If you want to roll down the road or up hills with the greatest of ease, consider a smooth riding electric bike to gently push you along. Electric bikes are great for many reasons including reducing fossil fuels, making it easier to ride long distances or up hills and effortlessly hauling extra weight.

Pretty much every kind of bike has been made into an electric version which makes the joy of electric cycling accessible to so many people in so many ways. Below you’ll find some of the most affordable and stylish electric bike options to cruise through town for errands, going to the park or even to take camping. Most of these will accommodate child seat add-ons or a tag along trailer to either a pannier, stem or a top tube. But make sure to identify where the battery pack is placed on the bike to ensure it won’t get in the way of your attachments.

If you want to take multiple kids out with you, here’s a good list of family cargo bikes to consider. Let’s pedal on to find the perfect electric bike for you, from electric beach cruisers to the best electric hybrid bikes.


The Best Electric City, Hybrid and Utility Bikes for Families 

These are great for running short errands around town, going to/from work or taking the kids to school or the playground. These are upright sitting bikes with a comfy seat, best for paved roads and pathways, but hybrids can handle some gravel and dirt for light off-roading.

Electra Townie Go! 5i Step Thru, from $2,599

Electra Bikes

This bike is too cute and you're going to love cruising around town on it. You can rely on the workmanship as it’s one of the best-selling bikes in the U.S. from a well-known brand. Electra was bought by Trek (one of the top 3 bike companies) from Benno Bikes, a well-respected bike company. The Townie Go! is a great option for beginners because it’s so easy to use, fun to ride and the step-thru styling makes it easy to get on and off in a flash.

• Powered by the Bosch Active Line Plus System
• Wide handlebars and a plush saddle made for a comfortable ride
• Rear rack is included
• Flat-foot technology provides a more relaxed seating position
• Silent motor
• The PowerPack 400 battery and 4 AMP charger charges quickly to keep you going.
• Available in several fun colors

• It doesn't come with a basket or a bell, but you can easily add those on yourself

Where to buy: trekbikes.com

Story Electric Step-Through Bike, from $1850

Instagram @storybikes

Chosen as one of Oprah’s Favorite Things in 2018, it certainly has a lot of favorites going for it. Like an integrated rear rack, leather saddle and grips and an integrated USB port to charge your phone while you ride among others. Story Electric's Step-Through Bike has specialized indestructible ThickSlick tires tp provide optimal protection and a smoother ride. It’s well-priced for an electric bike with great styling and a philanthropic purpose. For every Story Bike purchased, they donate a regular bike to students in developing countries.

• Easy assembly and easy to maintain
• Battery range: 45 miles

• Low power range: 250-350W
• Limited accessories

What owners say:
“The rear rack is solid and easily accommodates a child’s Yepp seat. The upright design means I don't have any issues with kicking the foot trays. The front eyelets allowed for the addition of a pannier rack and a big bag for lugging gear. The disc breaks make me feel secure with slick roads.”

Where to buy: storybicycles.com

Huffy Everett 27.5” Electric Bike, from $999

Huffy Bikes

This is one of the most affordable electric bikes that you can find today. Huffy bikes have been around since 1934 so they know a thing or two about bikes. Huffy's entry into the electric bike world brings them up to speed with the times. Front and rear disc brakes deliver solid control and pedal-assist helps you handle small hills and longer distances. For the lowest cost on the market it’s a good option if you want to get up to speed with the times too.

• Affordable price
• 2 year limited warranty
• 36v battery with lock

• Battery range: 25 miles

What owners say:
“I bought this bike for my daughter a couple months ago and she would LOVE going bike riding with it. When she is going uphill, all she does is turns on electric mode and goes up quickly without a sweat.”

Where to buy: huffybikes.com


Trek Verve+ 3 Lowstep, from $2,999

Instagram @trekbikes

Trek is considered one of the top 3 bike brands in the U.S. and they have a solid reputation for quality, performance and service. With so many locations, you’ll likely be able to take your bike into a local shop for any repairs or adjustments you might need. The Verve+ is the 3rd generation and is equipped with more power and range in this model. Trek accessories are plentiful and seamlessly integrated for easy operation.

• 2 year warranty
• Quiet motor
• Battery power: 500Wh
• Smooth and easy to ride

• Bottle cages can get in the way from removing the battery
• The Purion display is the smallest offered by Bosch
• There is no front suspension

What owners say:
"Best bike ever! We were lucky enough to find this one in our local bike shop and LOVE IT. I pull our 4 year old twins in a trailer with total ease. I was not a bike rider prior but I AM NOW! only downfall about this model is that it doesn't come with fenders or matching fenders to purchase as an add on. Great bike for the money! It does all I need it to do to get us all around town and through the bike trails with ease!"

