, vegetables, meats, and more, making meal prep a breeze. Dad will definitely hang onto this for years to come.

Dedfish German Steel Santoku Knife ($89.00)—Buy Here!

Flavier Whiskey Subscription

small side table with collection of spirits

This unique subscription service delivers a curated selection of premium and rare whiskeys right to his doorstep, allowing him to explore new flavors and discover hidden gems from around the world. He gets one full-sized bottle and one tasting box per delivery, and all he has to do is active his new subscription to get the goodies flowing.

Flavier Whiskey Subscription ($190.00+)—Buy Here!

Piezano Crispy Crust Pizza Oven

countertop pizza maker

Get perfectly cooked pizza in under 6 minutes! Your kitchen oven typically only goes up to 450-500˚F, making it tough to get the crispy crust that we all crave. The Piezano Electric Pizza Oven takes it all the way up to 800˚F so dad gets great crust results every time. Top and bottom heat settings give you full control over the temperature for a more even bake while a built-in thermometer display lets dad monitor the cooking process, too.

Piezano Crispy Crust Pizza Oven ($129.95)—Buy Here!

Best Sellers Mochi Ice Cream Collection by Mochidoki

4 flavors of mochi ice cream

This colorful assortment features the most popular flavors of Mochidoki’s premium mochi ice cream, and they're each a perfect bite-size wrapped in soft, chewy mochi. From classic Vanilla Chip to exotic Matcha and decadent Salted Caramel, there’s a flavor to satisfy every craving.

Best Sellers Mochi Ice Cream Collection by Mochidoki ($96.00)—Buy Here!

Chocolate Coated Licorice from LAKRIDS BY BÜLOW

jar of chocolate covered licorice

Perfect for the dad with the sophisticated palate, this combination of bold licorice and smooth chocolate is a surprising balance of sweet and savory that's unlike anything else.

Chocolate Coated Licorice from LAKRIDS BY BÜLOW ($22.00)—Buy Here!

Classic Daurenki Caviar

tin of caviar

Daurenki Caviar is renowned for its rich, buttery flavor. Perfect for special occasions or simply treating Dad to something extraordinary, it pairs perfectly with blinis, crème fraîche, or enjoyed straight from the tin.

Classic Daurenki Caviar ($72.00+)—Buy Here!

Hama Hama Oyster Company Oyster Starter Pack

oyster shucking set
Hama Hama Oyster Company

This curated collection includes 3 dozen of the freshest, sustainably farmed oysters straight from the waters of the Hama Hama River. Perfect for oyster loving dads or those new to the experience, this starter pack also comes with a handy shucking knife and detailed instructions, along with branded HH gloves, bar towel, and seasonal mignonette.

Hama Hama Oyster Company Oyster Starter Pack ($115.00)—Buy Here!

An Anarchy of Chillies by Caz Hildebrand

an anarchy of chillies cookbook
Farm Steady

Spice up Father's Day with this gorgeous book celebrating all things chili, featuring colorful illustrations and foodie facts about dozens of varieties from around the world. It also offers insights into the history, flavor profiles, and culinary uses of each chili, along with mouthwatering recipes to try.

An Anarchy of Chillies by Caz Hildebrand ($30.00)—Buy Here!

Sur La Table Carbon Steel Wok

stainless steel wok with maple handle
Sur La Table

Elevate Dad's stir-fry game with the Sur La Table Carbon Steel Wok. This versatile, high-performance wok is perfect for whipping up everything from sizzling stir-fries to perfect noodles and veggies. Made from durable carbon steel, it heats up quickly and evenly, while the ergonomic handle provides a comfortable grip, making it easy to toss and turn like a pro.

Sur La Table Carbon Steel Wok ($44.95)—Buy Here!

Fishwife Tinned Fish Co. The Starter Pack

collection of tinned fish
Fishwife Tinned Fish Co.

Perfect for the foodie Dad, this curated collection features a variety of sustainably sourced, premium tinned fish from smoky trout to classic sardines in preserved lemon. Whether he's already an a-FISH-ionado or open to trying new things, this is a pack that's unexpected and fun, too.

Fishwife Tinned Fish Co. The Starter Pack ($88.00)—Buy Here!

Grill Press from Made In

stainless steel grill press
Made In

With this grill press, dad can look forward to perfectly seared steaks, evenly cooked burgers, and beautifully crisped bacon every time. The stainless steel construction is durable enough for open fire cooking, and a raised handle, complete with leather cover, gives dad more leverage and keeps his hand away from the hot cooking surface. This is pro-level grilling.

Grill Press from Made In ($69.00)—Buy Here!

Revolution Toastie Press

in-toaster sandwhich insert

This sleek, easy-to-use gadget slips right inside your toaster and is perfect for crafting melty, delicious grilled sandwiches in minutes. Whether Dad's a fan of classic cheese toasties or likes to experiment with creative fillings, this press delivers perfectly crispy, golden results. Designed to work with all standard toasters.

Revolution Toastie Press ($79.95)—Buy Here!

Schmidt Brothers 6-Piece BBQ Knife Set

Sur La Table

Featuring high-carbon stainless steel blades and ergonomic handles, these knives are designed for durability and comfort, making slicing through meats, veggies, and more a breeze. Whether he's a seasoned grill master or just loves cooking outdoors, this knife set will take his BBQ game to the next level.

Schmidt Brothers 6-Piece BBQ Knife Set ($149.99)—Buy Here!

Bokksu Snack Box

Bokksu Snack Box

Each month, dad will receive a curated selection of authentic Japanese snacks, from savory rice crackers to sweet mochi treats to beautiful teas, all sourced directly from artisanal makers across Japan. Choose from 1, 3, 6, and 12 month plans.

Bokksu Snack Box ($64.99+)—Buy Here!

DIY Ravioli Kit from Williams-Sonoma

DIY ravioli kit

This all-in-one kit includes everything dad needs to create homemade ravioli from scratch—fresh pasta sheets, a ravioli mold, and a selection of gourmet fillings. Perfect for a fun family cooking night or a special dinner, this kit makes the art of pasta-making accessible and so much fun.

DIY Ravioli Kit from Williams-Sonoma ($44.95)—Buy Here!


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