What makes a dad look like “super dad” makes a mom look lazy

Mary Catherine Starr is a mom. She’s also a consultant, painter, podcaster and yoga teacher whose comics have risen to viral fame in the last few weeks.

The mom of two recently shared a series of images on Instagram called “An Illustrated Guide to the Double Standards of Parenting,” and frankly, it hits the nail on the head when it comes to society’s views on moms and dads.

Based on her own experiences as a parent, the comics compare the same actions done by both moms and dads, but how they are viewed so differently. In a nutshell, the series shines light on how dads get gold stars for basic parenting duties, while moms face flack for not being in it to win it.

Starr shares with Tinybeans, “I knew these posts would hit a nerve among moms/my audience but had NO idea that they would go viral. Clearly this is a huge issue that we need to discuss more!”

Starr is quick to point out her comics are NOT a dig on dads. They’re simply to showcase that society expects perfection from moms, while giving extra leniency to dads for performing the same duties.

While not necessary funny in nature like a traditional comic, Starr’s work does one of many important things: it gets everyone talking which in turn will hopefully change the narrative.

To view more of her work, head to Starr’s Instagram and website.


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