You don’t need an extreme home makeover, or even the help of a design pro to give your home an easy upgrade. From fresh flowers to perfectly placed candles to an expert stack of books, we bring you six ideas that you can execute today, probably with things you already have in your home.

Fresh Flowers on the Table

Constantin Panagopoulos

This is a classic, for a good reason. A vase full of flowers is sure to brighten up any space, and the dining room table is always a winner. But not all arrangements are created equal. For a dining table where people will want to look at one another, low and wide arrangements work best. A safe rule is to cut down bouquets from their original length. It will keep your blooms fresher, plus low arrangements are more modern than the "long-stemmed roses" of days past.

Rearrange the Furniture & Decor


If your space is feeling a little stale, consider rearranging your furniture, swapping area rugs or moving some of the home decor you already own. You'll be amazing at what a difference it makes. 

Candles in the Bath

Maddi Bazzocco via Unsplash

Dirty tub? Grime disappears in the dark! Whether it's bath time or you are expecting dinner guests any moment, flip off the lights and fill the bathroom with enough candles that no one will ever need to reach for the switch. The combo of candles, glossy tile and mirrors will turn this humble room into a glittering little getaway in no time. Bonus: scented candles will fill the small space with sweet smells.


Stack Your Coolest Books on the Coffee Table 

Hayrullah Gozcu via Unsplash

Even the most well-designed house can suffer from a cluttered coffee table. But a quick and easy clean up can make your living room party ready in minutes. First, get rid of all of the "real life" stuff like remotes, tattered magazines and drinking glasses. Once you have a clean slate, handpick three to five of your prettiest hardcover books (take a peek under the dust jackets to see if anything special is hidden underneath), and make a stack. Add a pretty bowl filled with olives, a selection of your best coasters, and you are guest-ready.

Show Off Your Produce in the Kitchen 

Jen Siska

The most eye-popping colors and design comes from nature, and we are betting your fridge or pantry is filled to the brim with pretty stuff. Same as the coffee table makeover, clean the counters of all clutter, then set out a few pretty bowls. Lemons, eggplants, apples, pears, avocados—all make for the perfect decoration when displayed thoughtfully. But remember, these styling props are for eating, so never deny a hungry visitor to spare your lovely setup!

Toss a Tapestry in the Bedroom 

Spacejoy via Unsplash

Duvets are pricey, and picking one to commit to can lead most to a mellow neutral. But to easily spice things up in the bedroom, collect a few tapestries or oversized patterned blankets. Hang them over sofa arms, on the backs of chairs or spread them out over the bed for a quick and dramatic change. If you're feeling crafty, hang on from the ceiling above the bed or on the wall for a temporary headboard.

Use a Patterned Wicker Basket Instead of a Plastic Laundry Basket

Sarah Dorweiler via Unsplsah

Swapping out a typical plastic laundry basket for an eye-catching patterned wicker basket is an easy way to give your laundry room (and wherever else you fold the clothes) a quick upgrade. 

—Erin Feher with Gabby Cullen



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