Where to buy: trekbikes.com

Cannondale Treadwell Neo EQ Remixte, from $2,650

Cannondale Bikes

Cannondale Treadwell Neo EQ Remixte is a lightweight electric bike that’s fun to ride and comes from a trusted top brand bike company. It has a lot of accessories like racks, front and rear lights and a plush comfortable suspension seat. The aluminum alloy chain guide reduces drops and protects your pants from getting greasy or snagged.

• Battery range: 47mi
• Cannondale has a large dealer network, so repairs and adjustments can be easily accessed
• Wider tires are used to improve stability and comfort
• Easy-to-use hydraulic disc brakes

• The display only has one button and takes extra time to figure out
• Integrated battery can’t be removed for charging separately

What owners say:
"Cannondale has put out a playful adult bike that makes it fun just going out for a bike ride. The handle bars have character, they’re not just a flat bar. The tires are nice and thick so hitting a bump is nothing dramatic. The seat is so stylish different then all others. The bike has fewer speeds it’s for a a playful ride...not an exact science. Ride and go have fun, even track yourself with the Cannondale App.”

Where to buy: cannondale.com

Benno RemiDemi 9D "Etility" Bike, from $3,399

Benno Bikes

This is an incredibly good bike from an incredible bike designer. Benno sold his famed Electra bike line to Trek and has been focusing on these "Etility" bikes. The quality is exceptional, the motor is very quiet and the battery pack can be removed from the bike for separate charging. It has a low stand over and saddle height; which makes it easier for those with more limited mobility to use. Best of all for parents, it comes with a rear rack that's compatible with child seats from Yepp!

• Large 4.25″ wide fat tires and steel frame dampen vibrations and give stability
• Sold at various bike shops all around the U.S. so you’ll have good access to support
• Comfortable seat adjusts up/down and front/back
• Front basket can hold a staggering 65lbs
• Comes in 4 different colors

• No suspension fork or seat post is included
• It’s heavy at 65.3 lbs

What owners say:
“It’s neat to see a product that captures the vintage style of a Vespa scooter with the clean quiet technology of electric assist.”

Where to buy: bennobikes.com

Serial 1 RUSH/CTY SPEED, from $4,999

Powered by Harley Davidson, the Serial 1 RUSH/CTY SPEED offers a sleek design for jetting around the city. Available for pre-order, this ebike is sure to turn heads.


  • integrated battery and mass-centralized motor position
  • brake lines and electrical wiring are routed through the frame for a clean look


  • high price tag

Buy one here

The Best Electric Beach Cruisers for Families 

Electric beach cruisers are perfect for beginners looking for a casual ride on flat surfaces like boardwalks or sidewalks, to ride to the beach, a neighbor’s house or down the street to the park. These are usually single speed bikes with a backward peddle to brake and upright seating with a comfy seat. Tires are wide with low pressure and low maintenance made for a comfortable ride.

Blix Bike Sol Cruiser, from $1,499

Instagram @blixbike

The Sol features a laid back riding position, wide handlebars and a comfortable seat with large tires for a smooth and easy ride. It has an upgraded 500W motor and 46v battery pack; which means you’ll get more power and more range out of it. There are lots of mounting points for accessories and add-ons, like the optional rear rack to fit a Yepp child seat.

• They’re sold through dealers so you can see and test them in person and have access to support
• The chain guide prevents drops and will keep your pant legs from getting greasy or snagged

• It has mechanical brakes (instead of easier hydraulic brakes)

What owners say:
“The Sol is one of their most popular bikes, and I can definitely see why. It’s beautiful but not overpriced, the components are all upgraded, and safety and strength have been taken into consideration. The step-thru frame is incredibly low and the battery is easy to remove for charging.”

Where to buy: blixbike.com

sixthreezero Around the Block New 500W, from $1,899

You'll love this electric cruiser bike with a 500-Watt rear hub drive motor. It has a classically-styled beach cruiser frame that provides maximum comfort and riding ease. You’ll love zipping around knowing nobody can tell your being powered by a disguised motor.


  • 20-40 hour battery life
  • upright, relaxed riding position
  • clear display gives your speeds
  • 90-day test ride


  • Frame only comes in one size

Buy one here

Electric Bike Company Model S, from $2,099

Electric Bike Company

The Model S is a classic Step-through style electric cruiser, built to order, arrives fully built, and is 100% customizable to your heart’s content. It’s been awarded as one of the top rated E-Cruiser bikes in the USA and is less expensive than many other bikes that come with less features. Even though it’s considered a cruiser, it can qualify as a utility bike with all of the accessories available and it’s 380 pound weight capacity for carrying groceries or kids.

