Bento boxes aren’t just another trend

An easy way to cut down on disposable school gear is to invest in reusable items like water bottles. Another way to do this is through a healthy, fun lunch—whether it’s eaten at school, at home or at daycare. These bento boxes for kids are totally kid-approved and cute, with perfectly sized compartments for fruits, veggies and snacks. Keep reading to see our favorites for kids.


Bentgo Kids Stainless Steel Leak-Resistant Lunch Box


This design from Bentgo is the first stainless steel bento-style lunch box with leak-resistant technology. This means each container is contoured specifically to prevent leaks (goodbye fruit juices and other lunch liquids pooling at the bottom of their backpack). Each Bentgo Stainless has three food compartments, plus a removable silicone container. Choose from five colors and enjoy a five-year warranty. 


Fenrici Bento Lunch Box


These bento boxes for kids feature five spill-proof compartments including a sauce tray for packing lunches and snacks for school or daycare with ease. The two clip closures keep the bento box securely closed in transit but are easy for kids and toddlers to open. The fully removable top gives easy access to contents and has no hard plastic hinges that can pinch little fingers! The entire set, including utensils, is dishwasher safe for easy cleaning. The bottom tray and the inner tray lid are microwave safe, making it ideal both for hot and cold food. 




Whether you’re feeding a little astronaut, a world traveler, or a cool kid, Yumbox’s fun designs have something for everyone. Their six-compartment original bento box allows you to pack small portions of your child’s favorite foods, including bite-sized sandwiches. And no need to worry about spills or messes with the leak-proof lid!

OmieBox Bento Box for kids



OmieLife’s brightly colored thermal bento boxes have two temperature zones for storing any type of food. The vacuum insulated stainless steel thermos is perfect for keeping hot foods, well, hot, while the double-walled tray keeps fruits and veggies crisp and fresh. And, with a wide rainbow of colors like Sunshine (yellow) and Purple Plum, this bento is a cheerful way to kick off the school year.

Miniware Bento Box

GrowBento by Miniware


GrowBento by Miniware is customizable, fitting up to four removable silicone Silipods. Each Silipod comes with a top easy for little hands to uncover, and can easily freeze and heat purees (think dips or dressings, hummus or even hot soup). We love that the durable container is completely dishwasher safe (even the stainless steel outer) and is the perfect size for a kid's lunch bag. 


PlanetBox ROVER Stainless Steel Lunchbox


Don't let the pricetag fool you. With five compartments to keep fruits, sandwiches, dips and more separate, this PlanetBox bento box is worth the investment. Its sturdy stainless steel construction means that it's free of BPA and other bad chemicals and will last for years. You can even personalize with colorful magnets!

Bentology Box Set

Bentology Box Set


Bentology’s six-piece bento set includes one outer box with five mix-and-match containers, each a healthy portion size. Three of the containers have snap-on lids for things like dressing or yogurt.


Bentgo Kids Chill by Bentgo


If you’re ever worried about your kiddo’s lunch spoiling, we suggest investing in the Bentgo Kids Chill. The removable tray, which sits just below the food container, will keep food cold until lunchtime. Put it into the freezer overnight and pop it into the lunchbox on days you want to keep food colder longer. The lunch box itself features four kid-sized compartments and an easy-open latch (best for kids three years old and up). The food tray is both microwave- and dishwasher-safe, and the entire container is made of BPA-free materials. 


Three-in-One Ecolunchbox


This nifty three-piece ECOlunchbox set makes it easy to keep lunchtime foods separate—and safe from squishing! Pack a healthy entree and two side dishes, or a set of snacks. The whole thing's modular, so you can always pull out the snack container and use it on its own, and made from 100% high-quality, food-grade stainless steel. 


LunchBlox Lunch Container Set


LEGO-loving kiddos will get a kick out of these stackable lunch kits from Rubbermaid! These colorful blocks include blue ice freezer packs that snap directly on the food containers and keep everything nice and chilled pre-lunchtime. Plus, they'll amp up your organization in no time at all!


Whiskware Snack Packs

$13+ BUY NOW

Clever interlocking Whiskware™ Snack Packs are ideal for packing healthy snacks and lunches to go. Available in officially-licensed designs—featuring Marvel, DC, Star Wars and Harry Potter characters—these durable, stackable containers are the reusable snack packs your kids will love. Using Twist n’ Lock technology, the jars, lids and removable handle easily attach and detach, allowing customization of your ideal snack stack.


Kinsho Bento Box


Perfect for toddlers and preschoolers starting school or daycare for the first, these three-compartment bento boxes from Kinsho come in a variety of colors, have leak-proof inserts (that aren’t removable), and even come with a spork. 

BentoHeaven Bento Box

BentoHeaven Bento Box


Inspired by minimalist Japanese bento boxes, but with modern perks: BPA-free materials, chopsticks and cutlery set, and a safety guarantee for microwaves, dishwashers and freezers. Plus, BentoHeaven boxes come with notes so you can pack a special message with your kiddo's lunch!


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