If you’re considering ditching the over-the-top birthday parties and taking it back to when all you needed was a blindfold and some balloons, we dug up nine birthday party games to help bring back the simple days when you partied with your pals. Easy for everyone to play and always a blast, these games are classic for a reason. All that’s left is to supply the birthday snacks!

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The Best Birthday Party Games for Kids

1. Pass the Parcel

A dressed-up version of Hot Potato, kids toss the mega-wrapped “gift” from hand to hand—when the music stops, a layer gets unwrapped. Choose to put a surprise in every layer or wait until the end!

2. Clothespin Drop

Remember when people actually used clothespins to hang up clothes? We do too. These days, all that hand-eye coordination you’ve been working on will come in handy during a round or two of Clothespin Drop. Kiddos stand above the jar, touch the clothespin to their nose and drop away. It’s up to you how many chances each player will get!

3. Balloon Bust

Doesn’t take much to get the ball rolling on this classic birthday party game. Add a little surprise to each balloon for a bonus, then pass them out. Kids can use any means necessary except their hands.

4. Bucket Toss

You can’t go wrong with carnival games and the bucket toss is an all-time favorite. Line up the prize-filled buckets in a row. Each kid who power-slings a ball into a bucket is the proud owner of the goodie waiting to be plucked up. Opt for three turns each, otherwise, there could be a lot of standing (or wiggling) happening!

5. What’s the Time, Mr. Wolf

If this classic birthday party game doesn’t ring any bells for you, parents, think Red Light, Green Light with a lot more shrieking and mad dashing. A total blast, even for young kids, this is a must-try at your next kiddie bash. Want to know how to play? We love the simple instructions offered up by Childhood 101.

6. Bobbing for Apples

It’s an original—and still hilarious. Cold water, slippery fruit, and no hands allowed. Bring on the giggle-fest!

7. Blind Man’s Bluff

Before they start in on the piñata swinging in the trees, use that blindfold for more fun. Playing this version of tag is easy but rules vary, so opt to either have everyone play each round and keep going or have the “tagged” person sit out until everyone is out. It’s up to you!

8. Peanut Hunt

It’s like an egg hunt without the mass amounts of sugar. Spread out enough peanuts so each kid will be able to fill a cup. Got kiddos dealing with allergies? Swap out the nuts for tootsie rolls, instead.

9. Button, Button: Who’s Got the Button?

Getting hotter, hotter, boiling, hot! It’s an old-fashioned guessing game of the simplest design, which makes it perfect for parties. The seeker gets hints from those sitting around as to the top-secret location of the button.

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