• Extra battery range: 140 miles with extra battery pack
• LCD color display is very user friendly
• USB port for charging phones or speakers
• Available in 10 fun colors

• These bikes are heavier at 60.5 lbs because they come with a sturdy welded-on rear rack
• They only come with one gear
• The frame only comes in one size, but with the step-thru and adjustable seat stem it should work for most

What owners say:
"Wow! The entire team knocked it out of the park!! After Many hours of research on the BEST built electric bikes I ordered 2 for my family and could not pass up the value."

Where to buy: electricbikecompany.com


Pedego Tandem, from $3,295

Instagram @pedego

Riding this comfortable tandem is twice as nice when you share the fun with a friend. This is the world’s first electric bicycle built for two and with its oversized seats, wide handlebars and large balloon tires it’ll be comfortable for whoever you bring along. It’s simple, tough and fairly powerful while still being quiet.

• Battery range: 60 mi
• Battery pack is removable for easy charging
• Industry leading warranty

• The back handlebars are lower so it’s best for an older kid or someone who’s shorter than you
• It has a basic display for battery, but doesn’t show speed or range
• It’s naturally heavier than most electric bikes so it’ll be tricky to transport

What owners say:
“Our tandem is the best purchase in a long time. We moved within 1 mile of the beach and enjoy our tandem to ride to dinner, happy hour or just a cool ride along the beach. The power is just right and have never had an issue with battery strength or range.”

Where to buy: pedegoelectricbikes.com

The Best Electric Folding Bikes for Families 

Ideal for those short on storage space in condos or apartments, for riding to work to inside your office, for taking up and down stairs, on public transportation, boats, planes, trains, motorhomes or minivans. These bikes fold in half making them perfect for taking with you literally anywhere.

Blix Bike Vika+, from $1,599

Instagram @blixbike

This highly rated bike is one of the most sold electric folding bikes on the market that will take you on incredible adventures with its high powered 500W motor. It’s built with a unique design for a variety of riders and usage through any riding conditions. It comes standard with a rear rack, smart mounting points for accessories and front/rear/brake lights. It easily folds up in less than 20 seconds into 36”x21”x28”, making it easy to store, and easy to bring. One of the best features is the Kevlar technology for puncture resistant tires.

• Battery range: 20 to 45 miles
• Motor power: 500W
• USB Charging port for phone or speakers
• Comes standard with a rear rack
• Fully charges in 2-3 hours
• LCD display that shows your speed, range, trip meter, and odometer

• It’s one of the heavier folding bikes at 50 lbs
• The folding mechanism isn't as smooth as it could be

What owners say:
“It is so much fun to ride! It took me about a week to get used to the powerful motor but now I feel like a pro. The ride is smooth and sturdy even with my 2 year old on the back in her attached seat. It handles very well, even on bumps and filled potholes.”

Where to buy: blixbike.com

Lectric XP Step Thru, starting at $899

Lectric eBikes

This is one of the most affordable electric bikes available, and for a folding one at that. Given that it arrives fully assembled with all of the extras that are included like the upgraded 500W motor, standard rack and fenders, front/rear lights, LCD display, plush seating, adjustable handlebars and fat 4” tires. This is an excellent option to consider that even bikes that cost twice as much don’t have. 

• Battery range: 45 miles
• Motor power: 500W
• Arrives fully assembled
• Adjustable Seat and Handlebars
• All-terrain fat tires allow for off-road trail riding

• The welding work is not very smooth
• Some cables are exposed instead of nicely tucked away
• It has no suspension

What owners say:
“I’m gushing about this bike it’s that good…and I don’t say that lightly. This bike has touched something, it’s like it’s hit a long dormant nerve, that youthful fun when you got your first really good bike as a kid.”

Where to buy: lectricebikes.com

EVELO Dash, from $3,199

Evelo Electric Bicycles

The Dash is the best combination from all of their previous folding bike models put together. It’s the lightest mid-drive folding electric bike available with plenty of 350W power. It comes with a drive belt system that’s only found on the best quality bikes and gearing is handled by a reliable Shimano internally geared hub. This combination is the perfect system because it requires no maintenance, no lubrication, stays clean and can get bumped into and bounced around in transport without needing adjustment.

• Battery range: 40 miles
• Motor power: 350W
• Arrives fully assembled
• 21 day at home trial
• Good for riders from 4’10” to 6’4”
• 4-year warranty

• Higher price point

What owners say:
"The Dash is a great e-bike. It has plenty of power and outstanding range with pedal-assist. What really makes it a good buy is Evelo's outstanding customer service."

Where to buy: evelo.com

—Kate Loweth & Bonnie Taylor


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