Attention, moms on the Hill: Whether you’re a new mom or a seasoned parent, you know the importance of joining a local DC-area moms group to keep you sane—and supported.

You don’t have to be a new parent to need the wit, wisdom and tried-and-true tips of a fellow mom or dad. As the saying goes, it takes a village. And, thankfully, in Washington, DC, there are plenty of villages to join! Whether you’re looking to make new friends or you (desperately) need the expertise of a topic-specific group—from homeschooling to single parenting to juggling multiples or managing complicated childcare scenarios—there’s truly something out there for everyone. Whether you’re looking for an intimate gathering of like-minded mamas or want to crowdsource the advice of 2,000-plus savvy mothers online (hello, 2 a.m. breastfeeding Q&A!), the DC-area moms groups cover the gamut of offerings. Ready to make some mom friends? We rounded up the best mom groups, clubs, and parenting get-togethers in the DMV that will have you connecting with your new village in no time. Dads, you’re welcome, too!

Washington, DC Mom Groups

Parents of Anacostia
Parents of Anacostia (POA) is a network of parents that live in Anacostia and engage in supportive kid-friendly activities. From book clubs, to scavenger hunts, if you are looking for a parenting community in Anacostia, POA will allow you to connect on all things kid-related!

Brookland Kids 
With almost 1,000 active members, Brookland Kids is an online meeting place for a diverse range of parents and caregivers in the NE DC area. Whether you’re new to the area, or as a parent, this is an excellent resource for finding support and friendship in your community.

MOMS Club of DC NW
This is the NW DC chapter of MOMS Club International. From book clubs and moms’ nights out to playgroups and fun daytime outings with the kiddos, MOMS Club of NW DC is a great place to connect with other at-home mamas in your community.

Moms (and Dads) on the Hill
Moms on the Hill is a private online forum where parents and parents-to-be in Capitol Hill meet to dish about the latest parenting trends, organize playgroups and family activities, and find new friends in the neighborhood for themselves and their little ones.

Connecting parents in the Takoma Park, Silver Spring, and Prince George’s County areas, TakomaPAKK is a community-run listserv and forum aimed at helping parents find the best options for themselves and their kids. Whether you’re looking for the best local playgrounds, the most kid-friendly coffee meets, or fun family activities in the neighborhood, with more than 2,000 active members this group is sure to deliver.

U Street Tots
For families living in the U Street area of DC, U Street Tots provides an online forum where parents can meet to set up playgroups, plan special events, and dish on everything from pediatricians to preschools. A great tool for connecting with other moms, dads, and kiddos in your neighborhood, this group also supports local organizations that work to improve the community through new development projects.

DuPont Circle Parents
Boasting nearly 800 active members, this group is an online community for parents of infants and toddlers living in the DuPont Circle neighborhood.

Glover Park Moms & Dads
An online forum where Glover Park parents dish about all things kid-related, Glover Park Families is a great resource for meeting others moms and dads in your neighborhood, building lasting friendships for you and your little ones, and discovering new tricks and tips from the group’s 500 active members.

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Virginia Mom Groups

MOMS Club of Alexandria-Franconia, VA
Part of the Internationally recognized support group for at-home moms, MOMS (Moms Offering Moms Support) hosts monthly meetings throughout the DC Metro area, including this chapter for Alexandria and Franconia, VA. This group boasts educational and social activities for mamas and their little ones, and contributes to a variety of philanthropic projects throughout the community. An excellent group for meeting fellow moms and introducing your tots to new friends, MOMS Club is one of the most respected and prolific member organizations for mamas in the world, with more than 2,000 chapters in eight countries and more than 100,000 active members worldwide.

MOMS Club of Alexandria NE
This chapter of MOMS (Moms Offering Moms Support) serves at-home mamas and their little ones in the northeast region of Alexandria, VA. Planning all social activities on weekdays when at-home moms need support the most, this group also holds monthly meetings with informative guest speakers, a monthly newsletter, playgroups, community service projects, and much more!

MOMS Club of Alexandria-South
For at-home mamas in south Alexandria, this chapter of MOMS Club offers support, social and educational activities, and a great way to meet fellow moms and new friends for the little ones.

MOMS Club of Annandale
Designed to support at-home moms or working moms with flexible schedules, MOMS Club of Annandale connects mamas to a community of support for themselves and their little ones. Offering weekly social and educational activities, monthly meetings, guest speakers, and special-interest clubs, this group is an excellent resource for moms in need of daytime support, companionship, and community involvement.

MOMS Club of Burke-North
For at-home moms in the Burke-North area of VA., this chapter of MOMS Club International offers monthly meetings with guest speakers, member-hosted get-togethers, holiday events, a babysitting co-op, weekly playgroups, and much, much more!

MOMS Club of Burke-South
Serving at-home moms and little ones in the Burke-South and Fairfax Station areas of VA., this chapter of MOMS Club International offers local mamas a tight-knit community of support. Through monthly meetings, regular playgroups, member-hosted events, and so much more, this group helps moms stay connected with their community - and helps the kiddos meet new playmates!

MOMS Club of Reston, Sterling & Herndon, VA.
This chapter of MOMS Club International was originally Reston based, but has since expanded to include Sterling and Herndon moms. Expect mommy-and-me outings and activities, monthly meetings with guest speakers, special interest clubs, a babysitting co-op, and age-specific playgroups. A fun reason to get out of the house, this group offers a strong community of support and friendship for mamas and their little ones.

MOMS Club Stafford-East, VA. 
For at-home moms in the Stafford-East area of VA., this chapter of MOMS Club International offers all the staple services and resource of the club - in your own backyard! Creating a community of friendship and support through a wide range of activities, service projects, and special events, the MOMS Club is a great way for moms and kids alike to meet new friends and discover the best family-friendly fun the area has to offer.

Mothers of North Arlington
For mothers in northern Arlington, MONA offers support, friendship, online message boards, and a range of fun activities for mamas and tots. Hosting monthly socials for current and prospective members, this group is an excellent resource for local moms to meet new friends.

Mothers of South Arlington

Parents who are looking for playdates, babysitter co-ops and meet ups that featured qualified parenting speakers should join this group in South Arlington, VA. 

Parenting Playgroups of Falls Church
Located in Falls Church, VA., Parenting Playgroups lives up to his slogan, “Where parents learn and children play.” Featuring workshops for parents and playgroups for kids, this group is a great way to connect with the community and make new friends for you and your little ones.

Vienna Moms, Inc. (VMI)
A support group for both stay-at-home and working moms in Vienna, VA, VMI boasts more than 400 active members and a wide range of social activities. Whether it’s meeting up for a pizza party, a playgroup, or a moms-only night on the town, this group is always planning fun new events the whole family can look forward to!

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Maryland Mom Groups

Thought Catalog via Unsplash

AU Park Parents
For parents who live around American University Park, this online forum is a great resource for connecting with other parents in the neighborhood. Boasting more than 500 active members, you can dish about community news, trade parenting tips, and schedule playdates.

MOMS Club of Bethesda
Part of the international organization, this chapter of MOMS Club is for mamas living in the area of Bethesda, MD. Hosting playgroups and other social events twice weekly, this group also holds monthly meetings, organizes special events for holidays, and participates in various service projects that will help you and your little ones get more involved with the community!

MOMS Club of Chevy Chase-Kensington, MD
This chapter of MOMS Club International serves primarily stay-at-home mamas in the Chevy Chase-Kensington area of MD. Offering meetings, playgroups, fun family activities, and special outings every month, this group has no shortage of things to do for mamas and their little ones!

MOMS Club of Gaithersburg
Geared to at-home mamas in the Gaithersburg area, this imprint of MOMS Club International is an excellent resource for moms looking for friendship, playmates for the kids, or a great reason to get out of the house and explore! With monthly meetings, social and educational activities, and a variety of special events and service projects, this group welcomes Gaithersburg mamas to a fun, nurturing community of support.

MOMS Club of Germantown-South, MD.
With 3-5 kid-friendly activities planned each week, there’s always something to look forward to in this chapter of MOMS Club International. Serving mamas and little ones in the Germantown-South area, the group also hosts monthly meetings, social and educational activities, fun field trips, regular special events, and much, much more!

The Wednesday Morning Group of Montgomery County
Meeting weekly during the Montgomery County school year, the Wednesday Morning Group welcomes parents, grandparents, and empty nesters alike who are looking for support, camaraderie, and intellectual stimulation. Featuring lectures and discussions, this group is great way to connect with other members of the community who share interests in a range of topics, from childrearing and education to literature and current events - and everything in between!

Wheaton Area Moms (WAM)
Welcoming stay-at-home moms and dads in the Wheaton and Silver Spring areas, Wheaton Area Moms meets regularly for playgroups, nature walks, service projects, and so much more! A fun excuse to get you and your little ones out of the house during the day, WAM also offers parents-only nights out and a book club when you need a little time away from the kiddos.

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Specialty Mom Groups in the DMV Area

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DMV Littles for Single Moms
Single moms come together in this mighty group to share experiences and build a support system and friendships with one another. Expect plenty of playdate options (and the occasional girls night out) across the entire DC metro area.

Mocha Moms
A support group primarily for at-home moms of color with chapters throughout the Metro area, Mocha Moms welcomes any mom who shares its vision to nurture healthy families and communities. Connecting mamas of all backgrounds, income levels, races, and religions, this group empowers women who choose to devote less time in the workplace and more time with their families.

VA Homeschoolers
For VA parents who choose homeschooling for their children, VA Homeschoolers is an excellent resource for connecting with other homeschoolers in your area. Dedicated to spreading awareness, diversity, and advocacy for homeschooling, this group boasts conferences, special events, an online community and resource center, and much more!

DC Autism Parents
Offering community, education, and support to all families in the DC area affected by autism, DC Autism Parents promotes advocacy, awareness, and inclusion through a variety of classes and fun family activities. From barbeques and scenic hikes to mentorship programs and political action committees, this nonprofit organization is a great support system for families dealing with autism.

Parents of Autistic Children of Northern Virginia
For NOVA parents who are looking for extra support and advice on everything from a new diagnosis to IEP strategies. POAC-NoVA offers a community ready to give advice and empower parents on their difficult journey.

For more than 30 years, PACE has delivered on its mission to promote wellbeing for families throughout DC, Northern Virginia and Montgomery County. Offering groups for new and second-time moms, workshops on parenting techniques and infant care, and so much more, PACE is a nonprofit organization that connects moms to a nurturing community of motherhood experts and other like-minded parents.

Parents of Multiples
Providing support, education, and social activities for parents of twins, triplets, or higher-order multiples, Parents of Multiples has chapters in Northern Virginia, Montgomery County, VA, and Central Maryland. Hosting monthly meetings that unite parents, educators, doctors, and other experts in dialogue, this group also offers special events such as consignment sales, moms-only spa days, summer picnics, and much, much more!

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